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32 BitГ—32 Bit Multiprecision Razor-Based Powerful

Voltage Running Multiplier With Operands Scheduler

Xiaoxiao Zhang, Student Affiliate, IEEE, Farid Boussaid, Older Member, IEEE, and Amine Bermak, Many other, IEEE

Abstract— In this daily news, we present a multiprecision (MP)

reconfigurable multiplier that incorporates changing precision, parallel processing (PP), razor-based active voltage climbing (DVS), and dedicated MP operands organizing to provide ideal performance for a variety of working conditions. All the building blocks from the proposed reconfigurable multiplier can either work as independent smaller-precision multipliers or work in parallel to perform higher-precision epreuve. Given the user's requirements (e. g., throughput), a dynamic voltage/frequency scaling administration unit configures the multiplier to operate on the proper precision and rate of recurrence. Adapting

for the run-time work load of the targeted application, razor blade

flip-flops as well as a dithering voltage product then configure the multiplier to achieve the most affordable power ingestion. The

single-switch dithering ac electricity unit and razor flip-flops help to reduce the voltage security margins and overhead typically

associated to DVS towards the lowest level. The top silicon location and power overhead commonly associated to reconfigurability features are taken off. Finally, the proposed book MP multiplier can even more benefit by an operands scheduler that rearranges the input data, hence to look for the optimum ac electricity and

rate of recurrence operating circumstances for bare minimum power intake. This low-power MP multiplier is fabricated in AMIS 0. 35-Вµm

technology. Experimental results show that the recommended MP

design and style features a twenty-eight. 2% and 15. 8% reduction in signal area

and power intake compared with regular fixed-width multiplier. When merging this MP design with error-tolerant razor-based DVS, PP, plus the proposed story operands scheduler, 77. 7%–86. 3% total power lowering is obtained with a total silicon area overhead just 11. 1%. This newspaper successfully displays that a MEGA-PIXEL architecture enables more aggressive frequency/supply ac electricity scaling to get improved electrical power efficiency. Index Terms— Pc arithmetic, active voltage running, low electricity design, multi-precision multiplier.



ONSUMERS demand for significantly portable yet highperformance multimedia system and communication products imposes stringent constraints on the power consumption of

individual inner components [1]–[4]. Of such, multipliers perform one of the most often encountered arithmetic

Manuscript received June almost 8, 2012; revised February 10, 2013; recognized February twenty, 2013. This kind of work was supported in part by a give from the HASTKRAFTER Research Grant Council, below Grant 610509 and the Australian Research Council's Discovery Jobs Funding Scheme under Scholarhip DP130104374. X. Zhang and A. Bermak are together with the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Hong Kong College or university of Research and Technology, Hong Kong (e-mail: [email protected] hk; [email protected] hk).

F. Boussaid is with the college of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Executive, The University of Traditional western Australia, Perth 6017, Sydney (e-mail: farid. [email protected] edu. au).

Color versions of just one or more with the п¬Ѓgures with this paper can be obtained online by

Digital Object Identifier 10. 1109/TVLSI. 2013. 2252032

operations in digital sign processors (DSPs) [4]. For embedded applications, it is now essential to design and style more power-aware multipliers [4]–[13]. Provided their quite complex structure and interconnections, multipliers can exhibit many unbalanced paths, resulting in substantial glitch

generation and propagation [8], [11]. This spurious...



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