Drug Screening Welfare Receivers

 Drug Assessment Welfare Recipients Essay

п»їFaith Stadnyk



The spring 24th, 2014

Drug Assessment Welfare Recipients

According to a study around the government of Canada's internet site, in the year 2003, 1 . six million individuals were on federal government assistance which number offers continued to grow. The existing unemployment charge in Canada is 7. 2% and many of those families count on the government to put food on the table, a roof top over their heads and clothes on the bodies, which means that money is absolutely necessary. However , working individuals are often resentful of the people taking the cash that they attained and some are demanding that welfare receivers be medicine tested to be eligible. Though nowhere in Canada requires drug testing to receive welfare, several states in the us do. Yet , this thought fails to consider that medication testing people punishes kids, ignores that drug addiction is a disease that needs treatment, and that it has proven to not really save money. Consequently , drug tests in order to be entitled to welfare is callous certainly nothing but a sign of splendour and selfishness in culture. Taking away funds from resident that tested positive intended for drugs might unfairly penalize their children, who have are faithful and did not choose to have the parents these were born to. 81. five per cent of assistance recipients in Oklahoma will be children (Richey), which means that various children may suffer hugely because of their parent's actions. If a person on welfare were to test positive for medications and their funds were to be taken away, their children will lose their very own entire income source, which would mean they would undergo infinitely much more than they previously did. The kids born to drug addicts could have no lunch break money or perhaps clothes pertaining to school when alcoholics' children still received funds. This would be extremely hypocritical and it is vicious to drawback children that already have the odds stacked against them. Moving into poverty may cause them to perform poorly in school and possibly turn to drugs themselves, completely obliterating any possibility they had for the better future. It is possible to dispute that in the event parents are using drugs, they are already throwing away the money that could go towards their children. Though this discussion is true, totally taking away all the money will not solve the challenge. More more than, sending even more children into the already congested foster attention system might also simply cause more problems, a fact that American Public Health Connection, the National Association of Social Workers, and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor all accept as they oppose all regulations mandating medicine testing to be able to receive govt funding (Richey). Finally, the amount of money that households receive may help struggling father and mother get into rehab and back again on their ft, allowing the youngsters to overcome poverty and live an improved life. The blatant ignore for just how drug testing those upon welfare will ruin kids lives demonstrates that the plan is callous and self-centered. In culture it is common intended for citizens to discriminate and stigmatize addicts. They are stereotyped as lazy but in fact, drug craving is a ailment that needs treatment. A person addicted to prescription drugs cannot just quit after they want to. Continued medication use alterations the biochemistry and biology of the head, alters the structure and its particular ability to function normally. Additionally, images considered of medication addicts' minds show the fact that areas that are necessary for proper judgment, and behaviour control are considerably damaged. When someone is usually addicted to prescription drugs it is not anymore a conscious choice to use, but anything their human body needs to function. It is incorrect to discriminate against lovers because it is to start with, a disease, a simple mental disease and presently there should not be any stigma placed on it. Therefore , entry into a medically closely watched treatment center is necessary so taking away that addict's simply source of income is not going to help them by any means and will only result in a great...

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