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 Essay on Exam 2 Take Home

Daniel Wong

Prof. Martinez

MGMT 3610


Exam II Take-Home

In the Career Supervision Process, I currently discover myself somewhere between step two, matter of fact, and step three, goal setting. While I have not gone through step one, self-assessment, specifically for this kind of assignment, Personally i think as if I use inadvertently completed this step through my time at LMU. Coming from a friends and family atmosphere that is very academically and profession focused, I've been expected to decide my " life plan” quicker and earlier than most of my classmates.

Plus interested in the stock market as a young grow older; my grandmother gave me money to invest in no matter what stocks I desired. I was able to invest in Apple at around $80-90 a share (before the stock split). I had been intrigued moreover I place almost no efforts nor physical work into making the profits that lead, I just needed to tell the broker how to proceed and wait for my funds to grow.

Over the last year I possess taken affordable steps to determine how best to make use of my abilities. Last summer time I interned for a non-public investment company, where I actually researched and ranked the most notable 529 ideas available in America. I was as well an Internships Sales Associate intended for Global Equity Finance in San Diego. I understand I have a talent in examining data and making research projects, as well as any in human interaction. Nevertheless , the main driving force in my career planning can be money. Whichever field appears profitable, and " doable”, I will reassess and mildew my skill set to match the requirements. Reasonably, the overall field of business I want to pursue is finance. I realize how broad of a statement that is certainly, which is why My spouse and i find me personally in between actions two and three. I understand my skills and assets, however I actually am not sure which will area of fund I want to go after.

My plan is to, over the years through process of eradication, determine which will field of finance to work in. Areas that interest me happen to be wealth managing, investment and commercial...



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