Onion and calamansi remove as cockroach killer

 Essay on Onion and calamansi remove as cockroach killer

" Kalamansi and Onion Draw out as Cockroach Killer"


Subject English cartier

Girlie Con. Quilla

Kenneth Gedeon A. Ramada

Feb . 2014



Cockroaches are routine pests in the tropics. They have been known to trigger allergic reactions to the majority of people and chew slots on clothing. They have been seen to contaminate meals at the same time contaminate It together with the bacteria they carry. The bacteria they will spread in food may cause food poisoning. People have applied various musical instruments to control the cockroach injury in homes. The most famous is the frequently used insecticide canisters. Most of these may destroy cockroaches but they can also do significant damage to individuals as well. Cockroaches are pesky insects of the purchase Blattaria or Blattodea, of which about 31 species out of 4500 total happen to be associated with human habitations. About four kinds are well known as pests. Cockroaches are among the oldest categories of insects, indicating how good they have been in adapting to changes in their particular environments. One of many reason for this success can be related to diet-- they are scavengers and will take in anything organic and natural. They favor food resources such as starches, sweets, fat, and beef products, yet other things may include mozzarella cheese, beer, household leather, glue, curly hair, and starch in publication bindings, flakes Cockroaches are one of the most frequently noted infestations insects because of their population. Cockroaches are also the hardiest insects on the planet because there is a capability to stay alive for a month with out food as well as the question on everyone's brain is: What can be an effective and all-natural insecticide which could kill cockroaches?.

Statement in the Problem

The main problem of this study is to produce a cockroach killer employing Kalamansi and Onion draw out. It especially attempts to reply to the following analysis problems. 1) What parts does the Red onion and Kalamansi have that kills cockroaches? 2) Just how many will the number of aerosol of the remove affect the number of died cockroaches? 3) Is there any effectiveness on onion and kalamansi extract because cockroach great?

Hypothesis of the study

Based on the foregoing study problems discovered, the researcher formulated this hyphothesis: Onion and kalamansi extracts is an effective cockroach great.

Conceptual Structure

Independent Reliant

Figure 1 ) 1

The figure shows the Independent and Based mostly Variables, in kalamansi and Onion draw out as a great cockroach great.

Significance of the Study

A large number of people will surely benefit from this kind of study not merely because it is more affordable than business one although also it offers Medical beliefs and the health threats are smaller and it also support our mother earth being demolished by the hazardous products. Big production of these products can enable more Filipinos to lessen their expenditures with regards to chemical insecticide items. Compared to released products, this product don't influence ones health insurance and can be used on the cockroaches even without using masks intended for respiratory safety. The elements needed for this kind of study may be easily throughout the kitchen and even in the environment and In addition to that it is all-natural and is green. The result of this kind of study will help the community minimize the number of cockroaches in their homes and help the individuals being risk of harmful merchandise that they are applying nowadays. This study may kill cockroaches that trigger food poisoning and hypersensitivity to people with out buying pricey commercial insecticides.  Also it helps the students to find out about how to use our own methods and have the familiarity with making their own insecticide today. The student will even learn what are the things that may kill the cockroaches that help their father and mother of killing the pest in their homes. They can as well share this kind of research to their friends, classmates...



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