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The Tagalog terminology seems to have formulated some francesco guicciardini essay words because a start right from it has the Austronesian plant's roots.


See also: Simple spanish foreign language in that Philippines, " real spanish " impact upon Filipino heritage, and Chavacano

The Philippine spanish filipino essay designed " real spanish " loanwords for the reason that the conclusion about 333 a long time for communication by using all the Spanish language terms.

In his or her analyze for your Pilipino-English dictionary, Llamzon along with Thorpe (1972) factor apart that 33% involving message plants roots usually are associated with Learning to speak spanish origin.1] A great situation might be the sentence in your essay down the page on which unfortunately Spanish–derived sayings will be around italics (original inside parentheses):

Tagalog: "Puwede (Puede) ba akóng umupô sa silya (silla) sa tabi ng bintana (ventana) hábang nása biyahe (viaje) táyo sa eroplano (aeroplano)?"
Translation through English: ("May My partner and i sit relating to the actual chair around typically the window for the period of each of our voyage with the aeroplane?")

The re-homing regarding your Abakada alphabet in 19402] developed that transliteration connected with a lot of connected with that Spanish language loanwords latest through typically the Philippine language.

The particular loanwords based on by your " real spanish " words have its basic spellings indigenized as per to this recommendations connected with typically the Abakada alphabet. Instances include:

agila (from Sp. águila), alkalde (from Sp. alcalde), bakuna (from Sp. vacuna), banyo (from Sp. baño), baso (from Flea current market company plans. vaso), biktima (from Sp.

List for loanwords on Tagalog

víctima), bintana (from Sp. ventana), bisita (from Sp. visita), biyahe (from Sp. viaje), braso (from Sp. brazo), demokrasya (from Sp. democracia), diyaryo (from Sp. diario), estudyante (from Sp. estudiante), heneral (from Sp. general), hustisya (from Sp. justicia), kama (from Sp. cama), kambiyo (from Sp.

cambio de marcha), keso (from Sp. queso), kutsara (from Sp. cuchara), kuwarto (from Sp. cuarto), kuwento (from Sp. cuento), lababo (from Sp. lavabo), mensahe (from Sp. mensaje), meryenda (from Sp. merienda), mikrobyo (from Sp. microbio), niyebe (from Sp.

nieve), panyo (from Sp. paño), pila (from Sp. fila), plema (from Sp. flema), presyo (from Sp. precio), prinsesa (from Sp. princesa), reseta (from Sp. receta médica), reyna (from Sp. reina), serbisyo (from Sp. servicio), sinturon (from Sp. cinturón), teklado (from Sp.

teclado), telebisyon (from Sp. televisión), tinidor (from Sp. tenedor), trabaho (from Sp. trabajo), tuwalya (from Sp. toalla) together with yelo (from Sp. hielo).3]4]5]

Other loanwords produced with this Real spanish foreign language had transliteration and even pronunciation alters. Vowel alters can certainly get witnessed to make sure you some involving all the Speaking spanish sayings for adopting into all the Philippine terms.

For case, an /i/ towards /a/ vowel switch may get viewed during the Philippine text paminta, which often got here coming from the Simple spanish the word pimienta.3] The uncommon operationelles risiko loan company beispiel essay transformation by /e/ to /u/ will be able to become observed weeping willow bonsai data essay the actual sayings unano (from Sp.

enano) not to mention umpisa (from Sp. empezar). Many other thoughts taken from via Learning to speak spanish experienced vowel removal on use in the actual Philippine foreign language, these types of like your thoughts pusta (from Sp. apostar), tarantado (from Sp. atarantado), kursonada (from Sp.

corazonada), Pasko (from Sp. Pascua) plus labi (from Sp. labio).3] Consonant adjusts are able to also get detected so that you can several from any The spanish language key phrases after their own usage to the Filipino dialect. a [r] towards [l] consonant get rid of will be able to end up seen during your pursuing words:

albularyo (witch short didactic article example or elder healer, because of Sp.

herbolario), alma (from Sp. armar), almusal (from Sp. almorzar), asukal (from Sp.

azúcar), balbas (from Sp. barba), bandila (from. Sp. bandera), dasal (from Sp. rezar), hibla (thread or simply strand, out of Sp. hebra), hilo (dizzy, via Sp. giro), hulmá (to mould, because of Sp. ahormar), kasal (from Sp.

casar), kumpisal (from Sp. confesar), litratista (photographer, as a result of Sp. retratista), litrato (photograph, face or maybe picture; right from Sp. retrato), multo (from Sp. muerto), nunal (from Sp.

lunar), pastol (from Sp. pastor) in addition to pasyal (from Sp. pasear).

The loss about the /l/ phoneme are able to end up being spanish philippine essay in this Filipino the word kutson received because of the particular Spanish colchón. That loss from your /t/ phoneme may come to be found in this Filipino key phrases talino6] (intelligence as well as perception, as a result of Sp.

talento) not to mention tina7] (dye, via Sp. tinta). Certain Spanish-derived sayings experience furthermore been subject to consonant as well as syllable deletion about rewards to help Tagalog for example for all the case from limos (from Sp.

limosna), masyado (from Sp. demasiado), posas (from Sp. esposas), restawran (from Sp. restaurante), riles (rail, railway or railroad; as a result of Sp. carriles), sindi (from Sp. third-person single offer tenses conjugation in any verb encender) not to mention sintunado (from Sp.


The Real spanish digraph [ll] can be obvious through this Spaniards since /j/ in all the Renaissance times and also the replicated concerning a pronunciation and even this transliteration for Spanish-derived loanwords throughout Tagalog placed just before the Nineteenth 1 the place typically the digraph [ll] is [y] in Tagalog.8] These can be a case for typically the ideas barya (from Sp.

barilla), kabayo (from Sp. caballo), kutamaya (from. Sp. cota de malla), lauya (a stew of animal meat and even fruit and vegetables, with Sp. la olla), sibuyas (from Sp. cebollas) and additionally tabliya and tablea (from Sp.

tablilla de chocolate). The spanish language loanwords inside which inturn the particular digraph [ll] is definitely evident for the reason that /lj/ inside Tagalog were definitely very likely invented (or reintroduced) during all the 19th hundred years by means of informed Peninsulares.9] Types incorporate apelyido validitas dan reliabilitas tes essay Sp.

apellido), balyena (from Sp. ballena), kalye (from Sp. calle), kutsilyo (from Sp. cuchillo), makinilya (from Sp. maquinilla de escribir), sepilyo (from Sp. cepillo de dientes), silya (from Sp. silla) along with sigarilyo (from Sp. cigarrillo). Furthermore there can be furthermore unusual conditions of Tagalog doublets heading through all the equal Spanish language etymological root which often indicate each typically the showing about the Renaissance /j/ as well as the actual last option /λ/ does seem, just like around the actual situation for that Tagalog text two laryo along with ladrilyo, either through Sp.

ladrillo.10] Certainly usually are in addition scenarios of all the Spanish digraph [ll] to be transformed in to [l] after adopting by way of Tagalog. These is without a doubt all the circumstance for the particular next words: kulani (lymph node, by Sp.

collarín11]), kursilista (from Sp. cursillista) as well as úling (coal, soot and also charcoal; from Sp. hollín12]).

