7 Philosophies

 7 Sagesse Research Paper

The Eight Moral Sagesse

Compare and Contrast Research Paper

Terence A. Betts


Instructor: Kimber Cramer

Davenport University or college

The textbook breaks down eight philosophies used in business decisions; they are Teleology, Egoism, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Relativist, Virtue values, and Proper rights. In this conventional paper I will define each of the eight listed and compare and contrast so that it is clear to decipher each one through the other. Also I will offer an example of every single philosophy to aid provide further clarity.

The first of the seven philosophies I will be discussing can be Teleology. Teleology is defined in exactly where an act is considered appropriate if the result or result is a wanted one. Therefore if something does not profit an individual or maybe a group then they will ordinarily have nothing to do with that. Teleology looks at things for moral worth by analyzing its outcomes. Present day philosophers refer to these types of theories while consequentialism.

Teleology has two major philosophies used in making decisions business, that happen to be Egoism and Utilitarianism. Egoism can be defined as the concern for your own interest and well being in the basis of morality. This philosophy can be quite negative simply because you as an individual value your wellness, which can be regarded as being self-centered. However , we have a side of egoism that could be looked as positive which is called enlightened egoism. Enlighten egoism consider the well being of others but they set their interest ahead of anything else. Enlighten egoist, for example may possibly tell on the co-worker that is certainly taking funds from the business for the purpose of conserving their firm from fraud.

The other philosophy beneath Teleology can be utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is defined as the concern for promoting the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. The two egoism and utilitarianism are worried with outcomes. However utilitarianism is concerned with individuals as a whole, in contrast to egoist who is concerned with their particular consequences. You will find two types of utilitarianism that are rule utlilitarians and work utilitarians. Secret utilitarians decide behavior on such basis as principles or perhaps rules. Action utilitarians go through the specific activities instead of the rules leading this (Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell, 2011). A Rule utilitarian for instance a lawyer may well have an significant court date but can be running past due. The lawyer believes it can be ethically appropriate to arrive at the court time on time because the lawyer provides a client that has to have his therapies. The legal professional believes this individual should stick to the law and but this individual feels it is ethical pertaining to him for making it to the court time. Act utilitarians will look with this situation and know the rules but will really not attention and do what must be done to make the court date.

The fourth philosophy is definitely Deontology. Deontology is the ethical theory that is concerned with responsibilities and rights. Contrast to utilitarianism, deontology believes that you have certain things that we ethically should not perform even if the end result was to improve effectiveness. By way of example a deontologist may be caught up on an area with several people with zero food and so they would rather deprive to death then to turn to cannibalism because they experience it is dishonest. So they will rather expire than comment such an work. Deontologist also believes that folks have the freedom of conversation, freedom of privacy and due process. One of the champions of deontology was Immanuel Kant. Having been an excellent thinker who had wonderful works in ethics, (Kraft, 2010). In comparing and contrasting, utilitarians, deontologists are both divided by rules and acts. Rule deontologist feels that conventionality to general moral ideology determines ethicalness. Act deontologist wants to make use of egalitarianism, proper rights and impartiality in decision making. Act deontologist and work utilitarians observe rules only as standards. Also to include, one difference between deontology and...

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