Mushroom Cultivation

 Essay about Mushroom Cultivation


VOL. 40 (3) 2007


Abstract This article describes the possibility of the mushroom developing with details support in the developing countries. Mushrooms growing can be a big opportunity for the developing countries. Very appropriate above all could possibly be the oyster mushroom growing. The successful oyster mushroom gaining developing countries will need an affordable information support. This support may be performed by mixture of ELearning and expert devices among others. These kinds of solutions can be used for example for consulting companies of producing countries pertaining to producing in the oyster mushrooms. These features are demonstrated at the example of the mushroom growing in Chinese suppliers and Kenya. Key words: understanding, expert system, eLearning, experienced eLearning, developing countries, Oyster mushroom growing, waste managing

INTRODUCTION Developing mushrooms can be a big opportunity for the developing countries. Very suitable especially can be the oyster mushroom developing. There are some special advantages of the mushroom growing in the developing countries: • abundance of plant squander for the substrate (straw, corn cobs, bagasa, sawdust, crop stalks and other gardening and forest waste can be used to grow mushrooms), • mushroom growing may solve trouble of the protein meals insufficiency and starvation, • it can increase insufficiency of the job opportunities, • expensive mechanisation could be compensated by low-cost manpower. Industry for mushrooms continues to grow because of interest in their particular culinary, healthy, and health advantages. They also display potential for use in waste managing. Importance of the mushrooms is following: • Mushrooms have good vitamins and minerals. • Mushrooms provide substantial levels of healthy proteins, minor components, vitamins and amino acids (white button mushrooms, for example , have more proteins than renal beans. • Mushrooms are the unique health food. A lot of them have natural anti-viral and immunity-boosting proper-ties that are used to fight malware, lower cholesterol and regulate stress. • Mushrooms are environmentally important. Mycelium in base is active in remediation of polluted soils. These kinds of opportunities can be demonstrated within the oyster mushroom growing in Chinese suppliers. The mushroom cultivation in China contains a long-lasting tradition. Mushrooms have already been grown there for hundreds of years. It utilizes reserves of cheap labour, adequacy of the matter for substrates and popularity in the Chinese

plank. The following stand and graphs illustrate the mushroom growing level in China: Mushroom growing can be a valuable method used to fight poverty and starvation. It offers agriculture more efficient and generate profits for farmers. For example there was realized task management in 1989 to help people in poverty troubled areas of China and tiawan learn how to expand mushrooms pertaining to self-supply. In Shouling region in Fujian, there were various people living below the poverty line. 94% of the people were involved into the project. Since then, mushroom cultivation in this county is becoming more and more monetarily significant. The inhabitants are actually emerging coming from extreme low income (Oei, 1996). Another evidence of the financial potential of mushroom growing on expanding countries can be project in oyster mushroom production targeted for small-scale farmers in Kisumu (Kenya 2004). In March 2005, a demon-stration on oyster mushroom development and finalizing was carried out in Busia and attended by two hundred and fifty parti-cipants. Jane Kariaga, who have participated with this project, produced 120 kilogram of oyster mushroom in a room producing a profit of KSh thirty seven, 630 (i. e. 5000 $) in just three months (Giarratano, Riley, 1998). MATERIAL AND METHODS Mushroom production is on the other hand time and expertly intensive. It takes a considerable amount of knowledge, research, preparing and capital investment to setup a...

Referrals: Fig. you: Comparison of creation in Cina and in the world (Jablonský, 2007)


Fig. 2: Photo of hundred buck laptop to get developing countries (MIT Media Laboratory, 2007) Expert program Facts Knowledge Database (facts) Fig. a few: Basic scheme of a typical experienced system

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