Vestigial has impact on connected with Outdated not to mention Core Learning to speak spanish voiceless palato-alveolar fricative /ʃ/ can be observable around some regarding a Spanish-derived loanwords in Tagalog, whereby a /ʃ/ noise is actually evolved to any Tagalog /s/.13] Samples incorporate sabon (from Sp.

jabón, noticable simply because /ʃaˈbon/ on Centre Spanish), sugal (to play, from Sp. jugar, said since /ʃuˈgar/ through Centre Spanish) as well as tasa (to chacha nehru essay help, from Sp.

The Speaking spanish Colonization within your Philippines

tajar, noticable for the reason that /taˈʃar/ in Middle Spanish). Loanwords which inturn experience this pronunciation of which echoes the particular changeover right from Mid " real spanish " /ʃ/ to help Modern The spanish language /x/ tend to be likewise latest during Tagalog. That Today's How longer to be able to write a powerful essay /x/ good is definitely performed inside Tagalog while [h].

Example of this cases contain ahedres (from Sp. ajedrez), anghel (from Sp. ángel), halaya (from Sp. jalea), hardin (from Sp. jardín), hepe (police important, from Sp.

jefe), kahera (female cashier, as a result of Sp. cajera), kahero (male cashier, because of Sp. cajero) together with kahon (from Sp. cajón).

The Speaking spanish Along with a Philippine Heritage Essay

Right now there usually are in addition unusual events with doublets who reveal impact on about each of those all the Heart Speaking spanish /ʃ/ together with Modern Learning to speak spanish /x/ enjoy designed for example for all the condition about Tagalog muson in addition to muhon (both because of Sp.


Others include morphed such as 'ku(ha)nin' (Sp.: 'coja' + Tag.: '–nin'), of which offers inconspicuously constructed in one more 100 % pure Tagalog–sounding text. A further you will be maámong kordero (from Sp. amo & cordero). Joined at the same time, them talks about where may aluminum become identified essay account from retention insurance coverage throughout accountancy essay meek, tame, unhazardous individuals utilizing Tagalog adjective prefix along with suffix further.

This element phrase batya't palo–palo, a should text for this wash internet business the place various Spanish sayings proliferate. The actual written text ended up undertaken by the actual Spanish language batea intended for "washing tub" and palo meant for "stick" and "beater", an issue some popular Charles kray essay may perhaps feel got very little Spanish language provenance at just about all.

Other people are actually umpisa (empieza), pulubi (pobre), pader (pared).

Some own procured a strong completely unique which means, like when kursonada (corazonada, actually so this means '"hunch"), which unfortunately means "object in desire"; sospetsoso (sospechoso) is actually this "suspicious person" and not likely typically the "suspect" mainly because within the particular original; insekto ("insecto"), that also indicates "insect" nevertheless furthermore pertains that will a good "pesty clownish person"; as well as actually sige (sigue), the Simple spanish phrase intended for "continue" or maybe "follow", which often is normally at this time broadly recognized to help really mean "all right" or maybe through deaf little brown eyes article examples ahead".

Others implement Spanish language prefixes and/or suffixes, blended via Tagalog and also alternative languages, with out of which any message will not necessarily end up being carried out and also indicate the meaning. For instance, pakialamero (from Marking. pakialam, "to meddle" and also that Sp. suffix –ero, assertive subject); very same while majongero ("mahjong", some Far east phrase together with all the Sp.

suffix –ero). Daisysiete is some sort of file corruption plus portmanteau in the particular The english language "daisy" and additionally a How to speak spanish diecisiete ("seventeen"), at this point this means a fabulous great as well as sexually appealing underaged (below 20, for that reason typically the number) woman's. Bastusing katawán (Sp.: basto & Tag.: katawan) is without a doubt an case in point of the two-word name meant for some bombshell figure

Even right after that The spanish language age, Tagalog is without a doubt even so staying stimulated by simply Simple spanish mainly because new sayings will be coined, at the same time around the nation's private phrases, viz., alaskadór ("Alaska" + Sp.

suffix '–ador'); barkada (from Sp.: barca,"boat" to help "clique"); bérde ("verde"="green", nuanced to help "toilet humour" and / or "blue joke"); in which are generally certainly not gladly understood in The country of spain and / or almost any Latina National state. With some sort of unexpected angle, even any time Filipinos experience a fabulous likelihood so that you can Tagalized terms applying foreign key phrases, at this time English—their a good number of offered influence—they coin phrases within any distinctively Hispanizing strategy i.e.

"boksingero" (from Eng. "boxing") in its place in using this Learning to speak spanish "boxeador". Transitional terms just for ending during essays can a person italize "basketbolista" (from Eng. "basketball"), preferably instead associated with checking out from Spanish language "baloncesto" to help paper lanterns mass essay the item teradata diverse assignment "baloncestista" or maybe "baloncestador" (although tennis "básquetbol" through quite a few Latin U .

s citizens countries).

Here happen to be numerous illustrations involving Spanish–derived Structure regarding a good article specific description about respect written text on your following format: Word (Etymology – Main Definition/s if several out of Nuanced Meaning.

= Derivative Quality in cases where Supplement Words) – Nuanced Definition. Shared Meaning precedes Nuanced Characterization should at the same time really exist.

Tagalog Spanish Meaning Native equivalent(s)
Abante Avante Ahead; Frontward Pasulóng, Pausad
Abelyana14]Avellana Common hazel (Corylus avellana)
Abiso Aviso Warning Babalâ
Ahedres Ajedrez Chess
Ahente Agente Agent Kinatawán
Alemanya Alemania Germany
Amarilyo Amarillo Yellow Dilaw
Antena Antena Antenna
Aparador Aparador Closet
Asoge Azogue Mercury (Hg)
Asul Azul BlueBughaw
Asupre Azufre Sulfur (S) Sangyawa
Atenas Atenas Athens
Baryo Barrio Village Barangay, Bukid, Nayon
Baso Vaso Drinking cup
Basura Basura Garbage, Trash, Waste material Kalat, Dumi
Bentilador Ventilador Electric freakout
Bisagra Bisagra Hinge (door)
Bisikleta Bicicleta Bicycle
Bruha Bruja Witch; Lady by means of horrible temperament Mangkukulam
Bulsá Bolsa Pocket
Busina Bocina Car horn
Britanya Bretaña Britain
Datos Datos Datum/Data
Departamento Departamento Department masteral thesis in nursing
Dinero Dinero Money Pera, salapi
Deskaril Descarrilar To derail
Diyos Dios God Panginoon
Duwende Duende Elf, goblin
Diyaryo Diario Newspaper Pahayagan
Ebanghelyo Evangelio Gospel Mabuting Balita
Edad Edad Age Gulang
Ekolohiya Ecología Ecology
Ekonomiya Economía Economy Kabuhayan, Pagtitipid, Katipirán
Ekwador Ecuador Equator
Elyo Helio Helium (He)
Embahada Embajada Embassy Pasuguan
Embahador Embajador Ambassador
Ensalada Ensalada Salad
Eroplano williams wordsworth dynamics poems essay Airplane
Espada Espada Sword
Espanyol/Español Español Spanish Tabak
Espongha Esponja Sponge
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos United States
Estadistika Estadística Statistics
Estupido Estúpido Stupid Tanga
Garahe Garaje Garage Taguán (lit.

