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 Brain Ring finger Printing Composition

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Objective Brought on of Debatable and Unusual Claims in Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Job

VOLUME 8 ~ NUMBER 2, 2011

SUMMARY OF THE SPECIAL SECTION UPON ACCEPTANCE AND COMMITMENT REMEDY Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Scientific Position and Controversies.......... 3


A Review of Acceptance and Dedication Therapy (ACT) and Recommendations for Continued Technological Advancement....................... five


The Latent Framework of Personality and Psychopathology: A Review of Tendencies in Taxometric Research.................................. twenty three

JESSICA M. GUNDY, MICHELLE R. WOIDNECK, KIMBERLY Meters. PRATT, AIDAN W. CHRISTIAN and MICHAEL P. TWOHIG Some Areas of CAM Mental Health Concours: Regression, Recapitulation, and " Secret Sympathies”.......................... 36


Mind Fingerprinting: Corrections to Rosenfeld................................. 56


Book Review: Report on The road to Evergreen by simply Rachael Stryker....................................................... 69


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Lawrence A. Farwell

Mind Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. Seattle, Washington

The subsequent article can be described as brief synopsis of the relevant information, with specific concentrate on correcting the misinformation found in a previous article in the Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice (Rosenfeld, 2005). More details are obtainable at Corrections_to_Rosenfeld. pdf, which also is made up of references to independent resources wherein all of the significant claims made here can be on their own verified. Keywords and phrases: popular research, pseudoscience, psychotherapy, Sokal hoax


Brain fingerprint scanning is a technological technique to identify concealed details stored in the mind by measuring brainwave answers non-invasively. An EEG event-related potential brain response known as the P300-MERMER is elicited by stimuli which might be significant in the present context. Head fingerprinting detects a P300-MERMER response to words and phrases or images relevant to a crime or terrorist act, terrorist training, bomb-making knowledge, inside knowledge of a terrorist cell or brains agency, and so forth Brain fingerprint scanning detects info stored in the brain by measuring cognitive information processing. Mind fingerprinting is definitely not rest detection. It will not detect is placed, stress, or emotion. The brain fingerprinting system computes a determination of " details present” (the subject is aware of the crime-relevant information) or " info absent” (he does not understand it) and a statistical confidence intended for the individual perseverance. Laboratory and field testing at the F, CIA, US Navy and elsewhere have resulted in Author's Note: Lawrence A. Farwell, Brain Fingerprint scanning service Laboratories, Incorporation., 4616 25th Ave. NE, #402, Seattle, Washington 98105. THE SCIENTIFIC REVIEW OF MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICE

Vol. 8, No . two ~ 2011

no false positives with out false problems; 100% of determinations made by brain fingerprint scanning have been correct. Overall, including studies that measure the particular P300 and studies that measure the complete P300-MERMER, 3% of benefits have been " indeterminate. ” Since the inclusion of the full P300-MERMER in the calculations, there have been no false positives, no fake negatives, and no indeterminates: fully of tests have made correct determinations. (See...

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SRMHP Pages V8, No . 2 _SHRIMP Spr/Sum 2004 5/23/11 1: twenty four PM Page 68



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