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In every civilizations around the globe, whether poor or abundant, proper services to disperse safe water and an ample amount of it to its residents, is absolutely necessary. South Korea is among many countries that contain the majority of their particular population obtaining safe normal water however , not all of To the south Korea's people are able to get safe drinking water.

Many Koreans are fortunate enough to receive secure water to their homes. In fact , 83% receive safe water. South Korea however , continues to be struggling each day to maintain that percentage. Although many people of South Korea have access to a safe drinking water supply, the issue is not the ease of access of normal water but the is actually the quantity of, in volume, that South Korea is able to source to the people. There are numerous reasons for the struggles that South Korea faces.

Southern region Korea's problem with distributing secure water to its population is brought on by several things. The first and major problem handles the great quantity of sewerage in the estuaries and rivers and other bodies of water that is used sooner or later as water to drink. As the citizenry grows in South Korea, so will the sewage. Sewerage companies are not able to keep up with the amounts of manure and are " forced" to leave what they are unable to maintain, in the rivers. When in the estuaries and rivers the sewerage will visit other lakes, specifically the ocean. By simply allowing manure to circulation into the estuaries and rivers and in the ocean the companies are hurting the fishing industry, the industry major supply of food for the Koreans. Another reason the fact that safe hydrant is having difficulties is because the population of Southern Korea keeps growing as fast as the economy. As a result, more persons equal the demand for secure water. Southern Korea's normal water facilities are lacking in their ability to distribute adequate amount of water to the current population, so as the population develops Korea must think the way they are going to manage a larger who also demand more water.

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