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Skeletal System

Your skeletal system performs several key capabilities in the body. The key features of the human being skeletal system are: Support: Our bone fragments provide the solidity we need to function. Protection: The rigidity of your bones allows them to protect our internal organs from destruction for example the ribs cage as well as the skull. Movement: Without the power of our bone tissues we more than likely be able to push our muscle tissue are moored to our our bones. Storage: Each of our bones can be a storehouse for fat and certain essential minerals. Bloodstream cell creation: Most of the blood elements are made in the bones. Mineral homeostasis: stores calcium and phosphorus--minerals are released in the blood as needed. Appendicular bones

Appendicular skeleton

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TheВ appendicular skeletonВ is made up of 126 bone tissues in the body. The word appendicular is the appositive of the nounВ appendage, which alone means an element that is became a member of to a thing larger. Functionally it is involved in locomotion (lower limbs) of theaxial skeletonВ and manipulation of objects inside the environment (upper limbs). The appendicular bones forms during development via cartlilage, by process ofendochondral ossification. The appendicular skeleton is divided into six major regions: 1) Pectoral girdles (4 bones) - Kept and rightВ clavicleВ (2) andВ scapulaВ (2). 2) Arms and forearms (6 bones) -- Left and rightВ humerusВ (2) (arm), В ulnaВ (2) andВ radius(2) (forearm). 3) Hands (54 bones) -- Left and rightВ carpalsВ (16) (wrist), В metacarpalsВ (10), В proximal phalangesВ (10), В intermediate phalangesВ (8) andВ distal phalangesВ (10). 4)В PelvisВ (2 bones) - Left and rightВ hip boneВ (2).

5) Thighs and legs (8 bones) - Still left and rightВ femurВ (2) (thigh), В patellaВ (2) (knee), В tibiaВ (2) andВ fibulaВ (2) (leg). 6) Toes and ankles (52 bones) - Remaining and rightВ tarsalsВ (14) (ankle), В metatarsalsВ (10), proximal...




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