His Grace and Songs

 His Elegance and Songs Essay


1 . Straight down at your toes o Head of the family,

Down in your feet wow Lord, is considered the most high place, in your occurrence Lord, My spouse and i seek the face.... X2,  there is no higher calling, zero greater honour than to bow and be before the throne, t am stunned your glory, embraced from your mercies oh Lord, l live to worship you.

2 . Father in Paradise:  Father in heaven. How we love you. We live your name in all the earth, may your empire be founded in our praises, as your persons we file your enormous works, blessed be the Lord God Immutable, who was and is  and is to come, blessed is the master God changeless who dominates forever more.

3.  He is here right now Yes He could be here correct now You don't need to wait You don't have to beg He's passing out gifts For most to receive, has arrived right now Yes He is right here right now To satisfy every need I will praise… Praise, Your name.

some. He paid the debt, He did not owe I owed the debt I didn't want to pay I necessary someone to clean my sins away And now I sing a whole new song, amazing grace, Christ Jesus paid out the debt which i could by no means pay

a few. How I take pleasure in calling Name,  Everyday A message is the same, Jesus, Christ How I love calling Your name Jesus, Jesus Everyday Your name may be the same.

6th.  I i am a new creation I'm a brand new man Old things have got passed away  I'm born once again  More than the usual conqueror That's who have I am I'm a new creation  I'm  a completely new man.

7.  I'm Your own Jehovah, Now i'm Yours (Repeat) You arranged my toes on sturdy rock There is not a more fear There is no even more death I am the righteousness of Goodness In Christ There is no more fear There is not a more death I am the righteousness of God.

almost eight. I don't worry and I don't worry  I know that God can be on my side His rod great staff Also they comfort me (Repeat)

For He that dwelleth In the trick place Of the most high Shall hold under the shadow Of the Luminous

9.  I keep adoring you Master again and again You provided to me your entire love I wanna do only the same My your life, I live for you How could I at any time live  without...



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