Antigone: Total Power Corrupts

 Antigone: Total Power Corrupts Essay

" Power corrupts, and total power corrupts absolutely, " said Master Acton ages ago. Inside the Greek misfortune Antigone, authored by Sophocles, there were a character called Kreon, the antagonist, who had been the ruler of Thebes. Thebes was an autocratic state where Kreon got absolute electricity. Throughout the course of the play, Kreon mistreated his advantage of overall power; which caused him to go through greatly, despite the fact that he was warned by a people of his bad deeds. What Sophocles commented upon absolute power was that one should not mistreatment it. Whether it was mistreated, he or she had to expect negative consequences. It was indicated by what happened to Kreon when he abused his power.

Kreon settled a decree that prohibited any individual from burying Polyneices' corpse. He was pleased with his decree, and this individual also stated that he would be a good king by listening to what people said with regards to his decisions. When the rule was busted by Antigone, Kreon sentenced her to death. This angered the gods because they wished the dead body of Polyneices buried, and they did not require a live body system (that of Antigone) left in a cave. Kreon was told by simply Haimon to modify his head, but Kreon rejected his request and went in advance and left Antigone with your life. Teiresias warned Kreon which the gods had been angry great actions may be blamed. Kreon rejected both Haimon's ask for and Teiresias' warning, and as a result, he suffered in the end. Initially of the play, Antigone and Ismene were found fighting about if Polyneices' human body should be hidden. Antigone wished to bury her brother's body system, but Ismene objected because she declared they should certainly not disobey Kreon, who had absolute power and had prohibited Polyneices' burial (26-80). Ismene indicated that the citizens of Thebes did not care to to go against what Kreon decreed. Each of them knew that if they objected to Kreon, punishment would be the effect. In the perform, Kreon was first found handling the senate as to what sort of ruler ought to rule his state. This individual said...



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