Growing Human Population and Related Global Challenges.

 Growing Population and Related Global Challenges. Essay

Growing Population and related Global Challenges.


1 . Introduction.

installment payments on your Causes of Overpopulation.

3. Transporting capacity.

5. The effects of man overpopulation.

four. 1 Destruction of all-natural resources.

4. two Deforestation and loss of ecosystems

4. three or more Fresh water

some. 4 Pet extinction

some. 5 Polluting of the environment.

four. 6 Global warming.

five. Conclusions.

6th. References.

7. Library exercise.

1 . Launch

This is a study on Developing human population and related global problems. The purpose of this statement was to study the growth rate of human beings and impact on our planet connected with overpopulation. This kind of report will need to help acquaint people with current situation and draw focus on a negative forecast on our future and future of our planet. By classification - overpopulation is a state where an organism's amounts exceed the carrying capability of it is habitat (basically it is a romance between the population and the Earth).

Some Historical Facts and Data

Table 1: Approximated world population 8000 BC -2010 ADVERTISING.

Year Population Comments

8000-1000 BC250 , 000, 000

1804 one particular billionIt got two 1, 000 years to reach 1 billion dollars 19272 billionIn 123 years population bending

19603 billion33 years after

19744 billion14 years later

19875 billion13 years after

19996 billion12 years afterwards

20106. 8 billion11 years passed

Figure you: Growth of population from 8000 BC to provide day. From a chart (fig. 1) it is very clear that growth of human population is usually exponential.

Figure 2: Regional annual regarding population with projection to 2050 2 . Causes of Overpopulation

Decline of any death level is one of the major causes for overpopulation. Due to as well as pharmaceutical progress people have identified cure to numerous diseases which are previously perilous. This has led to increase of human life and mortality rate features declined leading to high maximize of populace. Increase of your birth rate- again lately medical technology has made a big progress in nutrition and fertility discoveries resulting in improve of man reproductive capacity. Migration – it become a problem in some elements of our planet. There are several countries where there is no stability of people immigrating (coming) in a country and folks emigrating (leaving) from that nation. This result in high human population density (Fig 3). Good luck of education – is another factor to get overpopulation. Those who are not well-informed don't understand existing problem of overpopulation and why it is crucial to take activities. They are not really acquainted with contraception and family planning. According to Unite Country Children's Fund (UNISEF) more than a decade ago the illiteracy rate among children was 16% and so they predicted that in 21st century it would go up, because only a quarter of planet's children had been at school in 1990 – 2150. P

Determine 3: Map of populace density

several. Carrying capacity.

Carrying potential is defined as " the maximum quantity of animals a specific home or area can support with out causing deterioration or wreckage to that an environment. ” Virtually our planet support only limited amount of human population without causing harm to it personal. If this balance is usually breached the disaster is inevitable. At the moment there are many debates going on among scientist that are trying to estimation the Globe's carrying capacity for humans. The figures vary from 1 to 1000 billion. But 2 to 3 of all estimates lay inside the range of four – 16 billion.

4. The effects of human overpopulation

The consequences human overpopulation are several and sophisticated. With the developing number of people on a planet the time are being used quicker than they might be replaced. This kind of put an enormous pressure in humans and our planet.

four. 1 Exhaustion of organic resources. As a result of overpopulation an unsustainable destruction of normal...

References: World population monitoring report (2001),, ALGUN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Population Department, accessed June 2010.

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several. Library work out. To write a great report it is necessary to get access to relevant sources of information that can be trusted, checked and proofed (if required). With this particular survey Library and Online recourses where researched for needed information. Published books upon that subject were not present in the available Library record. So Online search engine (Google scholar) was optimized to find important material, which in turn resulted in several articles and reports coming from different internet courses. Via all given information a selection was made in preference of those that fulfilled the above requirements.

Chosen online sites: United Land, National Geographic, Encyclopaedia Britannica and Wikipedia (Wikipedia is an independent unknown encyclopaedia. A lot of information can be wrong and has to be checked but in that case all data and information matched to other chosen sources).



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