Nike as opposed to Reebok Company Analysis

 Essay about Nike versus Reebok Manufacturer Analysis

Best v Worst Brands

From the statistics gathered through the research group and the surveys, we have figured Nike is a good brand plus the Reebok is regarded as the more serious brand. For the buyers, it was not the feel or maybe the style of the shoe that was the thinking for the dislike inside the product, it had been the lack of offers and the deficiency of competition this gave the marketing large known as Nike. Many experienced that they never knew the moment new Reebok products were being released and they were not pumped up about the Reebok brand in comparison to the Nike company. The leading cause of Reebok's recent tumbles been a result of problems relating to poor marketing. Reebok's disadvantage in the area of promoting is their key weak spot. While other athletic sneaker companies hit the airwaves with ads pushing all their product lines, Reebok remains well hidden and out of head. While Reebok's competitors happen to be known simply by familiar slogans like Nike's " Take action, " Reebok's, " Will you be Feeling That, " does not equate to all their brand name in the eyes on most consumers. Reebok, in terms of their products, is certainly not entirely unlike Nike. Reebok is mixed up in design and marketing of both athletic and nonathletic footwear and apparel, as well as other various health projects. Reebok's market share is a distant third in the footwear industry at 11. 2% (compared to 30. 4% and 15. 5% intended for Nike and Adidas respectively). Reebok's budget has been little by little slipping for a number of years. This is evident in their declining stock price, which has gone down by over 80 percent in the last four years. Reebok's monetary woes are illustrated within their declining net sales. Reebok's net sales declined 9% during the 1st three-quarters of fiscal 12 months 1999. In that same period, net income decreased 17%. The downfall of Reebok led to Adidas buying the company and adding its brand for their rising operation.



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