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Establish risk context

Review organisational processes, methods and requirements for starting risk management Identify scope pertaining to risk management process

Identify internal and external stakeholders and their issues Review political, economical, social, legal, technological and policy framework Review pros and cons of existing arrangements

Document critical achievement factors, desired goals or targets for area included in scope Obtain support for risk management activities

Get in touch with relevant get-togethers about the risk management procedure and bring participation

Determine risks

Bring relevant parties to assist inside the identification of risks Research risks that may apply to range

Use equipment and ways to generate a directory of risks that apply to the scope, in consultation with relevant celebrations

Analyse dangers

Assess probability of risks occurring

Assess influence or result if hazards occur

Assess and prioritise risks for treatment

Select and implement therapies

Determine and select most appropriate alternatives for treating risks Develop an action policy for implementing risk treatment

Talk risk management procedures to relevant parties

Ensure almost all documentation is in order and appropriately kept Implement and monitor plan of action

Examine risk management procedure

communication and literacy expertise to consult and negotiate, to organize communications regarding risk management, also to encourage stakeholder involvement

organisational and supervision skills to plan and implement risk management processes

problem-solving and development skills to look for practical methods to manage determined risks

AS/NZS ISO 31000: 2009 Risk Management - Rules and Suggestions

legislation, codes of practice and nationwide standards, by way of example: duty of care

company law

deal law

environmental law

independence of information

industrial relations regulation

privacy and confidentiality

laws relevant to organisation's operations

legislation relevant to procedure as a business entity

organisational policies and procedures, which includes:

risk management technique

policies and procedures intended for risk management

overall operations of organisation

reasonable adjustment at work for people with a disability

types of...



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