Globalization Misconceptions

 Globalization Misconceptions Essay

Araceli Gonzalez

AMM 457

October doze, 2012


In today's world, there are many things that get overlooked or don't even enter into conversation. With incidents and worldwide transactions that happen every second and factors that effect our every day decisions, The positive effect is not something one particular talks about every day. Peter Dicken, author of Global shift launched the book by a few myths of globalization per other contradictions of additional authors, organization strategist, globalists and anti globalists. Dicken, (2011) described, " Globalization is not at all times good (contra the neo-liberal hyper-globalizers)” and " Globalization is never bad (contra the anti-globalizers)” (p. 8). I agree with Dickens level on Globalization not always as being a bad thing, contra the anti-globalizers. Globalization has many advantages and disadvantages. In a contemporary society where dread over guidelines and annoys him of moving forward, it is hard to forecast the future and tomorrows actions. What one should do is relate to history and proceed with little steps. Which has a factor such as globalization where interconnecting on the national and global level, many international locations and countries fear that by adjoining it will increase the scale of inequality (Dickens, 2011 s. 6). This could be faithful to say due to the underdeveloped countries and there needs to be countries with less power otherwise the would will not function correctly if we had been on the same level. Some countries need to be more invested to better help the smaller countries. When one fails, the different will be presently there to help. I actually also believe that Globalization can be a good thing because of the rapid increase of integration that is taking place with present day technology. Today we are able to receive live supply in " real time” even though it can be happening within a different time-zone in the contrary side worldwide. " Technology has quicker integration the two virtually […]along with physically with vast improvements in transfers and...

Offered: Dicken, L (2011). Global shift: Umschlusselung the Changing Contours worldwide. Economy. New york city: The Guilford Press

Globalization: The Good, The Bad, and the Uncertain. (2012, Feb 01). The Globalist. Gathered Tuesday March 9, 2012, from



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