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Advertising Plan – Sony Ps 4

PlayStation 4 Promoting Plan

Publisher: Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg Type: 1 . 0 Date: 26. 01. 2010

Toni Hoang, Tim vonseiten Oldenburg


Marketing Strategy – Sony PlayStation 4

Table of Contents

Site 1 . Regarding the company installment payments on your Internal research 2 . 1 ) General analysis 2 . installment payments on your SWOT analysis 2 . a few. Predecessor research 3. Exterior analysis three or more. 1 . INFESTATION analysis several. 2 . Porter's 5 forces 3. 3. Competitors a few. 3. 1 . Nintendo several. 3. 2 . Microsoft several. 3. several. PC several. 4. Customer analysis 4. Marketing Mix 4. 1 . Product information 4. 2 . Price four. 3. Circulation 4. some. Promotion four. 4. 1 Marketing devise and emblem 4. 5. Marketing Targets 5. Evaluation and Control Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg 21 22 -23 4 4 5 six 7 7 8 10 11 doze 13 13 17 seventeen 18 19 20

Promoting Plan – Sony Playstation 3 or xbox 4

1 ) About the company

Sony Computer Entertainment, Incorporation. Branch: Video Entertainment Research & Advancement Hardware and Software Game development studio

• •

Subsidiary of Sony Company • • • 2nd-largest japanese consumer electronics company Main business: entertainment electronics Motto: " generate. believe”

Objective Statement: " to become a leading global company of network consumer electronics, entertainment and companies. "

Toni Hoang, Harry von Oldenburg


Advertising Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

2 . Internal evaluation

We begins with a further more review on our company to make a knowledge basic by providing many information and analyses in order to understand the pursuing content better. At first, a general overview regarding the Volvo Corporation will be given. It truly is followed by the SWOT research and a quick review for the predecessor, this ps3 3.

installment payments on your 1 Standard

Brand recognition • • Place twenty nine in world-wide brand value ranking Place 3, in back of Nokia and Samsung, in the segment " Consumer Electronics” • Popular products ◦ VAIO notebook computers ◦ Playstation 3 or xbox and PlayStation Portable ◦ DVD players, HiFi, TV Former Sony slogans and statements • • • " Exclusive. Stylish. VAIO” " Cellular Excellence” " eco …” ◦ Item ◦ Method ◦ Globe • " Turn concepts into reality”

Toni Hoang, Tim vonseiten Oldenburg


Marketing Strategy – Volvo PlayStation some Revenue, headcount and number of sales • • $78. 8 , 000, 000 of revenue in 2009, which is $2. several million lower than in 2008 Number of sales decreased last year due to slowdown of the global economy • Plans for 2010: Decrease loss by executing further inner restructuring • Headcount: 171. 300 since March 23, 2009

Ideas for 2010 – Restructuring • • • Consolidating of TV style and production divisions Combining of LCD TELEVISION and electric battery division Headcount reduction of 30% in TV section ◦ simply no changes in SCEI • Paycut for managers and owners

The objective is to lower costs by 250 billion dollars Yen this season.

Toni Hoang, Tim vonseiten Oldenburg


Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation four

2 . a couple of SWOT research

SWOT research is a ideal planning technique used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or stuck in a job business venture. It involves indicating the objective of the company venture or perhaps project and identifying the interior and exterior factors which might be favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. Considering that the SWOT analysis has interior factors plus the external elements also require internal modifications, we chosen to include the SWOT analysis in the internal analysis. Strengths – high quality items: the predecessors of the Ps 4 constantly got the best test results for components performance – " on the edge” -- support of new technologies (BluRay) – free online gaming – PlayStation Network Store for downloadable articles (gameplay video clips, game demonstration versions) Disadvantages – higher price in comparison to each of our competitors – difficulties relating to game development (complicated hardware architecture) Options – one of a kind, PlayStation 4-only exclusive games – movement control to focus on casual gamers (especially women) – growing countries with improving living standards...



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