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Fresh Product/Service Expansion Plan

Presented by: Captain christopher Amos

Table of Articles


1 . Executive Summary2

installment payments on your Complete Product/Service Description3

3. Benefits that customers will certainly recognize and realize3

4. Competitive Analysis4

5. Market-research steps necessary to test the concept6

6th. Safety or perhaps Health concerns with the use of your innovations10

7. Creation Strategy10

8. Launch Approach and Considerations of applying Strategic Forces to get to market11

9. References12

Executive Synopsis

For Delight Only can be described as 10, 500 square ft . modern day salon & spa that is located in the southern region loop of Chicago ARIANNE at 5iphon W Roosevelt Road, with plans on turning into the #1 leader within our industry inside the Chicago property area.

There are numerous salon & spa companies in the location, but none provide the solutions that we give in one location. We will certainly excel with this market as a result of personal wedding caterers that we can provide to each client. We work on providing the best customer care possible by simply exceeding almost all expectation of your clients. All of us will offer high grade salon & spa products to our customers at affordable prices, within a professionally designed relaxing atmosphere. For Satisfaction Only will certainly operate 7-days-per-week with prolonged hours Thursday-Saturday. Business will be based on sessions and walk-ins. Degreed and licensed medical doctors, cosmetologists, practitioners, and estheticians will provide our services. For Pleasure Simply will be a great establishment which will host, wedding showers, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and social networking occasions. The most rewarding consumer intended for our company will probably be professional females over 35 years aged; research has shown that they provide the largest method to obtain demand for each of our industry services. The majority of each of our staff is definitely commissioned staff. This provides all of them the incentive to be sent and build a customer base for themselves that will bring within a lucrative income for not only them but actually will also increase revenue for the corporation. The salon & hot tub industry has changed into a way of life for a lot of, which comprises tremendous expansion in the years to come for this sector. We will certainly continue to expand with the marketplace and keep plan the trends of the industry to take advantage of the growth now and the years to come. All of us expect earnings to be reached in the third quarter of your first yr. Service Description For Delight Only is known as a 10, 1000 square ft . modern day barbershop, salon & spa that is certainly located in the south cycle of Chi town IL at 555 T Roosevelt Highway, with plans on becoming the #1 leader in our industry in the Chicago land place.

We will give you a variety of products in beauty appearance, toe nail and skin care, and healing spa companies. The mission is to focus on all of our customer needs by giving superior customer satisfaction, state of the art salon & health spa equipment, top-of-the-line beauty products, and a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, that includes a tavern & community hall area to meet your urge for food and heart all in one convenient location. There are many salon & spa establishments in the area, although non-e give the services that we offer in a single convenient location. We all will surpass in this marketplace because of the personal catering that individuals will provide to each client. We all strive in providing the very best customer service conceivable by going above all expectation of our customers.

We will offer you premium damefris?r, salon & spa product or service to our clients at affordable prices, in a professionally designed relaxing ambiance. For Satisfaction Only is going to operate all week with expanded hours Thursday-Saturday. Business depends on appointments and walk-ins. Degreed and licensed medical professionals, barbers,...

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