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Section I: Corporate Governance & Stockholder Analysis

Activity 1: Ceo Analysis

1 ) Who is the CEO in the company? How long has this individual been CEO? Peter L Lynch for 7 years and counting

installment payments on your If your organization is a family-run company, is a CEO area of the family? In the event that not, what career path performed the CEO take to arrive at the top? (Did he or she come from within the organization or via outside? ) Winn-Dixie commenced as a family-run company, but with huge amounts of growth the company features outgrown the initial family roots. Mister. Lynch was an outside obtain to the Winn-Dixie family. Mr. Lynch's vocation took him through other sorts of grocery agencies. He dished up as Chief executive and Key Operation Expert for Albertsons Inc. via 2000 to 2003 (Companies, 2009). several. How much did the CEO make recently? What kind did the compensation have (breakdown by simply salary, bonus and option components)? Bottom Salary: $1, 250, 500. 00

Money Bonus: $1, 344, 875. 00

Deferred Comp: $ 318, 733. 00

Total: $2, 857, 005. 00 (Equilar)

four. How much inventory and alternatives in the company does the CEO own? four hundred, 000 (Forbes)

Task two: Board of Directors Evaluation

1 . Is a company where there is a splitting up between supervision and title? If therefore , how reactive is administration to stockholders?

In accordance to Organization Week, the shareholder's of Winn Dixie own a larger percent with the organization than shareholder's of other grocery's. As such, Winn Dixie's ownership's goals line up with the desired goals of their shareholders. The 347, 339 shares they control represents 1 . 78% of the total outstanding shares (Business Week, 2009).

2 . Who will be on the plank of directors of the business? How long have they served because directors? Philip Lynch – Chairman from the board five years, Evelyn Follit some years, Charles Garcia some years, Jeff Girard four years, Yvonne Jackson 5 years, Gregory Josefowicz some years, Terry Peets, Richard Rivera, and James Olson 4 years (Winn-dixie).

3. Just how many of the directors are " inside” owners (i. at the., employees or perhaps managers in the company)? The only inside director is Peter Lynch the CEO

4. How many of the directors include other links to the firm (as suppliers, clients, customers)? None

5. How most of the directors will be CEOs of other companies? some (Winn-dixie).

6. Do any from the directors include large stock holdings or perhaps represent people who do? The directors include large stock holdings (Yahoo Finance).

Job #3: Stockholder Analysis

1 ) How many stockholders will the company have got? 54. five million (Reuters)

3. What percent of the stock is held by: (1) institutional buyers; (2) personnel (including worker pension plans); and (3) insiders (where, besides the managers and administrators, anyone with a lot more than 5% is treated as an insider)?

Key Holder break down.

Shares Organised by Insiders: 1%

Institutional & Shared Fund Owners: 86% (Yahoo Finance).

some. Who are the insiders through this company, and what role do that they play in running the business?

The insider within Winn Dixie is Peter Lynch the CEO

Have the insiders been selling or buying stock from this company inside the most recent 12 months? No offering or buying transactions had been noted.

5. Are there variations in voting legal rights across stocks and shares? No, every single share is definitely allowed one particular vote (Money) If so , do incumbent managers use a disproportionate reveal of the voting shares?

Job #4: Bondholder Concerns:

1 ) Does the organization have any kind of publicly traded debts? Winn Dixie does not have any current publicly traded financial debt (Quicktake).

installment payments on your Are there any connect covenants (that you can uncover) that have been made on the firm as part of the Asking for? No

several. Do any of the bonds released by the firm come with particular protections against stockholder expropriation? No bonds currently released

Section II: Financial Statement Analysis


The objective of it is to assess the financial condition from the company. Crucial...



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