Precautionary Actions

 Precautionary Measures Essay

Below can be described as more complete list of precautionary measures we can do before, during, and after a hurricane. They may be added measures that may be added to these types of lists. Just before a Typhoon:

1 . Support your family check and correct your house for just about any damage (especially the rooftops and windows), so it can easily withstand the strong gusts of wind. 2 . Point out to your family people to replenish an adequate food supply such as grain, canned products, and foods that would last even without a fridge. 3. Replenish an adequate supply of drinking water, and water to get cleaning or perhaps other uses. 4. Make flashlights, electric batteries for lights and car radio, candles and kerosene bulbs, or additional lighting gadgets. 5. Make a first-aid kit.

6. Always monitor news about the typhoon, if on television or radio. In case the power is cut, keep a radio on and configured in to news. 7. Help check and clean the community drainage system and canals to prevent flood. eight. Check your electrical posts to stop accidents. If you see some impending danger as a result of weak electric powered posts that might fall, statement this for the electric company so they can reinforce it right away. being unfaithful. Remind family members to cut all branches of trees around your house that could possibly show up on your house. 10. Help check all electrical alerts.

11. Educate younger associates of your family members what to do throughout a typhoon. doze. Pack a bag with clothes, battery packs, flashlight, drinking water, canned merchandise and other requirements, in case you have to evacuate. During a Typhoon:

1 ) Stay calm and be notify.

2 . Stay indoors. Put off any ideas of journeys or errands.

3. Monitor the weather reviews. Check what is going on around you. 4. When local authorities advise you to evacuate, do it. Move family members pets and valuable into a safe place; turn off gas valves, electrical power and water, when safe to do so. your five. If you happen to end up being outdoors if a typhoon comes, (a) avoid electric blogposts and cables; (b) by no means stand within lone tree in an available field to avoid being struck by super; (c) hardly ever fix your TV antenna during a thunderstorm; (d) avoid boats and from lakes; and (e) enter the nearby safe refuge. 6. Avoid staying or going to low-lying and coastal areas which can be prone to surges or thunderstorm surge. six. Be ready to evacuate if necessary. Leave your house as soon as you recognize you are not secure. 8. Boil drinking water and have some bottled water ready.

being unfaithful. If you happen to have a car or any land automobile when the storm comes, you are usually secure, but not when there is a flood. 10. Should you roofs have very little ports where wind gusts pass through, or sometimes, when the winds of a typhoon are incredibly strong, you may need to open a number of windows inside the opposite side of your house to let the wind move across. 11. Keep an eye on flood reports and predictions.

12. Possess a avalanche plan which usually everyone in the family will abide by when necessary. Anticipate to act on the food plan. Make a flood set up of necessary items, just like your essentials for typhoons. After a Typhoon:

1 . Have a knowledgeable person inspect power wiring prior to using electric appliances. It will always be advisable to never use kitchen appliances immediately after a typhoon particularly if your house got flooded. 2 . Check for any damage, which includes water pipes, and help make necessary vehicle repairs as soon as possible. three or more. Boil drinking water before drinking it to avoid getting sick.

4. Wear slippers, sneakers or other footwear, intended for protection from any sharp or pointed objects that might have got fallen. a few. Avoid power wires that have fallen.

6. Stay away from overflow waters. They will carry water-borne diseases. Many people who have survived a storm nevertheless braved overflow waters actually have been in the hospital, not just to get injuries or perhaps diarrhea, but also for the deadly leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is also known as Weil's syndrome, and is also caused by bacterial infection when grubby water polluted with creature urine (commonly rats) touches a person's unhealed wounds or scratches, recently...



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