Reseach Method

 Reseach Method Essay



Through this chapter, the study discusses the method to the adopted in performing this analyze. These types of procedures explained in Anyanwu, (1994) include the subsequent:

Sources of data, area of protection, sample prepare, sample device, sample framework, sample size and test procedures and question focused designed.

Those procedures were evidence inside the work of Anyanwu (2000). It will also demonstrate how info are collected and assessed.


This exploration would have covered the three settings of transport (road, air and sea) but because of inaccessibility towards the existing sea-port in Lagos and Port-Harcourt, the investigator only protected two ways of transportation, road and air.

The street transport that was surveyed included ABC Transport, Chisco transport and Dan Us dollars Transport Firm out of other street transport corporations in Nigeria. Three aircarrier companies working domestic ways such as Sosoliso, Chanchangi and Arik aircarrier companies were studied.

three or more. 2 TYPES OF DATA

The researcher employs both primary and extra sources in collecting data. This yet , measures you will of the inhabitants in the method consisting of observation, survey and private interviews.

three or more. 3 TEST PLAN

This can be the framework employed as a information in collecting and examining elements of the study. It consists of the population and sample size. The sample plan nevertheless , includes the staff of the picked transportation companies in this study and the travellers who are definitely the respondents.

In cases like this, questionnaires had been administered around the travelers. Mouth interview was also conducted on the travellers to get information which were thought to be relevant in the research work. This is because intended for the form the tourists who have travel at all times. This was regarded better than the administering customer survey which some of them would not interact to the interview was conducted to travellers on the reservation desk or after booking.

three or more. 3. one particular SAMPLE DEVICE

Permission was granted to the researcher in the managers of those transport corporations to be surveyed to administer questionnaire on their consumers and also to execute oral interviews on those customers.


This involves the chosen transport companies and the customers. Individuals however contain names in the surveyed spots, the transfer companies, numbers of travelers and customers.



|Names of transportation companies |Number of customers/travelers |Numbers of customers/travelers |Total | |ABC Transport |10 |10 |20 | |Chisco Transport |10 |10 |20 | |Dan Dollars |15 |5 |20 | |Arik Airline |15 |5 |20 | |Chanchangi |11 |9 |20 | |Total |61 |39 |100


The citizenry for the research is amount of four twenty people from the selected transportation companies ABC, CHISCO, KEMUDIAN DOLLARS, SOSOLISO, ARIK, and CHANCHANGI. Transfer companies inclusive of their corporations include the consumers mentioned. Transportation companies and 35 customers were chosen each through the six transfer companies in the two towns, Lagos and Port Harcourt respectively sample since the emphasis of unintentional...

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