Plastic Pollution

 Plastic Air pollution Essay

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16 Apr 2012

Article III

How Plastic Polluting of the environment is Out of Control

Many individuals underestimate the number of plastic we all use each day. According to the content " Plastic Bags Wars”, " the earth consumes you million plastic shopping hand bags every minute”. Plastic luggage, along with many other types of materials, have become a leading source of pollution worldwide (Doucette). Captain Charles Moore, owner of the Algalita foundation states that we use two million plastic bottles in the United States every a few minutes. Discovered by Charles Moore in 97, the " Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is a prime example of the number of plastic polluting of the environment that makes its way into the ocean from property. The Great Pacific cycles Garbage Patch has been referred to as a filthy plastic material collage of discarded mugs, straws, lids, bags, and food container's. These large patches of plastic dust have also been identified as the nation's most important marine particles problem (Murphy). This tremendous amount of plastic polluting of the environment on the beaches and in our oceans is doing harm to humans and marine life; therefore , to stop this global issue, we must prevent plastics by entering our oceans.

The Center pertaining to Marine Preservation, an environmental group operating out of Washington, states that the number one source of particles on beaches from Santa Monica Hinton 2

to Miami is plastic trash (Murphy). During the past, ships out at sea have been the main cause of materials in the marine, dumping 18 billion pounds of trash into the sea every year (Amaral). Before the make use of plastic, garbage dumped crazy consisted of natural materials that will sink towards the bottom biodegrade quickly (Amaral). Today, Plastic material that is chucked into the marine floats for the surface and may remain so for four hundred years (Amaral). Although there is today a regulation making it illegitimate to remove plastics in the ocean, it is hard to put in force and ensure that ships are not polluting the oceans. How exactly does trash make it's approach into the sea? In " Better World Garbage Patch”, Kositgen points out that the cause of trash coming into the sea is very straightforward. He explains, for example , that " when a glass gets broken off the beach front in, claim, San Francisco, this gets found in the Washington dc Current making it way throughout the coast toward Central America”(Kostigen). Just one bit of trash that enters the ocean is usually taken all over the world by the different currents inside the ocean. According to " Beaches Too much water in Plastic Pollution”, research was executed to analyze how much trash gathered on beaches across America. In Are usually County, almost 68% of debris collected for the survey was some form of plastic (Murphy). An overall total of more than 3 million bits of debris had been recorded, only a small area of the amount of trash thrown on our beaches. Local official's in Santa Monica suggest that most of the plastic material collected inside the survey was the result of beach front visitors putting aside all their trash. Through the summer months at Santa Monica Beach, maintenance crews gathered twelve a lot of garbage for the weekends. According to Kostigen, " the UNEP reports that today 80 percent of all marine dirt that

Hinton several

washes ashore – such as trash and toxic matter – originally comes from shore-based activities”(Kostigen). A big portion of plastic material pollution, yet , is flushed into the water from storm drains, rivers, and creeks. In accordance to Murphy, " during heavy rainstorms, the drains and waterways act as large siphons, dumping the debris directly inside the ocean” (Murphy). It is apparent that we are unable to control the elements but what we are able to control is our actions. Instead of putting aside our trash on the beach, we should dispose of the trash effectively. Murphy reviews that users of the ocean conservation middle conclude " that the average person poses a major threat to beaches and marine life”(Murphy). Although we all cannot collect every existing piece of plastic in the...

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