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During the brief story by Tim O'Brien " The items They Carried” Lieutenant Jimmy Cross experience physical and emotional discomforts due to the Vietnam War. For war, Lt. Cross bears a love for a woman named Martha. One of the things he carries is a picture of her so he can reminisce about the days he spent with her. Not only does Luxury touring. Cross carry a physical picture of Martha, he also provides the emotions he feels about her in the mind. Jimmy Cross want Martha whether it was not for the war in the way and knows that he'd be there for her within life. Living Jimmy lives right now will not have moment for Martha due to war. In another life Luxury touring. Cross would be the one that would want her. The protagonist Lieutenant Jimmy Cross marches throughout the Vietnam, along with all of the additional American soldiers, to achieve American happiness because of their ally. Together Cross marches through the discomfort he bares for Martha trying to get completed with the warfare to succeed happiness for him self with Martha. Tim O'Brien uses designs of mental bearing appreciate and physical actions because of the consequences of war to exhibit how Luxury touring. Jimmy Get across transforms coming from a schoolgirl to a innovator.

Carrying pounds of ammo, daily supplies, and meals can ponder down any person. Lt. Mix, smothered simply by carrying pounds of products, begins the war together with the innocent way of thinking as a schoolboy. Jimmy Get across finds himself in a new environment in which men perish rather than the typical tests and poems he considers seeking pretty and sounding pretty to read. Throughout the Vietnam Luxury touring. Cross locates himself within an ugly warfare environment. At the start of the conflict, Cross provides a strong devotion towards Martha, better referred to as an passion. By the end of the war, his affection offers waned away. Throughout his time of warfare he witnesses a major eliminating within the platoon. The loss of life of Ted Lavender provides an impressive new way Lt. Get across would perform himself. This is certainly an action that will signify the letting proceed of an...



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