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Submitted by: Shashi Margen Prasad

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BBA: - 2011-2014

Project Guide: Prof. Aparajita Roy

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I owe my thanks to the Director, Prof. (Dr. ) Tapas Ranjan Saha (Institute of Management Study) for giving me personally the opportunity to carry out a study associated with the topic.

My spouse and i am thankful to my personal mentor, Prof. Aparajita Roy, for her kind co-operation in various ways and Prof. Moumita Saha on her behalf constant support through out.

My debt of gratitude reaches up to the respondents of my friends and seniors for his or her valuable advice, ever inclined and ungrudging help in various ways without which will it would have never been pessible to efficiently complete my dissertation newspaper.

I would love to appreciate my Friends for their constant support and rendering me with all the help when needed.



Simply, the word ‘Inflation' refers to a growth or embrace money source. As an essential economic determinant, the effects of pumpiing exert impact both in the economic and also social spheres of a country. Stability of price is an indispensable condition to get promoting financial growth and development of any country. Celebrate not only a advantageous environment to enhance public confidence but likewise an atmosphere for expansion activity. Value stability suggests an absence of irregular and abnormal movements in the general price level, inflationary or inflationary. If there is a sustained within prices more than a long period, a redistribution of nationwide income and wealth takes place to the good thing about the wealthy and to drawback of the poor, which in the end determine the necessity pattern. Therefore , whenever the retail price changes, they may influence the amount of production. An investor cannot calculate the profitability of investment, which he would prefer to invest in a point out of uncertainness. Thus, with inflation coming in contact with as high as 18% it has seriously become the superior problem to get confronted by UPA Government. Tackling the interest rate would not be adequate. Government must act strongly to control dark marketing, to boost...



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