Management and Motivational Theory

 Leadership and Motivational Theory Essay

A Question of Motivation

Florence Adepoju, Traci Howard, Ashley Jackson, & Nadia Syahmalina BMGT 364: Management and Organization Theory

Professor Steiger

September 3, 2012


The truth study, A Question of Inspiration, explores the different types of leadership variations that affect the motivation with the employee. Jonathan and Dan have two different managerial styles. Jonathan, a supervisor in the superstore, varies the duties of his subordinates (Robbins & Judge). In comparison, Dan, the other manager in the case examine, prefers consistent routine and station faithfulness with a give attention to repetitiveness (Robbins et al). The depiction of Jonathan in the case examine is that of a supervisor that is well liked and even more hands off. As such, everybody at the supermarket wants to work for him (Robbins et al). Dan, however, is portrayed as caustic and a stickler to get 30-minute lunch break breaks (Robbins et al). The leading part of the case analyze is Alex and his friend, Stephanie. Alex works beneath the supervision of Dan and Stephanie is definitely Jonathan's worker. Alex is depicted while unhappy and frustrated, when Stephanie is spirited and motivated. Through Maslow's Pecking order of Demands, Equity Theory, Hersey Blanchard Theory of Leadership, and the Path-Goal Theory of Management, this newspaper will examine the administration styles of Jonathan and Lalu and how each style impact on the inspiration of their staff, Stephanie and Alex. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is known as a theory that shows the relationship of an employee's personal should the employee's work, and how the employee's personal requires are pleased within their assigned work (Gawel, 1997). It provides five types of demands, which are provided in order of satisfaction: physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization (Certo & Certo, 2012). As these needs happen to be examined, my conclusions will show how Stephanie's needs are being achieved while Alex's needs are certainly not. 1 . The first require is a person's physical one that comes with basic requires like being hungry, thirst, and shelter. The two Stephanie and Alex's physical needs are met by their ability to partake in lunch destroys, have a posture that allows all of them flexible work hours, and ultimately working at the food store that provides them with an income. 2 . The safety will need can also be shown for both Stephanie and Alex. They are provided with literally safe operating environments, and wages that manage to cover their meals and real estate. On the other hand, Alex's emotional safety is in query. He needs to deal with his manager, Dan's, verbal abuse. This is viewed when Kemudian infers that Alex is lazy and dumb to take a 30-minute lunch break. 3. Cultural needs are depicted being a person's capability to be approved among co workers as well as buyers, and their capability to acquire friendships (Certo & Certo, 2012). Stephanie's has proved to do this through her friendship with Alex, her positive marriage with her manager, plus the opportunity to connect to customers on the culinary middle. Unfortunately, Alex has not been that lucky. He was able to become friends with Stephanie, but lacks acknowledgement and belongingness from Kemudian. Alex frequently notices he is given precisely the same mundane responsibilities from day to day, although his colliege Denise works in different regions of the store and it is paid even more. This goes to demonstrate that Alex is not fully approved at work. some. Esteem requires are also key point in the hierarchy of requirements concept. This can be shown through respect by others and self-respect. Jonathan gives Stephanie the admiration she requirements by assigning her to be able to duties every week and by providing her the chance to achieve a objective of selling 10 containers of truffle oil. This in turn builds her self-esteem. Alex is much less lucky even though. Dan frequently belittles him in front of others much like the condition that happened on his lunch break. This...



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