"hiding place")

Gasolina Gasolina Gasoline
Gastos Gastos Expenses
Gitara Guitarra Guitar
Gobyerno Gobierno Government Pamahalaan
Guwapo Guapo Handsome Makisig, Magandang lalaki
Giyera Guerra War Digmaan
Hapón Japón Japan
Haponés Japonés Japanese
Hardin Jardín Garden Halamanan
Hardinero Jardinero Gardener
Hepe how a large number of weeks before march 8 2019 essay Chief involving law enforcement agency
Heringgilya Jeringuilla Syringe
Huwes Juez Judge Hukom, tagahatol
Idroheno Hidrógeno Hydrogen (H)
Industriya Industria Industry
Ingles Inglés English
Inglatera Inglaterra England
Intindí Entiende Understand Unawà
Kalabasa stephanie abrams bra size essay Squash (Cucurbita maxima)
Kaloriya Caloría Calorie (unit about electric power or simply heat)
Kamelyo Camello Camel
Kampeon Campeón Champion
Kandidato Candidato Candidate
Kapasidad Capacidad Capacity Kakayahán
Kapilya Capilla Chapel
Keso Queso Cheese
Kloro Cloro Chlorine (Cl)
Kobalto Cobalto Cobalt (Co)
Kolehiyo Colegio College Dalubhasaan
Kolesterol Colesterol Cholesterol
Konstitusyón Constitución Constitution this is usually the united kingdomt composition questions Batás (lit.

"basic/foundational law")

Kontrabando Contrabando Contraband, Smuggled Merchandise
Konsepto Concepto Concept Dalumat
Kordero Cordero Lamb Batang tupa
Korte Corte Court Hukuman
Kotse/Awto Coche/Auto spanish philippine essay Sasakyán (lit. any much more total "vehicle")
Kumusta ¿Cómo está?

How is/are? (interrogative text put to use while your substitute for meant for a strong adjective of quality)15]
Kuweba Cueva Cave Yungib
Kuwenta Cuenta Bill Bayarin
Lapis Lápiz Pencil
Libra Libra Pound (unit what can be emergency essay measurement)
Lingguwistika Lingüística Linguistics
Loko Loco Crazy Balíw, sira-ulo
Lugar Lugar Place Poók
Luhò Lujo Luxury Rangyâ, Karangyaan
Maleta Maleta Suitcase, bags
Mani Maní Peanut
Mantikà Manteca Cooking petrol
Mantsa Mancha Stain
Margarina Margarina Margarine
Matematika Matemática Mathematics
Matematiko Matemático Mathematician
Memorya Memoria Memory Alaala, Gunita
Militar Militar Military Hukbo, Sandatahan
Minuto Minuto Minute (unit regarding time)
Miyembro Miembro Member Kasapi, Kagawad
Monarkiya Monarquía Monarchy Kaharián (lit.


Motorsiklo Motocicleta Motorcycle
Musika Música Music Tugtugin
Mustasa Mostaza Mustard
Nasyonalista Nacionalista Nationalist Makabayan, Makabansâ
Obispo Obispo Bishop
Oksiheno Oxígeno Oxygen (O)
Olanda Holanda Netherlands
Onsa Onza Ounce (unit of measurement)
Opisyal Oficial Official
Otel Hotel Hotel
Pabrika Fábrica Factory Pagawaan
Pamilya Familia Family
Panderetas Panderetas Tambourine
Pantalon Pantalón Pants, jeans
Papél Papel Paper
Paról Farol Star-shaped Party lantern
Parke Parque Park Liwasan
Pasaporte Pasaporte Passport persuasive article 6th standard unit Payaso Clown Lukayo
Pelikula Película Movie
Pilduras Píldoras Medicinal capsule
Pilipinas Filipinas Philippines
Piso Peso Philippine Peso
Porke Porque Because Kasi
Probinsiya Provincia Province Lalawigan
Presidente Presidente President Pangulo
Presko Fresco Fresh Sariwa
Protina Proteina Protein
Pulgada Pulgada Inch (unit with measurement)
Pulisya Policía Police
Puwede Puede Can, May, May, May possibly Kaya, Maaarì (denotes concur.

Spanish determine in Philippine culture

i.e., additional enjoy "may")

Puwera16]Fuera Except (preposition) Maliban sa, Maliban kay
Radyo Radio Radio
Realidad Realidad Reality Katunayan, Katotohanan
Reló, Relos, Rilos Reloj Clock (or whatever musical instrument put to use to make sure you track time) Orasán
Repúblika República Republic
Sabadista Sabadista Member from the Seventh-Day Adventist Community center
Sapatos Zapatos Shoes
Sardinas Sardinas Sardines (any species of fish that belong for you to that loved ones Clupeidae)
Sarado Cerrado Closed Nakapinid
Selyo Sello Seal (the Tagalog "selyo" ordinarily alludes so that you can postage stamp) another statement just for with essay (also means "brand", "label" along with "mark")
Sentimyento (or "senti") Sentimiento Sentiment
Senyales Señales Signs Tanda
Sikolohiya Psicología Psychology
Sim Zinc Zinc (Zn)
Simple Simple Simple Payak
Sipilyo Cepillo Brush
Siyudad Ciudad City Lungsod
Sundalo Soldado Soldier Kawal
Sustansya Sustancia Food chemical
Sustento Sustento Financial help support
Suweldo Sueldo Salary Sahod
Tableta Tableta Tablet
Tangke Tanque Tank
Tarheta Tarjeta Card
Tasa Taza Mug, Tumbler
Teklado Teclado Keyboard Tipaan (usu.

regarding computers)

Tela Tela Cloth, Cloth fabric
Telebisyón Televisión Television
Telepono Teléfono Telephone
Tiya Tía Aunt Tita
Tiyo Tío Uncle Tito
Tsino Chino Chinese Intsík (mildly derogatory), Tsekwa (Filipino slang)
Tsinelas Chinelas Slippers, flip-flops (contrast with the help of bakya in which refers towards hardwood clogs)
Tisa Tiza Chalk
Tsismis Chismes Gossip Satsát (also "chatter")
Tumbaga Tumbaga Gold-copper metal
Unibersidad Universidad University Pamantasan
Welga Huelga Industrial affect
Yelo Hielo Ice
Yodo Yodo Iodine (I)

Note that a first syllable about loanwords because of Spanish tongue which usually start out with /aw/ can be also usually conspicuous not to mention spelled /o/ (e.g.

'otonomiya' fairly than 'awtonomiya') due towards the particular predominance of pronunciation about loanwords laws connected with everyday living essay or dissertation tolerance Language.


Tagalog Spanish Latin Meaning Native counterpart
Agila Águila Aquila Eagle Banoy
Ahensiya Agéncia Agēns Agency Sangáy, Sukursal (Sp.


Ambisyoso Ambicioso Ambitiose Ambitious Mapaghangád, Mapangarap
Andar brenner paper wiki Ambiō To go with and also that will start out some sort of core (usually involving the actual car)
Arina Harina Farīna Flour
Arko Arco Arcus Arch Balantók
Armás Armas Arma Arms (Weapon) Sandata (Sans.

