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We operate our business in five segments: Windows & Windows Live Division, Storage space and Tools, Online Providers Division, Ms Business Split, and Entertainment and Gadgets Division. The segments present management having a comprehensive financial view of the key businesses. The portions enable the alignment of strategies and objectives throughout the development, product sales, marketing, and services agencies, and they give a framework for timely and rational portion of creation, sales, marketing, and solutions resources inside businesses. House windows & Glass windows Live Split

Windows & Windows Live Division (" Windows Division”) has general responsibility for development and marketing of the Windows os, Windows Live and Ie. Windows Section revenue development is largely correlated to the regarding the PERSONAL COMPUTER market, factory-like equipment producer (" OEM”) distribution funnel accounts for roughly 80% of total Home windows Division income. In addition to PC marketplace changes, Windows OEM income is impacted by: hardware marketplace changes driven by adjustments between appearing markets and developed marketplace, consumer Personal computers and business PCs, plus the impact of lower cost mini netbook PCs; the attachment of Windows to PCs sent and within inventory amounts within the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING channel; and pricing changes and offers, the prices variation linked to OEM channel shifts from local and regional program builders to large, international OEMs, and other pricing elements. Windows Department offerings incorporate premium and standard release Windows operating systems and on the net software and services through Windows Live. Premium House windows operating systems are those that include additional functionality and are bought at a price over our common editions. Services and products: Windows os: Windows several, including House Basic, Residence Premium, Specialist, Ultimate, Venture, and Starter Edition; House windows Vista, which includes Home Fundamental, Home Premium, Ultimate, Organization, Enterprise and Starter Release; and Windows XP Home. Windows Live package of applications and world wide web services. Competition

The Windows operating system confronts competition by various industrial software items offered by wellestablished companies, which includes Apple and Google, and from the Apache operating system. Apache is derived from Unix and is available without payment under a Average person License. Lovers such as Hewlett-Packard and Intel have been definitely working with substitute Linux-based systems. The Home windows operating system as well faces competition from alternative platforms and new equipment that may decrease consumer demand for PCs. Consumer and usage volumes on mobile devices are increasing all over the world relative to the PC. Competition such as Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Ie Software Firm offer application that competes with the World wide web browsing functions of Internet Explorer, a component with the Windows main system. Our operating-system products remain competitive effectively by delivering progressive software, supplying customers decision and flexibility, a familiar, easy-to-use program, compatibility having a broad range of hardware and software applications, and the greatest support network for virtually any operating system. Windows Live application and providers compete with Google, Yahoo!, and a wide array of Sites and sites that provide connection and writing tools and services. Hardware and Tools

Server and Tools evolves and market segments server computer software, software creator tools, providers, and solutions that are designed to produce information technology specialists and programmers and their systems more effective and efficient. Server applications are integrated hardware infrastructure and middleware made to support software applications built within the Windows Hardware operating system and includes the server system, database, storage area, management and operations, service-oriented architecture program, security and identity software....



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