Isopentyl Acetate

 Isopentyl Acetate Essay

Experiment 12: Isopentyl Acetate

19 October 2012


The purpose of this kind of experiment is always to prepare isopentyl acetate simply by direct esterification of acetic acid with isopentyl alcohol. Following refluxing there is certainly an isolation procedure in which excess lactic acid and remaining isopentyl alcohol are easily taken out by extraction with sodium bicarbonate and water. The ester is then purified by simply simple work and the VENTOSEAR is then acquired.

Approaches and tools used over the experiment will include a reflux apparatus, separatory direct for solitude, vacuum filtration, and simple distillation. The reflux condenser is employed to allow thorough distillation with the product by using heat to accelerate and stir while vapors fall season back into the round underlying part flask. Solitude of product is used with the help of the separatory funnel and vacuum filtration. Simple distillation is used to purify product and IR spectroscopy allows compare and test quality of our final product.


The test is began by assembling a reflux apparatus using a 50 ml round underlying part flask containing 5 cubic centimeters of isopentyl alcohol, six ml of acetic acid, and 1 cubic centimeters of sulfuric acid. You have to make sure that the perfect solution is swirled immediately as soon as the sulfuric acidity is added. The mix is then refluxed for sixty – 75 minutes. Once this is carried out, it is cooled down to room temperature.

The mixture can then be transferred to a separatory channel. It is 1st washed with 10 ml of drinking water and when the layers independent, the bottom part is disposed of. The mix remaining in the separatory funnel is then laundered with five ml helpings of five per cent sodium bicarbonate until the pH of the aqueous layer can be basic. It can be then mixed with 5 cubic centimeters of saturated NaCl option and the levels should once again separate.

The item is then dried out for 10 – 15 minutes with ~1 g. of anhydrous salt sulfate after which vacuum filtrated. A simple work apparatus can then be assembled plus the mixture is usually heated and distilled at boiling conditions of 134 – 143 degrees Celsius. Afterwards, the IR variety is obtained and the percent yield is calculated.

Effects and Conversations:

Reaction formula

Reaction device:

Side reactions:

Ester hydrolysis can occur when ever there is water present creating a reverse reaction to happen:

Elimination can occur with the aid of sulfuric acid:

The limiting and excess reagent:

Isopentyl alcohol:

5 milliliters = Vd = meters m sama dengan (d)(v) m = (0. 809)(5) = 4. 045 g


4. 045 g C5H12O by 1 mol C5H12O sama dengan 0. 04589 mol C5H12O

88. 15 g C5H12O

Acetic acid:

7. zero ml = Vd = m meters = (d)(v) m = (1. 06)(7ml) = 7. 42 g


7. forty two g C2H4O x you mol C2H4O = 0. 1234 mol C5H12O

60. 1 g C2H4O

Limiting reagent: Isopentyl alcoholic beverages

Excess reagent: Acetic acid

Theoretic yield:

zero. 04589 mol C5H12O by 130. 19 g C7H14O2 = a few. 97 g C7H14O2

one particular mol C7H14O2

Percent and experimental yield:

Actual and experimental produce: 8. 152 g

Percent yield: Genuine x 75 = eight. 152 g x 100 = 136. 5%

Assumptive 5. ninety-seven g

Analytical Data:

Excess weight of final Product| 8. 152 g

IR reading:

Frequency| Type of oscillation

3444. 54| 0-H

1740. 41 cm-1| C=O (ester)

1056. 81 – 1367. 70| Suggests presence of an ester


When combining the isopentyl alcohol, acetic acid, and sulfuric acid it had been important to swirl immediately to prevent a side reaction. In my opinion I was capable of prevent this from taking place by right away swirling the solution when all components were added. Then, when refluxing this combination I did not use a boiling natural stone and this might have interupted with my personal product. There is a possibility which the mixture got already begun to boil without my understanding and this could have caused the mixture to become refluxed longer than 62 – 75 minutes, which in turn probably caused the hydrolysis side a reaction to occur. This kind of match with the IR spectrum of my personal...

References: McMurry, John. Organic and natural Chemistry. 7th ed. Belmont: Thomson Advanced schooling, 2008. Print.

Pavia, Jesse L., Gary Lampman, George Kriz, and Randall Engel. Introduction to organic laboratory tactics: a small scale approach. 2ed. Belmont: Brooks/Cole, a trademark Thomson Learning, Inc., june 2006. Print.



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