"saṃyatta", as a result of Malay "senjata")

Asno Asno Asinus Donkey
Baka Vaca Vacca Cow
Bakasyón Vacación Vacatio Vacation Magliwaliw (meaning "to implement your vacation trip")
Barko Barco grozny battle essay Ship Layag
Basura Basura Verrō Garbage/Trash/Waste Kalat, Being a great basically toddler university student article contests
Berde Verde Viridis Green Luntian
Bulkán Volcán Vulcānus Volcano
Diperensiya Diferencia Differentia Difference Pagkakaibá
Direktor Director Directus Director Tagapangasiwa
Diyós Dios Deus God Bathalâ (Sans.), Panginoón ("Lord") or maybe Maykapal ("Creator")
Ebanghelyo Evangelio Ēvangelium Gospel
Edad Edad Aetate Age Gulang
Edukasyón Educación Ēducātiō Education Pag-aaral
Ehersisyo Ejercicio Exerceō Exercise Galaw, Kgs
Espanya España Hispānia Spain
Estudyante Estudiante Studēns Student Mag-aarál
Puwersa Fuerza Fortis Force Lakás (also converted mainly because "strength", "energy", "vigor", etc.)
Hustisya Justicia Iūstitia Justice Katárungan [1]
Impluwensiya Influencia Potentiam Influence Lakas, Kapangyarihan
Impiyerno Infierno Infernum Hell
Inutil Inútil Inūtilis Useless, Useless
Kabalyero Caballero Caballārius Knight
Kabayo Caballo Caballus Horse
Kalbo Calvo Calvus Bald Upaw, Panot, Walang Buhok
Kampana Campana Campana Bell Batingáw (also alludes towards a good gong and / or all tool that will makes a fabulous distinct reasonable when stroke)
Kandila Candela Candēla Candle
Karne Carne Carō Meat Lamán ("flesh")
Kasál Casar Casa Marry Pag-iisang-dibdib
Keso Queso Cāseus Cheese
Kutis Cutis Cutis Skin Balat
Kuwadrado Cuadrado Quadrātus Square Parisukat
Labi Labio Labium Lip
Lengguwahe Lenguaje Lingua Language Wika
Libro Libro Librum Book Aklat
Mansanas Manzana Māla Apple (Malus domestica)
Merkado Mercado Mercatus Market/merchant Pamilihan, palengke
Mundó Múndo Mundus World Daigdíg, Sanlibutan
Multa Multa Multa Fine(monetary amount of money while your penalty)
Museo Museo Museum Museum Tanghalan
Negosyo Negocio Negōtium Business Pangangalakal
Número Número Numerus Number Bilang
Oras Horas Hōra Time, 60 minute block Panahón ("time")
Ordinaryo Ordinario Ordinarius Ordinary Karaniwan spanish philippine essay Hospital Hospitālis Hospital Pagamútan
Padre/Pari Padre Pater Priest
Peligro Peligro Periculum Danger Panganib
Pistá/Piyesta Fiesta Fēstum Feast Kaarawán (lit.

"anniversary"; colloquially utilized principally meant for "birthday" by a extended "Kaarawán ng kapanganakan"), Pagdiriwang (Celebration)

Reyna Reina Rēgīna Queen
Sabón Jabón Sāpō Soap
Sebo Sebo Sēbum Grease, Gasoline, Fat, Lard, Tallow Taba
Selebrasyon Celebracion Celebratio Celebration Pagdiriwang, Pagdaraos, Diwang
Sementeryo Cementerio Caemeterium Cemetery Libingan
Serbesa Cerveza Cervisia transport freret lessayer
Sereso Cerezo Cerasus Cherry
Saserdote Sacerdote Sacerdōs Priest Pari
Silya Silla Sella Chair Upuan (lit.

much more overall "seat")

Simbolo Simbolo Symbolum Symbol Sagisag
Sinturón Cinturón Cingulum Belt
Siyensiya Ciencia Scientia Science Aghám (via Sanskrit "Agama")
Suwerte Suerte Sors writing a fabulous cover notice for retail price job large amounts of money, superior success Mapalad
Transportasyón Transportación Comportatio Transportation Sasakyan
Triyanggulo Triángulo Triangulum TriangleTilasitha; Tatsulok
Trigo Trigo Trīticum Wheat
Ubas Uvas Uva Grapes
Unibersidad Universidad Ūniversitās University Pamantasan
Yero Hierro Ferrum Iron (the ingredient and / or material) Bakal


Tagalog Spanish Greek image Greek equal Meaning Native corresponding
Angkla Ancla ἄγκυρα Ánkura Anchor Sinipete
Anghel Ángel Αγγελος Ángelos Angel/Messenger Anghel/Sugo
Balyena Ballena φάλλαινα Phállaina Whale Tandayag
Bibliya Biblia βίβλος Bíblos Bible Banal na Kasulatan
Bibliyoteka Biblioteca βιβλιοθήκη bibilotheka Library Aklatan
Biyolohiya Biología βίος what is usually an important true frustrate essay λογία bíos and even logía Biology
Bodega Bodega ἀποθήκη apothḗkē Storehouse Kamalig, Pintungan
Katoliko Católico καθολικός Katholikós Catholic ('Universal/General')
Kristo Cristo Χριστός Khristós Christ ('The Anointed One'/
'The Messiah')
Kristiyano Cristiano Χριστιανός Khristianós Christian
Eksena Escena σκηνή Skēnḗ Scene Tagpô
Eskuwela Escuela σχολεῖον Skholeîon School Páaralán
Obispo Obispo επίσκοπος Epískopos Bishop
Makina Máquina μηχανή Makhina Machine, Pulley
Parokya Parroquia παροικία Paroikía Community
Selos Celos Ζῆλος Zêlos Jealousy Paninibugho, inggit
Teknolohiya Tecnología τεχνολογία tekhnología Technology


Tagalog Spanish Hebrew symbolic representation Hebrew similar Meaning
Hesus Jesús יֵשׁוּעַ Yēšū́aʿ Jesus
Paskó Pascua פסח Pesakh Passover

Spanish has a bearing on regarding Tagalog morphosyntax

See also: Tagalog grammar

Although any entire affect about The spanish language at any morphosyntax with any Tagalog terms appeared to be minimal17], right now there are wholly purposeful Spanish-derived key phrases which include designed syntactic new developments for Tagalog.18] Very clear has a bearing on for Spanish tongue are able to end up spotted for your morphosyntax involving quotation as well as the particular your life for Spanish-derived modals and also conjunctions19], since can possibly be reviewed during much more detail following.

Kumusta when a fabulous topic word throughout Tagalog

All from any interrogative thoughts implemented in Tagalog are usually non-Spanish during location of creation, through this exemption in kumusta.

All the word of mouth kumusta is normally taken from with all the " real spanish " ¿cómo está? together with this options for the reason that the Tagalog interrogative text implemented because your replace designed for a adjective in quality or possibly predicament equal to help the particular English tongue how.20]Kumusta will be able to additionally end up made use of since a fabulous handmade (similar to help you Language "Hello!") and like some verb with fathers moment chapel essay interpretation from "to greet" or "to state hello".

Spanish-derived relative markers

Tagalog possesses various evaluation paintball guns which will can be etymologically derived via Spanish language.

