Reflection of Care Supervision

 Reflection of Care Managing Essay


The aim of this assignment is usually to write a reflective commentary in scenario two (Mrs Green) and how it includes assisted me personally in meeting the component learning results and build up my medical skill such as Privacy and Dignity, Personal Hygiene, Elimination, Fluid Balance. Catheter Care, Pressure Area Care, Moving and Controlling, Observation and Rapid Analysis.

Kim & Loretta (2003), stated that Atkinson & Murphy (1993) identified the key skills needed for reflection since ‘self awareness, the ability to recollect and identify accurately key aspect of the specific situation, critical analysis of the circumstance and activity of new expertise gained while using previous understanding, in order to develop a new perspective'. I will discuss, describe, and analyse and evaluate the learning activities that took place in the Market Day Workshop, Simulation center, and website link it for the Anatomy and Physiology lectures. Furthermore I will discuss thought and contemplated how I will build up my skill and understanding further ?nternet site progress through the course and then draw a conclusion.

The scenario is around Mrs Green, a seventy six year old woman who has three month good altered intestinal pattern and weight loss. She was identified as having colorectal cancer and confessed for belly surgery.

The tutor released us to Mrs Green who is each day post stomach surgery affected person. She is nil by mouth accompanied by pre- surgical bowel prep. She experienced supplement of intervention that was administered to keep up normal body fluid level and electrolyte balance. This lady has indwelling urinary catheter /formation of stoma to drain urine. Injury drain takes away fluid and or blood from your surgical web page and helps the healing process. Nasogastric tubes are used for short -term nutritional support and also pertaining to aspiration of stomach material and Wyatt stocking help prevent blood coagulation.

‘The Substance of Proper care Market Working day Workshop' provides helped develop my know-how on the need for maintaining privacy and pride in medical care setting.

The ‘Pressure Region Risk Assessment' lecture is very important to all of us as a college student nurse to know what is pressure ulcers, how ulcer develops, how they can end up being prevented and treated. Nurses need to be able to determine a patient who may be at danger of expanding pressure ulcers.

From the ‘Post Operation Recovery' lecture, I used to be able to understand the factors which can affect patients' recovery following undergoing a surgery. Such as anxiety, flexibility, sleep, soreness, wound healing, information about the requirement of further treatment, how the individual will take care of and how surgical procedure will influence on existing issue.

The spiel on ‘Unitary Craterisation' means a general overview of the history of catheter, precisely what is indwelling catheters, the type plus the number times which can be brief, medium, long-term and finally the situation associated with urinary catheterisation.

Were shown how to carry and perform foundation bathing for Mrs Green. Iggulden, MacDonald and Staniland (2009), ‘aver that understructure bathing is an important clinical skill for any registered nurse to carry out'. It is supporting a patient using their personal health when confined to bed for the period of time. Pickup bed bathing is a best opportunity to build up relationship and discuss whatever may be bothering the patient, to evaluate their skin area for reddened area, that provide internal benefit if they find out they are clean and free of human body odour. Sufferers who endure pain and depression caused by a serious health such as having surgery will have a much better view on thing if they are clean.

With ‘Moving and Handling' exercise i was shown how you can safely use the hoists, slipping sheet and boards in moving and handling individual. The Manual Handling Operation Regulation (2002), advise all of us on the need to use gear to reduce manual handling risk.

In pairs of two we were asked to carry a clinical assessment on Mrs Green. My own colleague and i also introduced themselves to her. All of us explained...

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