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I do not see Willy as a tragic hero at all. В I really do not look at him as pathetic possibly. В He can a man that has visions of grandeur and who anxiously wanted to be much more of a hit than he was. В He also wished to be truly liked and greatly respected. В He envisioned himself as being widely used and appreciated than having been. В He longed pertaining to the approval and appreciate he hardly ever got from his profession, so this individual created this false perspective of him self. В I actually felt remorseful for Willy, actually. В He had trouble with so very much and did not have the tools to deal with individuals struggles, so the only way to avoid it was to eliminate himself, which is never a fantastic option. Arthur Miller works in showing incredibly well in Death of any Salesman that not only can be tragic heroism still possible now, but it is also a great affliction where both king and commoner are similarly susceptible. However , Wily Loman is not just a tragic leading man because he is usually pathetic, not heroic, in his personal " tragedy" that comes from his inability to declare his mistakes and learn from them. Instead, this individual fits Miller's description of pathos and the pathetic figure, one who " by virtue of his witlessness, his insensitivity, and also the very air flow he emits, [is] not capable of grappling which has a much remarkable force, " (Miller 1728). A tragic hero is tragic as they has every one of the elements of greatness. В Maybe he is something wonderful and grand and unforgettable, but through his very own failings, everything greatness is usually turned to fear. В In this article, Willy doesn't ever have the elements of greatness. В He is a sad small man who would like to do superb things, yet he by no means has. В Is Willy Loman a tragic main character? There appeared to be one key factorВ which decidedВ if Willy was or has not been a tragic hero, this was if the person believed that there were exterior factors and fate controlling the outcome of Willy's existence orВ if it had been up to Willy to changeВ his destiny but was unable to because of a tragic flaw. I think I feel that...



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