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Bulk parameters

Huge (1024 kg) 5.9723 Volume level (1010 km3) 108.321 Equatorial radius (km) 6378.137 Polar radius (km) 6356.752 Volumetric indicate radius (km) 6371.000 Core radius (km) 3485 cbt together with rbt simillarities essay (Flattening) 0.003353 Lead to density (kg/m3) 5514 Work surface gravity (m/s2) 9.798 Exterior speed (m/s2) 9.780 Escape pace (km/s) 11.186 GM (x 106 km3/s2) 0.39860 Come together albedo 0.306 Geometric albedo 0.434 V-band magnitude V(1,0) -3.99 Photo voltaic irradiance (W/m2) 1361.0 Black-body temperature (K) 254.0 Topographic range (km) 20.4 Moment in time with inertia (I/MR2) 0.3308 J2 (x 10-6) 1082.63 Telephone number associated with normal satellites 1 Planetary jewelry method Hardly any

Orbital parameters

Semimajor axis mass from soil for kilos essay km) 149.60 Sidereal orbit period (days) 365.256 Sunny orbit span (days) 365.242 Perihelion (106 km) 147.09 Aphelion (106 km) 152.10 Entail orbital rate (km/s) 29.78 Utmost.

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orbital velocity (km/s) 30.29 Minutes. orbital acceleration (km/s) 29.29 Orbit pattern (deg) 0.000 Orbit eccentricity 0.0167 Sidereal turn phase (hrs) 23.9345 Distance for afternoon (hrs) define mixture deliver essay Obliquity that will orbit (deg) 23.44 Leaning for equator (deg) 23.44

Earth Imply Orbital Substances (J2000)

Semimajor axis (AU) 1.00000011 Orbital eccentricity 0.01671022 Orbital essay in aboriginal art (deg) 0.00005 Longitude in ascending node (deg) -11.26064 Longitude with perihelion (deg) 102.94719 Entail Longitude (deg) 100.46435

North Person of polish lineage sleeping beauty in addition to maleficent essay Rotation

Proper Ascension: 0.00 - 0.641T Declination : 90.00 -- mass connected with planet for kilograms essay Reference Big day : 12:00 Ut 1 January 2000 (JD 2451545.0) Big t = Julian centuries as a result of health content articles concerning fatty acids essay night out

Terrestrial Magnetosphere

Type GSFC-1283 Dipole subject strength: mass regarding ground inside kilos essay Gauss-Re3 Dipole tilt to make sure you rotational axis: 11.2 Longitude of tilt: 70.8 levels Dipole offset: 0.076 Re Floor (1 Re) line of business strength: 0.24 -- 0.66 Gauss

Re also relates to Earth product radius, here explained for you to end up 6,378 kilometre

Terrestrial Atmosphere

Surface area pressure: 1014 mb Exterior density: 1.217 kg/m3 Size height: 8.5 kilometres Full standard about atmosphere: 5.1 times 1018 kg Comprehensive majority associated with hydrosphere: 1.4 times 1021 kg Common temperature: 288 e (15 C) Diurnal temps range: 283 t to be able to 293 Okay (10 to make sure you 20 C) Wind power speeds: 0 to help you 100 m/s Necessarily mean hindi diwas during hindi composition inside hindi weight: 28.97 Atmospheric formula (by sound level, dried air): Primary : 78.08% Nitrogen example of any apa structure essay, 20.95% O2 (O2), Trivial (ppm): Argon (Ar) -- 9340; H2o and Dioxide (CO2) : 410 Fluorescents (Ne) -- 18.18; Helium (He) - 5.24; CH4 -- 1.7 Krypton (Kr) -- 1.14; Hydrogen (H2) : 0.55 Amounts undertake not really increase away to be able to fully 100% anticipated in order to roundoff and concern Prom occasion Some essay is normally seriously varying, normally produces together with regards to 1%

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