Linux distribution kernel comparison essay

Technical models with Linux distributions incorporate sustain for unique computer products and additionally solutions or maybe software bundle constructions. Organizational disparities may perhaps end up being driven through past purposes. Several other conditions comprise of reliability, like the best way speedily stability advances can be available; convenience for arrangement management; and range for vacation packages accessible.

These event tables assess famous distribution's recent consistent release for wide-ranging goal considerations. Them should not even deal with just about every running anatomy's subjective benefits, branches proclaimed because shaky or beta, or do a comparison of Linux distributions together with some other operating systems.


The dining room table less than shows general tips in relation to the distributions: initiator and / or vendor, launching time frame, a recent version, and so.

Linux distributions promoted by means of this Free of cost Computer software Foundation1] are actually marked 100% Free according to a System supply commitment line.

Distribution Founder Maintainer Initial give off 12 months Current sturdy rendition Security changes (years) Release go out with System submission commitment Forked because of Target visitors Cost Status
Alpine LinuxAlpine Linux Squad Alpine Linux Crew 2006 3.102]?

2019-06-13 X LEAF Projectsecurity, compact, all round Gratis Active
ALT LinuxALT Linux Squad ALT Linux Organization, ALT Linux LLC 2001 8.23]?

2013-07-10 X Mandrake Linux general, institution Gratis Active
antiXAnticapitalista Anticapitalista 2007 17.4.14]?

Comparison from Linux & Home windows Computer itself Essay

2017-08-24 X Debian, MEPIS old portable computers Some versions will be gratis Active
ArchBangWillensky Aristide Stan McLaren 2010 RollingRolling? X Arch Linux general Gratis Active
Arch LinuxJudd Vinet dev team2002 RollingRollingRollingX Independent, prompted from CRUX general Gratis Active
BLAGBrixton Linux Linux division kernel comparability essay Crew Brixton Linux Steps Group 2002 140k ?

2011-05-04 100% Free: GNU FSDGFedoradesktop Gratis Inactive
Bodhi LinuxBodhi Linux Crew Bodhi Linux Party 2011 5.0.05]? 2018-08-22 X Debian, Ubuntu desktop, easily portable Gratis Active
CanaimaCANTV And CNTI Or CENTIDEL / Edelca And VIT And FUNDACITE Or No cost applications society CANTV And CNTI And CENTIDEL / Edelca Or VIT Or FUNDACITE Or No cost software society 2007 6.06]?

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2018-03-19 X Debian, Ubuntu Government regarding VenezuelaGratis Active
CentOSCentOS Job CentOS Work 2003 7.7-1909 10 years7]2019-09-17 X Red Cap Linux service kernel equivalence essay Linux (RHEL) server, workstation Gratis Active
ChakraJan Mette as well as Mid-foot ( arch ) Linux KDEmod designers The Chakra Challenge Staff 2010 RollingRolling?

X Arch The legal requirement is actually reason complimentary right from dream essays Gratis Active
Chrome OSSundar PichaiGoogle2009 75.0.3770.1299]6.5 years10]2019-07-09 X Chromium OSweb programs Gratis Active
ClearOSPeter Baldwin ClearFoundation 2000 7.6.011]?

2019-05-09 X RHEL, CentOS server, portal, 'network ' Some features happen to be gratis Active
CrunchBang LinuxPhilip Newborough Philip Newborough 2008 1112]?

2013-05-06 X Debian desktop Gratis Inactive
Damn Modest LinuxJohn Andrews dev team2003 4.4.1013]? 2008-11-18 X Debian, Knoppix lightweight, compact Gratis Active
DebianIan MurdockDebian Job 1993 10.114]~3 yearsg 1]2019-09-07 Debian Communal Arrangement together with DFSG (main can be 100% free of charge, non-free products are usually optional)15]Softlanding Linux Article 20 16 essay (SLS)16]general, server, desktop Gratis Active
Debian EduDebian Project 2004 9.0+edu017]~3 yearsg 1]2017-06-18 Debian Communal Written agreement as well as DFSGDebian schools Gratis Active
DevuanThe "Veteran Unix Admins" (VUA) The "Veteran Unix Admins" (VUA) 2016 2.0.018]?

2018-09-16 X 19]Debian general Gratis Active
DeepinWuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Deepin Engineering Co., Ltd. 2004 15.10.220]? 2019-07-05 ? Debian(unstable branch), Ubuntu, Morphix general Gratis Active
Dragora GNU/Linux-LibreMatias a Fonzo Matias A good.


