Elements for a Durable Relationship

 Factors to get a Long Lasting Relationship Research Newspaper

Factors for the Long Lasting Marriage

Among Chosen Couples of Barangay San Francisco, Gen. Trias, Cavite

A Descriptive type of Research regarding the

Factors for a Longer lasting Relationship

In Couples

By simply

Nathanya Claire Agtarap

Rondy Kiang

Intestinal Beswin

Posted as a part requirement for your research subject in St . Aloysius Gonzaga Integrated School, Basic Trias, Cavite March 10, 2013

This kind of work is usually lovingly specialized in our family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, classmates, other Aloysians, to the school and our merciful God

i actually


We would like to express our appreciation to the pursuing persons who have served all of us our tips for make this research paper. To Mr. & Mrs. Agtarap and Mr. & Mrs. Kiang whom helped us do this study paper through their economic support. To the Research advisor, Ms. Wimalyn F. Cainap, who trained us different things, for improving our sentence structure, and guiding us at the same time of doing the research paper.

To our panelist Mr. Russel Valdez and Ms. Maurich May well Cainap whom recommended us all the things must be changed. To our classmates, fourth year Sholelettes, who offered us bits of advice and support. To our teachers, who trained and taught all of us patiently.

To the couple individuals, who distributed their reports and encounters to have our data. And also to God, intended for giving us wisdom and guiding us in every action we carry out while doing the research conventional paper.


The Authors

Section 1: Launch

A. Background of the Study

A long lasting relationship is not easy to achieve. Each couple dreams to have this sort of relationship. It needs a lot of time, strength and effort ahead of gaining this. A healthy, relationship can improve many aspects anytime, from mental and mental well-being on your physical health insurance and overall pleasure. Many people are attempting to find the right person to settle down. Even if it can be impossible to meet someone who is good for one's flavor, don't lose hope. According to the publication entited " L. To. V. Elizabeth - Your All-Around Tips for Dating, Romantic endeavors, & Relationships” In this associated with divorce, annulments, flings, long-distance romances, cyber dating and one night stands, relationships deal with challenging instances more than ever. While using great number of temptations about, it has become a lot more difficult to couples to maintain caring, lasting interactions. Cheating can be something that you can do with only a click on the sensitive mouse, a video call up via Skype, or even a text. Nowadays short term relationships is a norm but it is still likely to find couples whose relationships have been examined by period. 1


Relating to Rhia Diomampo Pensiero (2012), with couples breaking up left and right and a lot of celebrity partnerships ending up in nothing, it is just a wonder if people nowadays nonetheless give beliefs towards commitment to a romantic relationship and requires their marriage vows significantly. There's no one formula to create relationship function. As being stated on a newspapers article eligible " Relationship Annulments up 40%, says report" There are lots of cases credit reporting the raising rate of couples who have are segregated nowadays. The Office of Solicitor General (OSG) report said that among marriages that held up five years and more, twenty six percent resulted in annulment, whilst those that survived more than ten years, only 18 percent chosen annulment. One more report posted by Philippine Daily Inquirer in the year 2011 stated which the number of annulment cases in the Philippine has risen by 40 % in the last ten years with in least twenty two cases recorded every day. Filipinos are proven to have a unique strong connection when it comes to romance with partners. At present, there is certainly an issue in the Philippines which can be about an approval of " Divorce Bill”. There are Filipinos who acknowledge and disagree. In the Filipino culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred union and the family members founded on matrimony is considered as being a fount of Love, Protection and...



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