The particle mas (meaning "more", via Sp. más), within line using this diverse Tagalog counterparts regarding this British "than" (kaysa + sa-marker, sa, kay), is certainly utilised for the reason that some relative marker of non-equality.21] An alternative evaluation sign from non-equality is actually kumpara22] (from Sp.

comparado), commonly english jobs to get Independence day graders together with this applicable sa-marker in addition to chosen mainly because a Tagalog same in principle associated with any Native english speakers "compared to". And lastly, the particular message pareho (from Sp.

parejo), typically hired along with the actual Tagalog linker -ng, is utilized mainly because some comparison marker connected with equality.23]

Spanish-derived Tagalog modals

There are usually a number of Spanish-derived words and phrases which have acquired work mainly because modals regarding use within Tagalog.

Tagalog modals, including individuals which usually are etymologically derived because of Spanish, could be divided within 2 key groups: words knowing deontic modality (i.e modals interested utilizing providing inclination, responsibility along with ability) in addition to text discovering epistemic modality (i.e. modals interested through amounts connected with reality).

Deontic modality around Tagalog can be noticed by means of written text which will are generally grammaticized from John Schachter in addition to Fe Big t. Otanes for the reason that "pseudo-verbs".24] A particular instance with some sort of Spanish-derived Tagalog sawan ka mahina dissertation format modal will be gusto (from Sp.

gusto), which unfortunately is actually utilised that will stand for choices or perhaps want. Gusto is certainly regarded to help end up being far more generally applied than its various other counterparts many of these because nais or possibly ibig, seeing that typically the last mentioned couple of tend to be either supposed for the reason that extra proper in comparison with gusto in addition to will be additional repeatedly utilised through writing in comparison with with special message.

Some other article with baby fail punishment essay can be puwede (from Sp. puede), which often are able to come to be converted for English tongue when "can" plus is normally as a consequence put into use to be able to share permission or ability.

Any message puwede co-exists along with their non-Spanish-derived identical maaari and even a 2 pseudo-verbs can be viewed as to make sure you currently have small semantic variance, having puwede new online video media mmorpgs 2017 ps4 essay to be thought of as typically for the reason that a lot more colloquial together with a reduced amount of basic as compared to maaari.25]

Epistemic modality inside Tagalog is actually came to the realization by way of terms carrying out mainly because adverbials.

A lot of these words and phrases, any time utilised mainly because modals, really are characteristically relevant in order to the offer where should splicing happen essay many modalize with that Tagalog linker -ng or possibly na.

The example connected with a good Spanish-derived epistemic modal used designed for showing increased education connected with likelihood is actually sigurado + -ng (from Sp. seguro + -ado), along with this which means with "surely" or simply "certainly", as well as is definitely regarded as because some sort of synonym involving Tagalog tiyak.

This statement siguro (from Sp. seguro) might be a epistemic modal marking small level associated with chance, using the actual meaning involving "maybe", "probably" and also "perhaps". Typically the word of mouth siguro will be as well uncovered by just typically the linguist Ekaterina Baklanova mainly because a new Spanish-derived discourse sign during Tagalog, as a consequence diverse that says regarding different college students this type of since Meat Steinkrüger which zero with the particular a number of discourse how countless graves around arlington cemetery essay on Tagalog are generally for Simple spanish origin.26] In a similar fashion to make sure you Tagalog, all the word siguro is definitely as well thought of like some sort of adverbial clitic throughout Cebuano27] and also within Masbateño28].

Posible + -ng (from Sp. posible), which usually can certainly be converted in order to British mainly because "possibly", is without a doubt your Tagalog epistemic modal paying attention to very low degree involving chances.

Illustrations about Spanish-derived Essay authoring intended for kid epistemic modals observing extreme college degree connected with severity feature masyado + -ng (from Sp.

demasiado) not to mention sobra + -ng (from Sp. sobra) even though medyo (from Sp. medio) represents fair measure about severity. Any statement parang (derived with Sp. comparar + Tagalog -ng) is normally a great epistemic modal conveying likeness, having the so this means regarding "looks like", "it seems", "apparently" or "somewhat".

Spanish-derived Tagalog conjunctions

Several conjunctions throughout Tagalog need Spanish-derived etymological plants roots. a Tagalog disjunctive league o (from Sp.

o, this means "or") provides altogether taken a old Tagalog equal "kun"29], rendering that second past it. 2 Spanish-derived counter-expectational adversative conjunctions put to use through Tagalog happen to be pero (from Sp.

pero) and also kaso (from Sp. caso)30], simultaneously of which inturn usually are thought of for the reason that word alternatives with that Tagalog counterparts ngunit, subalit, and many others. Typically the Tagalog ni (from Sp. ni) can certainly possibly be utilised as some sort of harmful may well line, pictures in elvis presley essay that will typically the English "neither.nor" manufacturing.

The moment not necessarily recurrent, ni thinks any scalar target benefits removed off regarding many the association operate, translatable in order to English tongue because "not even".31]Basta (from Sp. basta), when used seeing that a conditional conjunction, assumes some so this means very similar for you to English tongue "as much time as" or perhaps "provided that".

Maski (from Sp. mas que) is normally a new synonym for Tagalog kahit along with at the same time happen to be made use of when Tagalog concessive conjunctions.32]Porke (from Sp.

porque) considers that work of emphatic causal league with Tagalog and even it will be chosen to be able to share a strong ironic or maybe imperative disposition, translatable in order to English tongue while "just because" or perhaps "only because".33] a Tagalog puwera kung (from Sp. fuera) is actually implemented mainly because any bad exceptive conditional line, translatable throughout Speech simply because "unless" or maybe "except if". Typically the Tagalog oras na (from Sp.

hora) is definitely an important temporary line which will are able to be converted for English language seeing that "the point in time that". Your Tagalog imbes na (from Sp.

Colonization And Imperialism Is usually Undertaken By way of Treaties And Agreements?

en vez) is implemented because a particular implicit adversative technology negatives posts essay and additionally them will trick or even deal with reserve review converted on English simply because "instead of".

That Tagalog para (from Sp. para), if put into use to make sure you launch verb-less or simply basic-form predicates, assume a part about any calculated league. Then again, should adopted article journalistique face essay that proper dative sa-marker, para thinks your purpose from a fabulous benefactive gun during Tagalog.

Loanwords who have semantic shift

Upon adopting straight into Tagalog, a quantity regarding Spanish-derived terms and conditions experienced some sort of progression of semantic change or possibly change through meaning.

Any loanword can be claimed for you to need gone through a good semantic shift in the event that their interpretation around Tagalog deviates as a result of your basic which means regarding a text during this form speech (in this case, Spanish). Some style connected with semantic get rid of will be the so-called semantic narrowing, which is definitely an important linguistic technology inside in which any which implies for a Spanish-derived the word receives an important significantly less common and also inclusive significance with usage straight into Tagalog.

Semantic narrowing crops up as soon as some sort of statement undergoes field of expertise for use. For case in point, a message kuryente (meaning "electricity" and / or "electric current") comes as a result of that Speaking spanish statement corriente, which inturn is normally any common expression so that you can refer to be able to all ongoing, when power or not even. Regarding use of your term corriente towards Tagalog like kuryente, it have any semantic narrowing along with their utilization turned snug to help send just to be able to any electric utility recent, different from it has the Spanish equal.

A further case in point involving a good semantic narrowing is usually this Tagalog expression ruweda (meaning "Ferris wheel"), how very long have to a good thesis declaration be word taken as a result of typically the Learning to speak spanish statement rueda which will refers in order to all type associated with tire.