2009 3.0-alpha221]? 2018-09-28 100% Free: GNU FSDGIndependent, influenced from Slackware general Gratis Active
dyne:bolicJaromil Jaromilx 2005 3.0.0 ?

Essay on Linux Running System

2011-09-08 100% Free: GNU FSDGDebianmultimedia Gratis Inactive
Elementary OSDaniel Foré elementary LLC 2011 5.022]? 2018-10-16 X Ubuntu, Debian general Gratis Active
ELinOSSYSGOSYSGO 1999 6.223]?

2017-10-01 X embedded systemsPartial Active
Emdebian GripEmbedded Debian Job Embedded Debian Challenge 2009 3.1 End-of-life 2013-06-15 X varsouviana inside some sort of streetcar termed desire essay embedded systemsGratis Inactive
EndeavourOSBryan Poerwoatmodjo EndeavourOS 2019 RollingRolling2019-07-15 X Arch Linux general Gratis Active
FedoraFedora ProjectFedora Challenge 2003 3124]1 month 2019-10-29 Fedora Licensing Guidelines25]Red Head wear Linux general Gratis Active, Inc.

PC/OpenSystems LLC 2001 4.826]? 2018-12-20 X Ubuntu desktop Gratis Active
Gentoo LinuxDaniel RobbinsGentoo Foundation, Inc. 2002 RollingRollingRollingGentoo Community Acquire Enoch Linux general Gratis Active
GuixLudovic Courtès Ludovic Courtès, Ricardo Wurmus, the particular Guix society 2012 1.0.127]Rolling2019-05-02 100% Free: GNU FSDGgeneral Gratis Active
gNewSenseBrian South america not to mention Robert O'Malley Sam Geeraerts through sponsorship coming from the actual FSF2006 4.0 (Ucclia)28]?

2016-05-02 100% Free: GNU FSDGDebiangeneral, server Gratis Active
gnuLinExRegional Federal with Extremaduradev team2002 LinEx 2013 ?

2013-02-11 X Debian desktop Gratis ser duncan the higher essay
GrmlMichael Prokop The Grml Party 2005 2018.1229]? 2018-12-31 X Debian live, repairs and maintenance, security measure, interact, forensic, accessibility Gratis Active
Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libreHyperbola Pioneers Hyperbola Pioneers 2017 0.330]3 many years (stable), 5 a long time (old stable)31]2019-09-23 100% Free: GNU FSDG observed in Hyperbola Sociable ContractArch Linux serial mindblowing content 2011 essay Gratis Active
Instant WebKioskMarco Buratto Binary Inner thoughts 2012 16.032]?

Feature Equivalence Amongst Replacement windows and additionally Linux

2017-04-05 X Debian web kiosks, a digital signs, own world-wide-web selection Gratis Active
Kali LinuxMax Moser, Mati Aharoni, Martin j Muench Offensive Secureness 2013 2019.233]? 2019-05-21 X Debian auditing, forensic, protection, system Gratis Active
KnoppixKlaus Knopperdev team2000 8.634]?

2019-08-08 X Debian live Gratis Active
KodibuntuThe XBMC Undertaking Team Kodi 2008 ? ? ? X Debian, Ubuntu multimedia Gratis Inactive
KororaChris Good Dev Crew 2005 2635]?

2017-09-16 X Fedora desktop Gratis Inactive
LibreCMCLibreCMC company LibreCMC staff 2010 1.4.836]? 2019-06-30 100% Free: GNU FSDGMerged with LibreWRT embedded systemsGratis Active
LinspireLinspire, Inc.

Linspire, Inc. 2001 7.0 SP137]? 2018-04-08 X Ubuntu? Commercial38]Active
Linux MintClement Lefebvre dev team2006 19.239]~3 many years (LMDE); 5 several years (main editions) 2019-08-02 X Debian(LMDE), Ubuntu (LTS versions) desktop Gratis Active
Linux LiteJerry Bezencon Linux En aning Company 2012 4.440]?

2018-11-01 X Ubuntudesktop Gratis Active
MageiaMageia Network 2010 7.141]1 time 2019-07-01 X Mandriva Linux general Gratis Active
Mandriva LinuxMandrakesoft S.A. Mandriva S.A. 1998 2011 ? 2011-08-28 X Red Crown Linux general Some editions can be gratis Inactive
Manjaro LinuxRoland Singer dev team201242]RollingRollingRollingX Arch Linux general Gratis Active
MEPISWarren Woodford MEPIS LLC 2003 11.9.90 ?

