ink jet decoration of ceremic tiles.

 Essay upon ink jet decor of ceremic tiles.

Inkjet Decoration of Normal ceramic


Theory and description of various ceramic ink and inkjet stamping technologies for ceramic tile, the issues technicians and factories face, inket printer merchandise overview. Document:

From year 2000, if the first devices for ink jet decoration of tiles had been shown by Cevisama in Spain, there has been a reliable evolution of mechanical and electronics, inks, pigments and chemicals. Naturally , strong competition among distinct companies has been a catalyst for this. Currently several companies are competing to develop new machines able to decorate tiles 24 hours-a-day at 30-50 m/min (1000-1500 m2/hour outcome depending on the resolution). Inkjet design machines perfectly fit into glazing lines and improve performance. They can include up to a thousand nozzles and work with six different inks up to one thousand dpi resolution (for the majority of tiles 200-300 dpi can be sufficient). Yet , the most important characteristic is the amazing versatility of those devices. Several machines intended for digital decor are available which has a variety of features but for most we can offer these advantages: -Absolute balance of pictures

-Drastic lowering of pigment employ with a consequent reduction of stocks of pastes -Elimination of screens, display rollers, si rollers, equipment to cast, etc . and easier assessment at spend less. -Excellent potential to reproduce normal stones, photos and images in general. -Shorter times to change drawings and colours.

-Better uniformity of decors because storage area and power over all stamping parameters are much easier. -It is possible decorate pain relief surfaces and up to the edges. -When necessary we can get high definition adornment.

-Inkjet adornment shortens the way from idea to product.

There are even more advantages nevertheless we must as well admit that digital producing cannot usually substitute for traditional methods of producing, especially when we require higher thicknesses of insert or once we need strongly colored surface areas. Job is in progress so we can expect improvements and further cost cutbacks because inkjet technology remains in progression (after conquering initial problems). Inkjet technology is currently broadening its reach to different types of tile and, of course , the technology aspect itself is usually arousing the eye of even more developers.

Technology of Ink jet Decoration:

In digital creating there is no connection with the ceramic tile surface. The most popular technology followed by most producers of machines is called Drop-On-Demand (DOD). It is based on a piezoelectric device that deforms underneath voltage allowing droplet exclusion. The most popular color system is the well known CMYK standard. This is an acronym for the colors Cyan, Green, Yellow and Black (for black K is used rather than B to stop confusion with Blue). Inside the CMYK program the black separation provides the details, as a result it is known as the " Key plate". Cyan, green and yellow-colored overlap in different percentages to generate the colors inside the following physique. They overlap at 100% of each to make a very dark brownish, for this reason the extra black ink is employed.

Based on whether there are 3, four or 6 inks in the machine a certain colorimetric treatment is employed to separate colors inside the original image to obtain a menu for each. Inside the figure we can see an example.

The ultimate image is reproduced by simply overlaying these types of ink shades. To enable substantial output (more than multitude of m2/hr) the print head assemblage containing the nozzles spans the entire width of the ceramic tiles. When the color assemblies will be arranged in succession we now have following construction (by Durst).

Drop in Demand:

The mechanism with this method is the following: The tattoo, made from a suspension more fine colors, at the right temperature and with the right viscosity, passes coming from a main water tank to another that may be smaller with a " firing nozzle". The ink is usually shot by a linked nozzle (having an internal diameterof about zero. 04 mm) to...



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