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п»їCest la strive NativeВ AmericanВ InfluencesВ onВ ModernВ U. S. В CultureВ WhenВ theВ firstВ EuropeansВ cameВ toВ theВ NorthВ AmericanВ continent, В theyВ encounteredВ theВ completelyВ newВ culturesВ ofВ theВ NativeВ American. В PeoplesВ ofВ NorthВ America, В NativeВ Americans, В whoВ hadВ highlyВ developedВ culturesВ inВ manyВ respects, В mustВ haveВ beenВ asВ curiousВ aboutВ them. В AsВ alwaysВ happensВ whenВ twoВ orВ moreВ culturesВ comeВ intoВ contact, В thereВ wasВ aВ culturalВ exchange. В NativeВ AmericansВ adoptedВ someВ ofВ theВ Europeans" ways”, В andВ theВ EuropeansВ adoptedВ someВ ofВ theirВ ways. В AsВ aВ result, В NativeВ AmericansВ haveВ madeВ manyВ valuableВ contributionsВ toВ modernВ U. S. В culture, В particularlyВ inВ theВ areasВ ofВ language, В art, В food, В andВ government. В FirstВ ofВ all, В nativeВ AmericansВ leftВ aВ permanentВ markВ onВ theВ EnglishВ language. В TheВ earlyВ English-speakingВ settlersВ borrowedВ fromВ severalВ differentВ NativeВ AmericanВ languagesВ wordsВ forВ placesВ inВ thisВ newВ land. В AllВ acrossВ theВ countryВ areВ cities, В towns, В rivers, В andВ statesВ withВ nativeВ AmericanВ names.…...



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