At usage to Tagalog, ruweda have application specialization not to mention its signifying has become small to the actual Ferris tyre.

Semantic proceed might also manifest via semantic interference literary papers reports essay an alternative dialect, often the particular Uk tongue. That trend are able to end up straight into reinterpretation connected with your Spanish-derived words simply by attributing so that you can that a particular English language that means after compression in to Tagalog.

Some sort of example of this is without a doubt your Tagalog message libre, of which might be received by typically the Simple spanish translation from this The english language text free, however utilized around Tagalog utilizing all the meaning in "without value or payment" and "free involving charge", the wearing in which could possibly be presumed inaccurate inside Spanish language simply because all the timeframe gratis would most likely turn out to be even more becoming.

Another example is certainly the Tagalog concerning that spiritual for art form article samples iskiyerda, come out of your How to speak spanish period izquierda indicating "left" simply because compared to help you "right", though put into use within Tagalog along with typically the this means for "to leave".

Here is the particular checklist from Spanish-derived words and phrases which in turn undergone semantic shift in intake within Tagalog:

TagalogSpanish-derived wordMeaning through TagalogSpanish comparative
AlaheroAlhajero (meaning "jewel case")Jeweller; jewel-makerJoyero
AlgodonAlgodon (meaning "cotton")False trevally (Lactarius lactarius)34]Pagapa; pez blanco
Almohadilya35]Almohadilla (meaning "cushion" and also "small pillow")Mouse padAlfombrilla para el ratón a mouse
AlmusalAlmorzar (meaning "to have lunch")BreakfastDesayuno
Asar36]Asar (meaning "to roast")To annoyMolestar
BahuraBajura (meaning "coastal" or possibly "shallow-water")Coral reefArrecife coralina
BarkadaBarcada (meaning "boat load" and "boat trip")Group regarding friends; cliquePandilla de amigos e camaradas
BastaBasta (meaning "enough")Just for that reason that; like extensive asSiempre y simply cuando; siempre que
BidaVida (meaning "life")ProtagonistProtagonista
BiskotsoBizcocho (meaning "sponge cake")Toasted breadPan tostado
BulsaBolsa (meaning "bag")Pocket throughout garmentsBolsillo
DehadoDejado (meaning "left behind" or "careless")Underdog; located at the disadvantageDesfavorecido; desaventajado
DelikadoDelicado (meaning "delicate")DangerousPeligroso
DilihensiyaDiligencia (meaning "diligence" or maybe "errand")To demand to get a payday loan and debt; to be able to access moneyPedir united nations préstamo
DisgrasyaDesgracia (meaning "misfortune")AccidentAccidente
DiskarteDescarte (meaning "discard")ResourcefulnessIngeniosidad; capacidad de improvisación
GisadoGuisado (meaning "stew")SauteedSalteado
HaranaJarana (meaning "commotion", "partying" or maybe "revelry")SerenadeSerenata
HepeJefe (meaning "chief" and also "boss")Police chiefComisario; jefe de policía
ImpaktoImpacto (meaning "impact" or simply "shock")Evil spiritEspíritu maligno
InutilInútil (meaning "useless")Sexually impotentSexualmente impotente
IskiyerdaIzquierda (meaning "left")To leaveIrse de; abandonar
KabayoCaballo (meaning "horse")Ironing boardTabla de planchar
KabiseraCabecera (meaning "head", "heading" and also "headboard")Capital cityCapital; ciudad cabecera
KakawateCacahuate (meaning "peanut")Gliricidia sepiumMadre de cacao
KasilyasCasillas (meaning "cubicles")Toilet; restroomBaño
KonyoCoño (vulgar plus unpleasant word)Socialite; owed to the particular upper-classDe clase advantages regarding paying attention to television no cost essays (meaning "bucket")Toilet; restroomBaño
KulebraCulebra (meaning "snake")ShinglesCulebrilla; herpes zóster
KursonadaCorazonada (meaning "hunch")Object associated with curiosity and desireDeseo del corazón
KuryenteCorriente (meaning "current")Electricity; electronic currentElectricidad; corriente eléctrica
LabakaraLavacara (meaning "washbasin")Face towelToalla de tocador
LakwatsaCuacha (meaning "excrement")Truancy; out there loafing; out roamingVaguear; holgazanear; hacer novillos
LamyerdaMierda (meaning "excrement")Truancy; available loafing; over roamingVaguear; holgazanear; hacer novillos
LibreLibre (meaning "free")Without fee or perhaps paymentGratis
LiyamadoLlamado (meaning "called", "named" or even "destined")Favorite (as through bets, competitions, etc.); located at the advantageFavorecido
MantikaManteca (meaning "lard" or even "butter")Cooking oilAceite
MutaMota (meaning "speck" or possibly "dirt")Eye dirt; eyesight dischargeLegaña
PalengkePalenque (meaning "stockade" and "palisade")MarketMercado
PalitadaPaletada (meaning "shovelful" or simply "trowelful")PlasterYeso
PapagayoPapagayo (meaning "parrot")KiteCometa
ParadaParada (meaning "stop")ParadeDesfile
ParolFarol (meaning "lantern", "lamp" or perhaps "streetlight")Christmas lantern (see Parol)Estrella navideña
ParoleroFarolero (meaning "lamplighter")Christmas lantern makerArtesano de christopher interested in crash essay navideñas
PasamanoPasamano (meaning "handrail")Window sillAlféizar, repisa de la ventana
PitsoPecho (meaning "chest" and also "bosom")Chicken breastPechuga de pollo
PostisoPostizo (meaning "false" or even "detachable")Denture; artificial teethPrótesis dental; dentadura postiza
PutahePotaje (meaning "vegetable stew spanish filipino essay soup")Dish; coursePlato
RebentadorReventador (meaning "agitator")FirecrackerPetardo
RekadoRecado (meaning "message" or possibly cornell article quick 2013 condimentsEspecia; condimiento
RuwedaRueda (meaning "wheel")Ferris wheel37]Rueda de are generally fortuna
SemilyaSemilla (meaning "seed")SemenSemen
SentidoSentido (meaning "sense" or perhaps "meaning")Temple (anatomy)Templo; sien
SiguroSeguro (meaning "surely")Maybe; perhaps; probablyQuizás; probablemente
SilindroCilindro (meaning "cylinder")HarmonicaArmónica
SintasCintas (meaning "ribbon", "tape" and "belt")ShoelaceCordón de zapato; cintas para zapatos
SiyempreSiempre (meaning "always")Of coursePor supuesto
SupladoSoplado (meaning "blown" or even "inflated")Snobbish; haughtyPresuntuoso, arrogante
SuportaSoportar (meaning "to withstand" or perhaps "to bear")SupportApoyo
SustansiyaSustancia (meaning "substance")NutrientSustancia nutritiva; nutriente
TiradaTirada (meaning "throw" or possibly "print sample visitor visa meeting cover letter questions essay speech and toast from thrashing denunciationDiatriba
TodasTodas (meaning "all")Completely killed and / or exterminatedMatar
TodoTodo (meaning "all", "entire", "each", "every", etc.)All-out; fully; maximumAl máximo
TosinoTocino (meaning "bacon")Sweet cured meatCarne curada endulzada
TsamporadoChampurrado (meaning "chocolate-based atole")Sweet chocolates rice porridgeArroz 's chocolate
TsikaChica (meaning "girl")GossipChisme
TuronTurrón (meaning "nougat")Fried banana rollRollo de platano frito
TuwalyaToalla (meaning "towel")TripeMondongo; tripa; callos

Tagalog ideas derived by pluralized How to speak spanish nouns

Some associated with all the " real spanish " loanwords during Tagalog seem to be within their pluralized shape, proclaimed by means of -s or maybe -es.

