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п»їModule 6th Study Information

Provide a thorough description in the historical importance of each of the famous people, key terms and places here. Focus on explaining what is most crucial to know about each which include information in order to explain whom, what, the moment, where and why. Make use of the lessons classified by parentheses to find the necessary details and avoid using Google, Wikipedia or different internet options.


Caudillos (6. 01): a Castilian word meaning leader; , the burkha used to explain a military leader in front of of an severe regime

Mandsperson Smith (6. 03): ScottishВ moral philosopher, Hersker Smith continues to be called the father of modern economics. In his bookВ The Wealth of Nations around the world, В В he favored capitalism as the most efficient and productive marketplace.

Karl Marx (6. 03): Karl Marx was a thinker, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. Born in Germany В Marx was deeply moved by the misery with the British doing work classes during his life time, and this sympathy contributed drastically to his socioeconomic hypotheses. He was unequivocally opposed to the capitalist program,

Robert Owen (6. 03): Robert Owen was a Welsh social reformer and one of many founders of utopian socialism and the supportive movement.

Gandhi (6. 06, 8. 05): was the preeminent leader of Indian freedom movement in British-ruled India., Gandhi led India to independence and inspired motions for civil rights and freedom across the world. protesting for over 20 years pertaining to India's independence from United kingdom rule. Finally, after World War II, Britain consented to grant this independence. However , the Muslim league in India needed the nation being partitioned along religious lines intoВ

Kenyatta (6. 06): Jomo Kenyatta led the Kenya Photography equipment Union (KAU), which fought against for independence. В Jomo Kenyatta was the innovator of Kenya from independence in 1963 to his death in the late 70s, serving initially as Perfect Minister then as President. He is considered the founding dad of the Kenyan nation

Nelson Mandela (6. 06): Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and charity donor who served as Chief executive of S. africa from 1994 to 99.

FW sobre Klerk (6. 06): В is aВ South Africa politician who served while the country's State President from September 1989 to May 1994. He was theВ seventh and lasthead of condition of South Africa

Key Terms and Places

Latin American Revolutions (6. 01): wars of independence, the 18th- and 19th-century ground-breaking wars against European imperialiste rule that led to the independence with the Latin American states. Some of the other cycles and rebellions that have taken place in Latin America during and since European colonial regulation, in the twentieth century

Silk cotton Gin (6. 02): device invented by simply Eli Whitney to procedure raw organic cotton by eliminating the seed from the plant's fibers

Farming Revolution (6. 02): a period of time of development in the 18th-19th centuries in which major advancements and advancements in gardening practices had been developed

Commercial Revolution (6. 02): a change in the production of products characterized by the development of machinery and also other technological advances that commenced in The european countries in the late eighteenth and 19th centuries

Lowell System (6. 02):

Utopian Socialism (6. 03): one who supports the idea that world needs to be arranged along planned, cooperative lines, but that the can be done devoid of revolution by simply finding a benevolent ruler or by creating cooperative residential areas

Boxer Rebellion (6. 04): (1900) anti-western rebellion with a group of Chinese language nationalists who also exposed the exploitation of China simply by imperialist capabilities; defeated by European Imperialists

Opium War (6. 04): First Opium War: (1838-1842) Britain earned and China was required to accept Opium as payment for it's resources. Second Opium War(1856-1858) China was defeated once again and forced to take Opium because payment once again Effects of the Opium...



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