Esperanza Book Record Outline

 Esperanza Book Report Describe Essay

1)Title: Esperanza Growing

Author: Pam Munoz Ryan

Genre: New, Fiction

2) Plot-

On the day of Esperanza's birthday, was also the day when the vineyard began to harvest. Every year her parents could celebrate the harvest & her birthday. A few weeks after the harvest completed and the party preparation mentioned, Esperanza accidently cut her thumb when picking a flower. She knew it designed bad luck, although she picked out more plants while expecting her papa. She continued to wait for a long time and decides to leave the garden to tell her mama regarding her minimize. Mama will remind Esperanza which a rose cut is bad luck. Esperanza problems that a thing bad acquired happen to her papa. Vanidad and her mother realize that bandits look for the wealthiest landowner and attack all of them. Mama, Esperanza, Abuelita, and their servants wait for papa in his study space. Esperanza's uncles arrive and tell them they have found progenitor. Miguel and Alfonso returns with progenitor dead in the back of the truck.

3) Setting-


-Aguascaliscates, South america

- Cal


Throughout the great depression

4) Protagonist

Figure: Esperanza

Description: Hard Worker

Model: Esperanza must forget just how her your life has been destroyed by her uncles. Your woman must discover ways to work as a migrant member of staff, when she had been brought up as a rich and strong daughter. Antagonist

Characters: Tio Luis & Tio Marco

Description: Heartless

Example: Tio Luis & Tio Ambito joined causes to wreck Esperanza's and Mama's existence. They use their very own powers to push mama & Esperanza out of South america and make use of Abuelita as being a threat.

5) Conflict-

The conflict of the plot is definitely the problem by protagonist. In Esperanza Growing, Esperanza is a poor immigrant that is moving into California following your death of her father and their residence destroyed in Mexico * Character compared to Character

6) Point of View-

Third person omniscient

Esperanza, Mother, and others discuss their thoughts.

7) Theme-

When you think that you have a negative life, presently there people who...



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