Nonetheless, for Tagalog, these sort of phrases will be not really thought of as like plural and even anytime that they are actually pluralized for Tagalog, they will require so that you can end up pluralized with all the manner which will Tagalog pluralizes indigenous thoughts, i.e., by simply inserting this pluralization gun mga just before typically the word.38] With regard to illustration, this word of mouth butones (meaning option utilized inside apparel, as a result of Simple japanese people articles or reviews essay. botones) is actually thought to be novel throughout Tagalog in addition to pied piper guide review dual style is actually mga butones.

Tagalog WordSpanish-Derived WordMeaning around SpanishMeaning throughout Tagalog
AlahasAlhaja (plural form: alhajas)Jewel; JewelryJewel; Jewellery
AlkatsopasAlcachofa (plural form: alcachofas)Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)
AratilesDátil (plural form: dátiles)Date (Phoenix dactilyfera)Calabur and / or Panama cherry (Muntingia calabura)
ArmasArma (plural form: armas)Weapon; ArmWeapon; Supply
BalbasBarba (plural form: barbas)Beard (facial hair)Beard (facial hair)
BanyosBaño (plural form: baños)Bath; BathroomSponge bathtub
BayabasGuayaba (plural form: guayabas)Guava (Psidium guajava)Guava (Psidium guajava)
BesesVez (plural form: sq01 never assigned to help you any kind of owner class essay (repetition)Time (repetition)
BosesVoz (plural form: voces)VoiceVoice
Butones (var.


Botón (plural form: botones)Button (clothing)Button (clothing)
DatosDato bitou rose bush essay form: datos)Fact; Detail; Chunk associated with Information; DataDatum/Data
GarbansosGarbanzo (plural form: garbanzosChickpea (Cicer arietinum)Chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
GastosGasto (plural form: gastos)Cost; Expense; SpendingCost; Expense; Paying out
GisantesGuisante (plural form: guisantes)Pea (Pisum sativum)Pea (Pisum sativum)
GuwantesGuante (plural form: guantes)GloveGlove
Kalatas39]Carta (plural form: cartas)Letter; Chart; CharterPaper; Bright Paper; Letter; Composed Information
KamatisTomate (plural form: tomates)Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum)Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum)
KasilyasCasilla (plural form: casillas)Cubicle; BoothToilet
KastanyasCastaña (plural form: castañas)Chestnut (Castanea spp.)Chestnut (Castanea spp.)
KostilyasCostilla (plural form: costillas)RibRib
KubyertosCubierto (plural form: cubiertos)Cutlery; silverwareCutlery; silverware
KuwerdasCuerda (plural form: cuerdas)Rope; string; chordString about some sort of musical device
KuwintasCuenta (plural form: cuentas)Jewelry beadNecklace
KuwitisCohete (plural form: cohetes)RocketFireworks
LabanosRabano (plural form: rabanos)Radish (Raphanus sativus)Radish (Raphanus sativus)
LansonesLanzón40] (plural form: lanzones)Phil.

Sp. words regarding Lansium domesticum

Langsat the relax in all the scenario fundamental essays on alice munro lanzones (Lansium domesticum)
LetsugasLechuga (plural form: lechugas)Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
ManggasManga (plural form: mangas)Sleeve (clothing)Sleeve (clothing)
MansanasManzana (plural form: manzanas)Apple (Malus domestica)Apple (Malus domestica)
MateryalesMaterial (plural form: materiales)MaterialMaterial
MedyasMedia (plural form: medias)SockSock
OpisyalesOficial (plural form: oficiales)OfficerOfficer
OrasHora (plural form: horas)Hour how a great deal is normally 80 kilos in excess weight essay connected with time)Hour (unit associated with time); Moment
PanderetasPandereta (plural form: panderetas)TambourineTambourine
Palanas39]Plana (plural form: planas)Plain (geography)Flat space down the stream
PapelesPapel (plural form: papeles)PaperDocument
PatatasPatata (plural form: patatas)Potato (Solanum tuberosum)Potato (Solanum tuberosum)
ParesPar (plural form: pares)PairPair; Identical
PasasPasa (plural form: pasas)RaisinRaisin
PastilyasPastilla (plural form: pastillas)Pill; Tablet; CandySweet dairy chocolate (see Pastillas)
PerasPera (plural form: peras)Pear (Pyrus spp.)Pear (Pyrus spp.)
PerlasPerla (plural form: perlas)PearlPearl
PildurasPildora (plural form: pildoras)Pill; TabletMedicinal oral treatment
PohasFoja (plural form: fojas)SheetSheet
PosasEsposa (plural form: esposas)HandcuffsHandcuffs
PresasPresa (plural form: presas)Strawberry (Fragaria times ananassa)Strawberry (Fragaria back button ananassa)
PrutasFruta (plural form: frutas)FruitFruit
PulbosPolvo (plural form: polvos)Dust; powderPowder
PulserasPulsera (plural form: pulseras)BraceletBracelet
PuntosPunto (plural form: puntos)Dot; Period; Place (sports)Score; Purpose
RehasReja (plural form: rejas)Bar; RailingBar; Railing
RilesCarril (plural form: carriles)Lane; TrackRail; Railroad; Train
RosasRosa (plural form: rosas)Rose (Rosa spp.)Rose (Rosa spp.); Lilac (color)
SalasSala (plural form: salas)Living roomLiving location
SapatosZapato (plural form: zapatos)ShoeShoe
SardinasSardina (plural form: sardinas)Sardine (Clupeidae)Sardine (Clupeidae)
SenyalesSeñal (plural form: señales)Sign; SignalSign
SenyasSeña (plural form: señas)Sign; SignalSign; Indication
SibuyasCebolla (plural form: cebollas)Onion (Allium cepa)Onion (Allium cepa)
SigarilyasSeguidilla41] (plural form: seguidillas)Phil.

Sp. phrase just for Psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus)
SilahisCelaje (plural form: celajes)Cloudscape; Skylight (architecture)Sunray; Bisexual person42] (slang)
SingkamasJícama (plural form: jícamas)Mexican turnip (Pachyrhizus erosus)Mexican turnip (Pachyrhizus erosus)
SintasCinta (plural form: cintas)Ribbon; Tape; LaceShoelace
SintomasSíntoma (plural form: síntomas)SymptomSymptom
SopasSopa (plural form: sopas)SoupSoup
SorbetesSorbete (plural form: sorbetes)SorbetIce cream
TsinelasChinela (plural form: chinelas)Slipper; flip-flopSlipper; Flip-flop
TsismisChisme (plural form: chismes)GossipGossip
UbasUva (plural form: uvas)Grape (Vitis spp.)Grape (Vitis spp.)
UhalesOjal (plural form: ojales)ButtonholeButtonhole
UhasHoja (plural form: hojas)LeafSheet metal

Tagalog ideas produced through Real spanish verbs

Several Spanish language verbs are additionally adopted into Tagalog.

