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PHYSICS (Theory)

Time allowed: three or more hours

Optimum Marks: 75

General Recommendations:


All questions are compulsory.

(ii) You will discover 30 inquiries in total. Concerns 1 to 8 are very short answer type questions and carry one particular marks each.

(iii) Queries 9 to 18 hold two signifies each, questions 19 to 27 take three marks each and questions twenty-eight to 30 carry five marks each.

(iv) There is not any overall decision. However , an internal choice has become provided in one question of two markings, one issue of 3 marks and three concerns of five markings each. You will need to attempt only 1 of the presented choices in such inquiries. (v) Make use of calculators is usually not authorized. However , you might use journal tables if necessary. (vi) You could use the pursuing physical constants wherever required: c sama dengan 3 Г— 108 m/s

h = 6. 63 × 10–34 Js

e = 1 ) 6 × 10–19 C

µ0 sama dengan 4π × 10–7 To mA–1

Nm 2


= 9 Г— 109


4ПЂОµ 0

myself = on the lookout for. 1 × 10–31 kilogram



1 )

A point charge Q is placed at level O since shown in the figure. Is the potential difference VA – VB positive, negative or perhaps zero, if Q can be (i) great (ii) bad?


A plane electromagnetic wave journeys in vacuum pressure along z-direction. What can you say about the direction of electrical and permanent magnetic field vectors?


A resistance R is connected across a cell of emf Оµ and inner resistance r. A potentiometer now actions the potential difference between the terminals of the cellular as V. Write the expression for 'r' in terms of Оµ, V and R.


The permeability of a permanent magnet material is 0. 9983. Name the type of magnetic components it presents.


Present graphically, the variation of the de-Broglie wavelength (О») while using potential (V) through which a great electron is definitely accelerated coming from rest.


In a receptor, doping level in basic is improved slightly. How can it affect (i) extractor current and (ii) foundation current?



Specify the term 'wattless current'.



Once monochromatic lumination travels from one medium to a new its wavelength changes but frequency remains the same, Explain.


Two uniformly large parallel skinny plates having charge densities +σ and –σ will be kept inside the X-Z planes at a distance 'd' apart. Design an equipotential surface due to electric discipline between the china. If a molecule of mass m and charge '-q' remains fixed between the plates, what is the magnitude and direction on this field?


2 .





being unfaithful.


Two small similar electrical dipoles AB and CD, every single of dipole moment 'p' are to

kept at an angle of 120 as displayed in the figure. What is the resultant dipole moment



of this combination? In the event that this system is definitely subjected to electric power field ( E ) directed along + Back button direction, and what will be the magnitude and direction of the torque acting on this?





A magnetic hook free to rotate in a straight plane parallel to the permanent magnetic meridian provides its north tip straight down at 60В° with the horizontal. The lateral component of the earth's magnet field with the place is known to be zero. 4 G. Determine the magnitude of the earth's permanent magnetic field in the place.


Figure shows two identical capacitors, C1 and C2, each of just one ВµF capacitance connected to a battery of 6 Versus. Initially move 'S' is closed. After sometime 'S' is kept open and dielectric slabs of dielectric constant T = three or more are put to complete completely the space between the discs of the two capacitors. How will the (i) charge and (ii) potential difference between plates from the capacitors become affected following the slabs happen to be inserted?


Two convex lenses of same central length although of aperture A1 and A2 (A2 < A1), are used since the objective contacts in two astronomical telescopes having similar eyepieces. Precisely what is the ratio of all their resolving electricity? Which telescope will you like and so why? Give reason.


Pull the output waveform at Back button, using the given inputs A and B for the logic signal shown listed below....



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