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n Tea was present in China in 2737 BC. Its acceptance spread to Japan, other regions of Asia and The european countries, before Philip Stuyvesant introduced it to America in 1650. There are six types of tea: dark; green; white; yellow; oolong and pu-erh, and according to the United Nations Foodstuff and Farming Organization, a lot more than 3 mil tons of tea is developed annually; the majority of it from China, India, Kenya, Sri-Lanka and Turkey. Tea is given away through full, wholesale and distribution stations. Distributors stock large stocks to supply to large selling vendors such as grocery stores, accommodations, and restaurant chains. INDIAN TEA MARKET OVERVIEW

* India is the largest tea manufacturer and consumer of tea in the world. The overall tea creation in India is around 945mkg with somewhat dip (1. 05%) more than last year. 5. Total tea consumption in India is definitely 650mn kilos yearly and annual per capita consumption in India is low at 650gm compared to additional countries Pakistan (950gm), Sri Lanka (1. 5kg), UK (2. 5kg), and Ireland (3. 16kg) 5. In India there are a couple of methods of tea manufacturing method * Orthodox

* CTC (crush-tear-curl)

2. Total packaged tea in Indian market is 274000 MT (4000 Crore) with development rate 8% over the last season.


Duncans Industries Ltd.

97, Park Road

Block-C, 3rd Floor

Calcutta - 700016

Tel: +91-33-226 4878/5934

Fernkopie: +91-33-245 7337

Company Background

Duncan Goenka Group

Circa 1859……Walter Duncan, a Scottish service provider lands for the magical shores of the East Indies. Swayed by the useful climate of easy trade on the Indian shores, the intrepid traveller sets up the Play good Duncan Company to enhance the ‘honey brew' of the Darjeeling slopes-tea. Circa 1951….. the Goenka family, rich in generations of business expertise, takes up the reins of Duncans Brothers Limited. With pursuits in a pair of the key industries of India, tea and jute, the now non-Anglicized Group soon provides an impressive firm foothold in the subcontinent, and is looking forward to 'greener pastures'. Mr. G. P. Goenka takes over procedures of the Group's tea landscapes, and lies the foundation because of their professional administration, which has today made the corporation a force to think with in the tea market. Duncan Goenka Group is today highly diversified with 20 operating companies and a workforce of 40, 500 employees. The present turnover of Rs. 20 billion, places this amongst the top industrial groups in the country. In the millennium character, the Group has identified four thrust areas -- power era and other main sector assignments, agro-based endeavors, chemicals and petrochemicals and frontier sciences like computer software and biotechnology. A goal of Rs. 100 billion dollars has been set for accomplishment by 2000 A. G. Today, the Duncan Goenka Group is known as a nucleus of activity, seeking new problems and ready for exploration, to define the vision and realize the dreams. Mister. G. L Goenka has been appointed a whole-time Director from very first August, 99. 2000 - The Rs 125-crore Duncans Gleneagles Clinic, a 50: 50 partnership between Duncans Industries Limited and Gleneagles of Singapore, will be fully operational by simply mid-May. Duncans Industries achievement a new packet tea head. And the fresh man is Pinaki Baking pan, former basic manager (eastern) of Glaxo Smithkline. Duncans Industries containing relaunched the flagship manufacturer Double Precious stone CTC tea bags which they propose to launch inside the major metros as part of it is strategy to build and reposition existing brands. 2003 Large Court okays Phosphate Chemicals' wind up request over Duncan India. 2007 Duncans Industries Ltd provides appointed Mr. Debadatta Sengupta, as one more Director from the Company with immediate result. DUNCANS COMPANY:

Super High quality – Dual Diamond Rare metal, Kings Glass

Premium-Mid-Premium – Double Gemstone, Sargam. Number 1 and Super Shakti. Economy/Sub-Economy – Shakti & Aaag

Manufactured Tea Industry By Types

Review of DUNCANS TEA Ltd

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