Oedipus the King

 Oedipus the King Composition


A great Abridged and Adapted Type of Sophocles' Play*

simply by Nick Bartel, 1999

(Intended for use as Readers' Theater inside the Junior -- Senior High School Classroom)


Oedipus, King of Thebes

Jocasta, His Wife

Creon, His Brother-in-Law

Teiresias, a vintage Blind Telepathist A Priest

First Messenger

Second Messenger

A Herdsman

A Refrain of Old guys of Thebes (three or maybe more chorus

members)[Non-Speaking Parts]

Servants of Oedipus (2)

Children and young priests who hope; one qualified prospects Teiresias

Antigone and Ismene, daughters of Oedipus

Scene: Facing Oedipus' building in Thebes. To the right is a great altar where a priest stands with a crowd of children in sorrowful plea. Oedipus comes forth from the palace door. The chorus is definitely on the left.


Children, why do you sit here with these kinds of sorrow, crying out to the gods? The town is stuffed with the appears of hymns and smells of incense! I, whom all guys call the fantastic, came out to understand of this me personally.

[He becomes to the clergyman. ] You're outdated and they are youthful. Come, speak for them. So what do you fear or desire that you stay here desperate? I'm willing to give everything you may need.


Head of the family Oedipus, these types of innocent kids and I, the priest of Zeus, we come face to face with pray at your altars. California king, you have found our metropolis tossing like a wrecked deliver in a surprise. It can hardly lift it is prow out of the depths, from the bloody surf. A disease is upon the plants with the earth and on the cows in our areas. A blight is in our ladies that no children are given birth to to these people. Our metropolis is emptied of it is people whilst black Loss of life reaps the harvest of our tears. We certainly have come approach you, um king. You visited and saved our metropolis, and separated us in the monster Sphinx who enslaved us. This kind of you did by your wisdom; some Goodness was with you. Oedipus, best in all gents eyes, we all pray, locate some power again and rescue our city. Maybe you'll hear a wise word whispered by some Our god, or in just about any human approach you know. Noblest of males, keep each of our city via sinking. This kind of land of ours telephone calls you its savior while you saved this once. Prior to you brought us fortune; help all of us again with this misfortune.


I shame you, kids. I know you all are sick and tired, yet not merely one of you suffers as much as I. My heart grieves and I have got wept various tears for this reason. I have considered only one expect, one remedy: I directed Creon, my own brother-in-law, to inquire Apollo at his brow how I can save this city. He's gone much longer than he necessary for the trip. But when he comes, however shall carry out all the Goodness commands.

Clergyman: Thank you for the kind phrases. Look, the servants signal that Creon is coming now.

Oedipus: His confront is dazzling! O o Lord Apollo, grant that his reports will also be glowing and will lead us comfort! [Creon enters. ] Lord Creon, my very good brother, what is the word you bring us through the God?

Creon: A good word. Apollo commanded us drive an automobile out a pollution from your land, a pollution that may be nourished here. Drive it and we happen to be saved.

Oedipus: How shall it be performed?

Creon: By banishing a male or by using blood, for doing it is a murder's guilt that holds our city in this destructive thunderstorm.

Oedipus: That is this person whose destiny the The almighty reveals?

Creon: My lord, before you visited to guide us, we had a king referred to as Laius. Apollo commanded that someone discipline this deceased man's murderers.

Oedipus: In which are they? Exactly where would a trace of the old offense be found?

Creon: The clue is this area, so stated the God.

Oedipus: Wherever did this murder come about?

Creon: The king was on a trip, although never came back.

Oedipus: Was there not any messenger, not any fellow traveler who also knew so what happened?

Creon: These were all murdered, except 1. He fled in fear and this individual could inform us nothing in clear terms of what he knew. Nothing, nevertheless one thing.

Oedipus: What was that? If we a new clue, we would discover more.

Creon: This man declared that the criminals were many; it was not just a single...



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