? X Debian desktop, server Gratis Inactive
Musix GNU+LinuxMusix squad Musix power team 2008 3.0.1 ? 2014-03-13 100% Free: GNU FSDGDebianmultimedia Gratis Active
NetrunnerBlue Systemsdev team2009 2018.0843]as every Debian Diagnostic tests or simply Manjaro (rolling) 2018-03-11 X Debian, Manjaro/Arch desktop Gratis Active
NixOSEelco Dolstra as well as Armijn Hemel NixOS Groundwork 2003 19.03 0.5 yrs 2019-05-02 older personnel essay general, server, desktop Gratis Active
Novell Open up Organization ServerNovellNovell, Inc.

dev team

2003 mozart wear giovanni essay 2018 SP1 ?

? X SUSE Linux Industry Serverserver Commercial44]Active
OpenELECStephan Raue, OpenELEC Team OpenELEC Group 2011 8.0.4 ? 2017-06-04 X Kodi multimedia Gratis Active
openSUSESUSE Linux, Novell openSUSE Project2006 Leap 15.145]3 years46]2019-05-22 X general, computer Gratis Active

OpenWrt team 2007 18.06.447]? 2019-07-01 X embedded systemsGratis Active
OpenMandriva LxOpenMandriva Connection OpenMandriva Correlation 2013 4.0 ?

2019-05-12 100% Free: GNU FSDGMandriva Linuxgeneral Gratis Active
Oracle LinuxOracle Business Oracle Company 2006 7.648]? 2018-11-07 X Red Chapeau Business enterprise Linux (RHEL) server Gratis Active
Parabola GNU/Linux-libreParabola HackersParabola Hackers2009 Rolling49]Rolling2017-05-28 100% Free: GNU FSDG used in Parabola Sociable ContractArch Linuxgeneral Gratis Active
PardusScientific and also Technological Study Council connected with Bulgaria (TÜBİTAK) TÜBİTAK 2005 17.550]?

2018-11-03 X Gentoo (2011.2)
general Gratis Active
ParsixAlan Baghumian Parsix Project2005 8.15 ?

2017-01-25 X Debian desktop Gratis Inactive
PCLinuxOSBill Reynolds dev team2003 2019.0651]Semi-rolling 2019-06-16 X Mandriva Linux desktop Gratis Active


Carl Ritchell System76 2017 19.10 ?

Kernel Distributions in Linux

2019-10-19 X Ubuntu desktop ,server ,laptop Gratis Active
PentooMichael Zanetta, Trent Farina, Jens Pranaitis Pentoo 2005 2019.1 ? 2019-01-17 X Gentoo Linux the factor regarding the skeletal technique essay, protection Gratis Active
PorteusFanthom Porteus 2010 4.052]?

2018-04-29 X Slackware lightweight, transportable Gratis Active
Puppy LinuxBarry Kauler Puppy Cosmetic foundation 2003 8.053]? 2019-04-11 X Independent, influenced from Vector linux lightweight, portable Gratis Active
Qubes OSJoanna RutkowskaInvisible Stuff Research laboratory 2012 4.0.154]?

2019-01-09 X Xen together with Fedora security simply by compartmentalization, desktop computer Gratis Active
Red Chapeau Industry Linux (RHEL) Red HatRed Loath 2002 8.0 10 years55]2019-05-07 X Red Chapeau Linux, Fedora server, linux division kernel comparison essay Commercial56]57]Active
Red Cap LinuxRed Baseball cap Red Ushanka 1995 9 ?

2003-03-31 X server, workstation Gratis Inactive
ROSA? LLC NTC The idea ROSA 2011 R1158]?

2019-03-15 X Mandriva server, overall Gratis Active
Rocks Cluster DistributionUCSD Supercomputing Centre, Clustercorp UCSD Supercomputing Centre, Clustercorp 2000 7.0 ? 2015-12-01 X Red Do not lik Linux server, workstation Gratis Active
Sabayon LinuxFabio Erculiani dev team2005 19.0359]?

2019-03-31 X Gentoo Linux general Gratis Active
Salix OSCyrille Pontvieux, George Vlahavas, Pierrick Le Brun, Thorsten Mühlfelder Salix team2009 14.2 ?

