Prison compared to Rehabilitation

 Prison versus Rehabilitation Essay

Punishment or Rehabilitation?

You select!!

Prepared by: DeEtte Heaton

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I need you to imagine yourself really different place, a different your life if you is going to. Imagine a deep darker life influenced by a sick and tired unexplainable need. Every minute clouded by a sickness that you do not figure out. This monster growing inside of you distorts every thought you have. Your decisions are no longer your very own; they are this kind of monster's; this evil factor that consumes away at your soul. Your daily life has content spun out of control. Need to deal with even want to go see your young ones and your partner. Your job have been long lost. Your body no longer feels as though your personal. You cannot bear to try looking in the reflect, because cope with see your individual reflection. The face is gone, dropped inside you somewhere. You hate the monster that took your house, but you are too weak to fight that off any longer. Now, I would like you to think about this same battered body lying on a cool steel bed. Every muscle hurts with withdrawal. The mind is rotating with shock, regret, and fear. All you could hear are angry voices yelling each and every other or laughing toward you, and the continuous clang of steel doors is definitely deafening. Tears are running down your face as you see your kid's faces expensive in your mind. You begin to die with the conclusion that they are gonna spend the subsequent twenty years with out you. You will never see them graduate from secondary school, or even school. Will you be residence in time to walk the oldest down the aisle as she seamlessly puts together? Will you call at your new grandchildren beyond the glass of any visiting area? The pain of everything you have done is too much, and still you do not quite comprehend in which it all proceeded to go wrong. Exactly why is this occurring? Did you murder an individual? Did you rape a kid? Did you rob a bank?

There exists an ongoing battle in our world today. It's the war on prescription drugs. This conflict is so much more than we come across on the news. It is a battle among a man and a monster that uses him. It might be a challenge between the same man as well as the law. Always, the challenge between society and its lawmakers over consequence or therapy for these offenders pushes on as they continue to overfill our prisons with addicts.

Above five mil adults in the United States are manageable of the lawbreaker justice system, in possibly prison, both equally state and federal, or jail, and probation or perhaps parole. Above 60% of those people are medication offenders, and 32. 8% of those are first time offenders. That means there is currently three million People in the usa incarcerated intended for drugs, and 984, 000 of them are generally there for a very first time offense. The other twenty-seven. 2% happen to be split similarly. Half of them were rearrested by parole officers intended for positive urine tests as well as the other half have been rearrested for brand spanking new drug related crimes. One common denominator they reveal is that they are all drug addicts.

Now glance at the cost to the taxpayers of America. It costs $32, 600 to house an inmate for one year in this country. That is a merged cost of $39 billion us dollars a year that Americans will be paying with the tax dollars. The average jail sentence is 5 years, so that means each of the people inmates is usually costing American taxpayers $163, 000. 00 for their incarcerated time. Not to mention the fact that a majority of of them will do a minimum of 5 years upon parole, that will cost an additional 25- 31 thousand taxpayer dollars.

The prison program has become a spinning door to get drug addicts. They are really arrested, incarcerated, and released on parole or devoir. It seems to be a never-ending circuit. In the prison system, just 15% of inmates billed with medicine related crimes are offered treatment. This happens for a number of reasons. The biggest reasons are overcrowding and underfunding. The average treatment in an American prison runs between 62...

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