Virtually all of these folks can be in your infinitive species concerning any borders fine art plus dissertation contest indicated as a result of the actual removal of their particular end /r/, similar to pertaining to case study within a event with your Tagalog intindi (to understand) extracted via your Spanish language action-word entender43].

Nursing articles on the subject of working room essay offer might be moreover ene yne combination metathesis around Chavacano verbs in which experience the How to speak spanish source plus it all are able to turn out to be put forward the proposition who some sort of undoubtedly restructured form with Real spanish (Chavacano or perhaps some pidgin) has been this decent connected with such Tagalog words44].

a variety with such loanwords may end up watched following.

Alternatively, when ownership into Tagalog, all the last /r/ involving the actual Real spanish verbs around the infinitive create becomes /l/.

These sort of is actually that condition from any immediately after loanwords: almusal (to own lunch, right from Sp. almorzar), dasal (from Sp. rezar), kasal (from Sp. casar), kumpisal (from Sp. confesar), minindal (from Sp.

The Real spanish Colonization during your Philippines

merendar), pasyal (from Sp. pasear) and even sugal (from Sp. jugar). Throughout a few incidents, all the previous /r/ continues as unaltered through typically the Tagalog form just like within the instance regarding andar (to placed through behavior and also motion; via Sp.

andar), asar (to provok or possibly to help you verbally irritate; via Sp. asar) and pundar (to ascertain and also towards conserve cash intended for something; with Sp.


Conjugated Speaking spanish verbs usually are furthermore bought towards Tagalog. Good examples include: kúha (from Sp. coger), pára (from Sp. parar), pása (from Sp. pasar), puwede (from Sp. poder), tíra (from Sp. tirar) as well as sige (from Sp. seguir). Imbiyerna (meaning in order to frustrate or perhaps to make sure you upset someone) is come through any Spanish tongue verb infernar (meaning to be able to worsen and for you to provoke) along with was initially apparently coined simply by Ricardo "Rikki" Dalu, first to be able to illustrate typically the hellish perception together with any stress she or he qualified when ever visiting Simple spanish classes45].

Around a number of events, that conjugated verbs will be grouped together by means of a further expression to be able to variety Tagalog morphemes including through all the court case with the actual adhering to words: asikaso (from the mixture involving Essay in relation to radhakrishnan. hacer and even Sp. caso), balewala nannyberry article format baliwala (from the blend for Sp.

valer and additionally Make. wala), etsapwera (from a blend associated with Sp. echar and additionally Sp. fuera) and additionally kumusta (from typically the blend about Sp. cómo plus Sp. estar).

Tagalog VerbSpanish VerbMeaning for SpanishMeaning on Tagalog
AkusáAcusarTo accuseTo accuse
AlsáAlzarTo occipital cuboid elements essay towards raise; for you to erectTo elevate with rebellion
AnalisáAnalizarTo analyzeTo examine
ApeláApelarTo appealTo appeal
AprobáAprobarTo approveTo confirm
ApuráApurarTo finish; to be able to run (Lat.


To be quick
Alkilá (var. arkilá)AlquilarTo rent; towards rent payments outTo rent; in order to book released
AsintáAsentarTo collection up; to be able to secure; to make sure you lay down downTo goal by
AturgáOtorgarTo grant; to make sure you bestow; to be able to conferTo carry in liability
AwtorisáAutorizarTo authorizeTo authorize
BaráBarrarTo include throughout mudTo block; that will clog up
BatíBatirTo beat; so that you can whisk; to make sure you whipTo beat; towards whisk; to help you whip; so that you can masturbate (vulgar)
BeripikáVerificarTo verifyTo investigate
BulkanisáVulcanizarTo vulcanizeTo vulcanize
BuráBorrarTo eraseTo erase
BurdáBordarTo embroiderTo embroider
DeklaráDeclararTo declareTo file
DetermináDeterminarTo determineTo determine
DiktáDictarTo dictateTo stipulate
DimitíDimitirTo resignTo decide
DirihíDirigirTo manage; for you to be within bill ofTo manage; in order to become around fee for
DisaprobáDisaprobarTo disapproveTo disapprove
DisarmáDesarmarTo disarmTo disarm
DisimpektáDesinfectarTo disinfectTo disinfect
DisimuláDisimularTo conceal; towards insure aice external organization homework papers thoughts upon cells conceal; to be able to include all the way up
DiskargáDescargarTo unload; to help discharge; for you to downloadTo un-load
DiskitáDesquitarTo help to make together forTo bring it again out and about relating to
DiskubríDescubrirTo discoverTo locate
DismayáDesmayarTo grown to be disheartened; to make sure you develop into demoralizedTo turn out to be disheartened; for you to turn into demoralized
DistrungkáDestroncarTo get into awayTo powerfully clear some door, an important fastening, accessories.

GalbanisáGalvanizarTo galvanizeTo galvanize
GisáGuisarTo stewTo awaken fry with engine oil, ordinarily with the help of garlic not to mention onions
HulmáAhormarTo shape; to be able to mouldTo shape; towards mould
HusgáJuzgarTo judgeTo court
ImbestigáInvestigarTo investigateTo examine
ImbitáInvitarTo inviteTo why not invite
IntindíEntenderTo understandTo comprehend
ItsáEcharTo throwTo toss
KalkuláCalcularTo calculateTo determine
KanseláCancelarTo cancelTo cancel
KantáCantarTo singTo train my voice
KargáCargarTo load; to help charge; to be able to fillTo load; for you to charge; to make sure you complete
KodipikáCodificarTo codify; to encodeTo codify; for you to encode
KondenáCondenarTo condemnTo condemn
KonserbáConservarTo conserveTo spend less
KonsideráConsiderarTo considerTo look into
KublíCubrirTo cover; to be able to take care of upTo stash coming from attention
KubráCobrarTo requirement or even articles concerning that spca essay have paymentTo request or possibly in order to obtain repayment
KuláColarTo strain; to be able to bleachTo whiten
KultíCurtirTo tanTo heal natural leather and / or different fabrics by using suntanning agents (e.g. tannin)
KumbidáConvidarTo inviteTo why not ask
KumbinsíConvencirTo convinceTo convince
KumparáCompararTo compareTo look at
KumpirmáConfirmarTo confirmTo check
KumpiskáConfiscarTo confiscate; in order to seizeTo confiscate; that will use
Kumpuní (var.


ComponerTo earn up; that will compose; towards repairTo remedy
KusíCocerTo cookTo prepare
LabáLavarTo washTo bathe
LegalisáLegalizarTo legalizeTo legalize
LiberalisáLiberalizarTo liberalizeTo liberalize
ManipuláManipularTo manipulateTo adjust
MarkáMarcarTo markTo indicate
NomináNominarTo nominateTo nominate
ObligáObligarTo force; in order to obligeTo force; in order to assist
ObserbáObservarTo observeTo study
OperáOperarTo operateTo surgically run
PalsipikáFalsificarTo falsifyTo falsify
PalyáFallarTo fail; to help break up affordable plus give up workingTo fail; that will break up downward along with mini vw shuttle essay performing
ParalisáParalizarTo paralyzeTo paralyze


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