2016-08-29 X Slackwaregeneral Gratis ?
Scientific LinuxCERN, Fermilabdev team2004 7.660]? 2018-12-03 X Red Crown Linux, Reddish colored Loath Business venture Linux (RHEL) server, workstation Gratis Active
SlackwarePatrick Volkerdingdev team1993 14.261]?

2016-06-30 X Softlanding Linux Strategy (SLS)general Gratis Active
SlaxTomas Matejicek Tomas Matejicek 2002 9.9.162]?

2019-06-17 X Debian, Slackware (until Slax 9) live Gratis Active
SliTaz GNU/LinuxChristophe Lincoln subsequently dev team2008 RollingRolling2017-12-03 X Independent portable Gratis Active
SolusIkey Doherty dev team2005 RollingRolling2017-08-15 X desktop Gratis Active
SolydXKArjen Balfoort dev team2013 20190263]Debian deals while each Debian 2019-03-03 X Debian desktop Gratis Active

Sparky Linux group 2012 5.7.164]? 2019-04-03 X Debiangeneral, picture mmorpgs Gratis Active
Source Mage GNU/LinuxRyan Abrams, Eric Schabell dev team2002 0.62-11 ?

2017-10-22 Source Mage Social Essay on judicial activism throughout india Gratis Active
SteamOSValve CorporationValve Corporation2013 2.19565]?

2019-07-19 X Debianvideo video game titles Gratis Active
SUSE Linux EnterpriseSUSEMicrofocus2000 15SP1 ? 2017-09-07 X Slackware, Jurixworkstation, server ,supercomputer Commercial66]Active
Tails? Tails Growth Organization 2009 3.14.267]g 2]2019-06-23 X Debian security-focused focused designed for anonymity and even personal privacy what is without a doubt the democrat the things is usually some sort of republican article essay Active linux distribution kernel consideration essay Main LinuxRobert Shingledecker Team Miniature Foremost 2009 10.1 ?

2019-01-20 X Independent, moved out of Really Smaller Linux portable Gratis Active
Tor-ramdiskAnthony You have g.


dev team2008 20170130 ? 2017-01-30 X Gentoo Linux Inlayed, uClibcTor server Gratis Active
Trisquel GNU/LinuxRubén Rodríguez Pérez (quidam) Rubén Rodríguez Pérez (quidam) 2005 8.0g 3]5 yrs 2018-04-18 100% Free: GNU FSDGUbuntu LTS desktop Gratis Active
TurnKey GNU/LinuxAlon Swartz, Liraz Siri TurnKey GNU/Linux Squad 2008 15.x68]Debian bundles because each Debian; TurnKey vacation packages with regard to life for active serious variant (plus backports for each request) 2019-06-28 Debian Public Get in addition to DFSGDebian server based upon applications home appliance library endeavoring that will harmony protection as well as easiness involving apply Gratis Active
Ubuntu and also Derivatives69]Canonical Ltd.Canonical Ltd.

2004 19.1070]Standard lets go of 1 season, LTS frees 5 years.

Comparison Concerning Your windows program Plus Linux Essay

Quality LTS lets out 3 or perhaps 5 quite a few years.

2019-10-17 X Debian general, server, computer advice, supercomputer, IBM mainframeGratis Active
Univention Essay about panhala fort for marathi poem ServerUnivention GmbH Univention GmbH 2004 4.471]up to 6 calendar months designed for the adventure connected with he brennan figure essay zero cost Foremost Edition; in case protection is without a doubt procured, it's up so that you can 7 several years, see:72]2019-03-12 X madding bunch show essay home, business, and additionally classes Core Option is actually gratis Active
UtutoDiego Saravia, Daniel Olivera UTUTO dev squad 2000 XS 2012 ?

2012-04-27 100% Free: GNU FSDGUtuto XS: Gentoo Linux, Ututo UL: Ubuntugeneral Gratis Active
VectorLinuxRobert Vertisements. Lange dev team1999 VL 7.273]?

2017-08-28 X Slackware desktop Gratis ?
Void LinuxJuan Romero Pardines Juan RP and contributors 2008 RollingRolling2017-10-07 X Independent, partially inspired from FreeBSD/NetBSD general Gratis Active
WebconvergerKai Hendry Webconverger Modest 2007 35.0 ?

2016-05-19 X Debian kiosk applications, digital camera signageCommercial


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