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Title: The US Government violating the Material Support Statute.


To: Barack Obama, President of the United States

From: College student

Date: November doze, 2013

Subject: The government violating the united states Material Support Statute.

Seeing that, September you, 2011, america has gone to extreme actions to not only fight terrorism but prevent it also. Under federal law, nowadays there are criminal and civil charges for anyone offering " material support” into a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). In Holder vs . Humanitarian Law Task, the Great Court acknowledged a very wide-ranging definition of what constitutes " material support. ” The Court essentially held that a person is guilty of providing " material support” if the aid provided to the organization might somehow get into the hands of an FTO. This turns into an issue pertaining to the United States govt when we all of the to the Free of charge Syrian Military (FSA), as we tend to ignore these rebels are struggling alongside terrorist organizations. Specifically, we have no way of knowing if the cash given to the FSA may well somehow enter the hands of an FTO. The United States at this time can avoid prosecution in such material support situations unless it explicitly waives its full sovereign coin immunity. The United States should do so in order to send a better message for the world that we are actually aiming to prevent terrorism from happening instead of helping it.

In 1996 the united states Congress came up with the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Fatality Penalty Act (AEDPA), following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing (Sutherland 237). In section 2339B of AEDPA, the definition of " materials support” can be mentioned and created (Sutherland 237). When ever Congress handed the USA Patriot Act of 2001 plus the Intelligence Change and Terrorism Prevent Take action of 2005, both functions successfully broadened the definition of " material support” (Sutherland 237-238). Underneath the...

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