Perceptions and Behaviorsweek3

 Attitudes and Behaviorsweek3 Dissertation

Attitudes and


Grace L. Candreva

Dr . Michelle Provide

December six, 2014

Behaviors and Perceptions

Attitudes are evaluations persons make

regarding objects, tips, events, or perhaps other


пЃЅ Thinking are either positive or perhaps negative.

Specific attitudes will be conscious beliefs that

guide individuals with making decisions and


пЃЅ Implicit attitudes are unconscious morals

that also influence tendencies.

пЃЅ Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral.


Example of Perceptions

The sort of an attitude is definitely: Ken is convinced

that smoking cigarettes is not a healthy behavior, and this individual

feels absolutely disgusted when friends smoking

around him or around him, and does not

associate inside the situations wherever others

smoke cigarettes.

пЃЅ Based upon the situation, thinking do

decide the actions in some situations.


Influence of Tendencies on


Behavior also can affect thinking. This is

evidenced by the foot-in-the-doorphenomenon and role-playing effect. пЃЅ People are usually more likely to accept to

difficult demand if they have already agreed

on the much easier a single.

пЃЅ Example: Joan is much more agreeable to

let her sister employ her car for the day, if perhaps her

sister persuades her to use her red dress

and shoes or boots for an essential date.


The Function Playing Impact


Persons can internalize the jobs they enjoy,

and therefore changing attitudes to " fit” the role.

Case: Philip Zimbardos' prison research, where a

certain role may have affect. In this particular

study, he previously volunteers enjoy prison guards. All

method of dress, protecting weapon including clubs

and also whistles were provided. These people were the

" enforcers” of the rules. The roles displayed by

the volunteers had been aggressive and harsh. The

" prisoners” also performed their role and fell apart

emotionally, became edgy, and some had been


Negative and Positive Effects of Social

Cognition with Behaviors and Attitudes

Learning theory lets us know that thinking can

always be formed and changed with learning

guidelines. Classical fitness, Operant

conditioning, and Findings.

пЃЅ Traditional Conditioning Ex: On a publication

cover an auto dvd unit displays a gorgeous gown,

when ever seen this elicits a wonderful response.

Consequently , the individual can form a good

attitude concerning the magazine as well as the



Dissonance Theory



Leon Festinger (1957) clarifies that individuals will

change their very own attitude when such that usually do not

match up with others. The point behind his theory was

that people will experience idea when their particular

cognitions battle with one another. This kind of always ends up

being a state of unrest and pressure. In order to reduce

this stress people will attempt to change their particular attitudes.

Case: There is a number of students doing a team

hard work on kid abuse. They are arguing and discussing

the pros and downsides of treatment. After a specific amount

of time, Joanne who is emoting her adamant against the

idea depending on the degree, eventually gives in

though she is against it emphatically in the beginning.

Summary Social Norms and Interpersonal Roles


These are society's rules which will exist intended for

appropriate behaviours. These are centered for

almost every scenario. Some are specific, and

are made into laws, and others are implicit or

unconsciously adopted. Social Jobs are wherever

behavior patterns are appropriate in a particular

framework. Men and women are told how they are

expected to behave in public. In essence if these types of

roles aren't followed, they have a tendency to feel very

uneasy and are looked straight down upon simply by others. Yet

these position requirements may change over time in






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