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Edmond Dantès, a handsome, promising young sailor, skillfully docks the three-masted French deliver, the Pharaon, in Marseilles after it is captain passed away en route residence. As a prize, Dantès is usually promised a captainship, but before he can declare his fresh post and be married to his fiancée, Mercédès', a conspiracy of 4 jealous and unsavory guys arrange for him to be seized and secretly imprisoned in solitary confinement in the notorious Chateau d'If, a prison from where no one provides ever escaped. The several men accountable are: 1 ) Fernand Mondego, who is envious of Mercédès' love for Dantès; installment payments on your Danglars, the purser of the Pharaon, who have covets Dantès' promised captainship; 3. Caderousse, an unprincipled neighbor; and

4. Villefort, a prosecutor who sees that Dantès is usually carrying a letter resolved to Villefort's father; the old man can be described as Bonapartist who would probably be imprisoned by the present royalist plan were it does not for his son's, Villefort's, influence. Villefort fears, yet , that this page might harm his personal position, so he ensures, he believes, that no-one ever listens to about either Dantès or perhaps the letter again. For many years, Dantès barely exists in his tiny, isolated cell; he almost loses his mind wonderful will to have until eventually he listens to a many other prisoner burrowing nearby. This individual too starts digging, and soon this individual meets a well used Abbé who also knows the whereabouts of your immense good fortune, one that used to belong to a great immensely prosperous Italian family. Dantès and the Abbé continue digging for many years, and in the Abbé, Dantès learns background, literature, science, and languages, but when finally they are nearly free, the Abbé passes away. Dantès hides his physique, then sews himself in the Abbé's burial sack. The guards appear, carry the sack outside, and heave the entire body far out to sea. Dantès manages to flee and is picked up by a shipful of smugglers, whom he joins right up until he can identify the island where treasure is definitely hidden. If he finally finds it, he could be staggered by immensity of its wealth. And when this individual emerges into society again, he is the very rich and intensely handsome Rely of Mazo Cristo. Mucchio Cristo has two desired goals — to reward people who were kind to him and his aging father, and punish all those responsible for his imprisonment. Pertaining to the latter, he plans slow and agonizing punishment. To acquire spent 14 years barely subsisting in a dungeon demands cruel and prolonged abuse. As Bosque Cristo, Dantès ingeniously manages to be introduced to the cream of Parisian society, among whom he goes unknown. But Bosque Cristo, as opposed, recognizes all of his foes — most now prosperous and important men. Fernand has wedded Mercédès and is also now known as Count de Morcerf. Monte Cristo releases information for the press that proves that Morcerf is actually a traitor, and Morcerf is definitely ruined socially. Then Mazo Cristo ruins Morcerf's relationship with his relatives, whom he adores. Whenever they leave him, he is so distraught that he sets himself. To revenge himself on Danglars, who adores money above all else, Monte Cristo ruins him financially. To revenge himself on Caderousse, Monte Cristo easily traps Caderousse because of his insatiable greed, after that watches as one of Caderousse's cohorts murders him. To payback himself about Villefort, Mazo Cristo slowly and gradually reveals to Villefort that he knows about a romance that Villefort had in the past with the present Madame Danglars. He as well reveals to him, by hints, that he is aware of an illegitimate child whom he fathered, a child which Villefort thought that he buried alive. The child existed, however , and is also now interested to Danglars' daughter, who may be the bogus young mans half-sister. Actually, Villefort's better half proves...



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