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Aug 2013 Case Examination

Standard Comments on Performance

Gabardine Lane Interface Authority (CLPA)

Case Background and Required Component

The August 2013 Case Examination is targeted on a Canadian Crown Company, Cape Side of the road Port Specialist (CLPA), recharged with working the industrial and commercial interface at Shawl Lane, Britich columbia (BC).

In-may 2013, mature management met with the Board of Administrators at a planning retreat to address weak sales and profit. Supervision assured the us government that activities would be delivered to avoid a loss pertaining to the 2014 fiscal year, and set a 5% net profit perimeter target to become met, within just three years, as a corporate aim. This goal was approved by both the Panel members plus the federal ministers, to whom they report. The following alternatives were identified to get consideration: 1 ) Invest in renovations in order to move forward with the Bitumen Shipping Task. 2 . Divest the Cruise Ship Terminal.

three or more. Operate a Passenger Ferry.

Additionally , the next minor alternatives were recognized: 1 . Let a local businessman to build a reception middle in the cruise ship terminal and pay a royals of 8% of earnings to CLPA.

2 . Make a fitness center in order to reduce sick period.

As Kyle Wast, CMA, prepare a statement for CLPA's executive group advising all of them on the options discussed and addressing some other organizational problems and problems requiring their particular attention. Contain details of your analysis, support for your recommendations, an action plan to implement these recommendations, and a financial prediction. In commencing this task, you will need to take into consideration the background understanding of the organization and industry and also the additional information offered herein.

CICA and CMA Canada signed up with together January 1, 2013, to create CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Canada as the nationwide organization to aid unification with the Canadian accounting profession beneath the CPA banner. The CMA Entrance Examination, CMA Circumstance Examination and CMA Board Report are still being produced and presented under the direction of CMA Canada before the final offerings of the CMA program will be completed. В© 2013 The Society of Management Accountants of Canada. All rights reserved. В®/в„ў Registered Trade-Marks/Trade-Marks are held by The World of Supervision Accountants of Canada. Simply no part of this kind of document might be reproduced in a form without the permission from the copyright holder.

August 2013 Case Assessment – Standard Comments about Performance

General Approach and Expectations

Throughout Year 1 of the SLP, applicants have been taught to apply the Steps for Getting close to Business and Corporate Strategy. They have completed many practice case exams using these Steps, have obtained written opinions on their overall performance, and have revisited the approach many times during their interactive periods. As a result, anticipations related to candidates' general procedure and performance are high. The next comments on performance spotlight how every attribute aligns to the Measures for Getting close to Business and company Strategy.


1a) Situational Research – Top quality of Qualitative Analysis: This kind of attribute lines up with 2 of the Steps for Getting close to Business and Corporate Strategy. This is the step that builds the building blocks for all additional analyses to be able to facilitate the decision-making method in producing business strategy. Better reactions provided a thorough current situational analysis (i. e. id of the mission, the major objectives, any relevant constraints, key stakeholder choices, key success factors and SWOT points), with a obvious delineation of the external market KSFs through the internal KSFs, and many relevant SWOT factors applicable towards the alternatives being evaluated.

Normal responses presented most components within the current situational examination; however , they often had some minor weaknesses, such as limited interesting depth of analysis or perhaps...



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