Contrast of Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl” and John Updike's "A&P”

 Contrast of Jamaica Kincaid’s «Girl and John Updike’s »AP Essay

Contrast of Jamaica Kincaid's " Girl” and John Updike's " A& P”

" A& P” and " Girl” both represented the protagonists' oppression simply by an older, more knowledgeable generation. Nevertheless , Kincaid's " Girl” was artistic with an undercurrent of selfless love and hope when Updike's " A& P” was uninspiring with selfishness and lust. The protagonist of " Girl” disappointed her little girl's dreams away of love. The protagonist of " A & P” encouraged the antagonists' away of a self-centered desire for self-promotion. The short story " Girl” simply by Jamaica Kincaid was a bittersweet warning by a mom to her little girl. The reader is definitely experiencing the viewpoint of the leading part through the soliloquy of her mother's recommendations that batter her like bugs smacking the car windows. This scolding reminds me of conversations with my own grandma. The author won't use periods or capital letters to represent the endless barrage of words, that i mistakenly perceived as nagging at my first assessment. A second browsing brought about emotions of compassion in the lament of a regretful mother's memories; this reminded me of my own mixed awareness of past conversations with family. I actually enjoyed the mother's tries to convey her own encounter in life through her instructions on how to carry out mundane tasks. When the mom in the story says, " Wash the white outfits on Mon and put these people in the natural stone heap” identifies laundry, " Cook pumpkin fritters in very hot nice oil, and " Soak salt seafood before you cook it” refers to food preparation (Kincaid 541). Following repeated safety measures to her little girl against going for walks like " the whore you are so bent upon becoming”, I actually felt compassion for the mother's obvious experience with a tough life because she explains making remedies " to throw away a kid before it even turns into a child”, and " bullying and staying bullied by a man” (Kincaid 542). We wondered in case the mother had been raped. My personal favorite reference in revenge was her instructions to " spit in the air if you believe like it”, and " how to...

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