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 Marketing Plan Essay


Gjof Pearl Shake is a growing pearl shake business operating out of the Quezon Province. We all maintain this image by providing our customers quality product or service. Taste and quality happen to be two essential components keeping customers dedicated and coming back for more. After some analysis that we kept, pearl move product is not only a product to get occasional or perhaps seasonal, because even in rainy or winter season the weather was still being hot much like summer when ever there's no rainwater and customer always choose this kind of beverage for stimulating. Gjof Gem Shake is a cool flavored beverage mix with dark, spherical, chewy balls made from yam and tapioca known as Pearls. We are currently giving 20 distinct flavors to suit the unique taste preference from the local consumers. After three years of functioning the business of giving a high quality product of pearl shake to the customer we found out more often the customer are ordering our merchandise before and after they order for his or her meals like merienda's or lunch. To ensure that in that case, all of us encourage our business to become a mini restaurant where in we offer treasure shake concurrently offer them all their affordable food. This year 2013 is the plan to change our gem shake both to become Gjof's Shake in Luncheonette. Luncheonette is a little restaurant that serves simple and easily ready meals.

This kind of marketing strategy will emphasis to the requirements of the consumer to make all of them easier to get their meal. It is less of your time and effort to go to another restaurant to buy their food with the same price although a quality food. * Eyesight

Our Company bears the perspective of providing fun, heavenly appetizing, distinctively enchanting meals and beverage products while keeping our commitment to uncompromised quality at inexpensive rates with all the heartening purpose to focus on society's requirements, tastes and preferences rather than simply effective our clients to try and like whatever items we develop. * Quest

To provide the highest quality, most innovative and reasonably priced products in the drink industry. To continuously make awareness, fascination and desire to have our items resulting in repeated / repeat purchases. For being the leading Pearl Shake store in every element of Quezon Region going to all of the Philippines.

* Company objectives

To promote, protect and maintain Gjof's image at all times.

To make certain that each personnel will gives quality products and offer excellent service to all customers. To acquire one wall socket every year with a proper lay-out and income.

* Target audience

The target industry of the Gjof's Shake in Luncheonette are definitely the student as they are the one who also always such as kind of food, and also staff, those who have no time to go home to take their particular lunch and merienda. And also all types of people.

* Quality

Gjof Pearl Wring follows each of the phases of the development and production of the products to become sold. We ensure the coffee quality and the freshness of the organic material towards the finished products. Gjof Pearl Shake's believe that the quality is one of the assets in business. * Services

Because Gjof is also a buyer, we be familiar with satisfaction needed by the consumer, so our skilled personnel management crew and dedicated staff can be committed to putting the customer initial and achieving superiority in every thing we perform. * Careers

Office personnel:

Graduate of any business related/computer program.

With exceptional written & oral interaction skills,

Computer system proficient

Service crew:

18-25 years old, preferably college or university level (food related course is a great advantage), Happy to undergo considerable training

Can communicate in both Tagalog and British.

With knowledgeable in take out and restaurant is recommended.


18-25 years old, ideally college level

Willing to undergo extensive training

Can communicate in both Tagalog and English language.


20-40 years old, more suitable college level (food related course is definitely an advantage),...



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