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Angel Mining plc –

Angel Mining is a company established to grow, expand and manage its operations successfully. This strategy will provide information and step-by-step procedures to achieve those goals. This year intended for Angel Exploration was irrefutably better than 2011. Some of the advancements are –

Raising Funds that allowed a significant decline in net debts Production and retrieval of precious metal from Nalunaq

Smooth functions at Dark-colored Angel

Business Overview

Angel Mining bargains in gold, zinc, business lead and sterling silver the company include contracts in Greenland and Nalunaq exactly where they are producing gold after which sending them to their refineries, there are some recommendations that can end up being beneficial for the organisation. A single recommendation for the company would be to release their retail outlet as they may supply their particular products for a cheaper charge and sell on the highest requesting. Financial Guide

Presently, the organisation owes more than a $22.99, 000 which is looking to raise more cash in order to pay back on the next repayment particular date February 2013. This is because the trading income only addresses the operation costs in the mines and leaves significantly less to be invested again in the commercial. In order to increase the company should achieve its objectives (New Minerals and Retail Outlet) by December 2014 or perhaps early 2015, which will help generate more income.

For this job the company must raise about $200, 1000 essentially with partner which has experience in other minerals/rocks and retail outlets intended for exceptional customer support and store settings. A joint venture can be preferable which has a 50-50 offer where the opportunity receives usage of cheaper recycleables and high profits. In addition , at the ending of the job most venture sell their shares to check out other purchases – Angel Mining can easily reduce their debts and plant all their other income source where they can generate profits every sixty seconds. Vision Assertion

To have a financially strong manufacturer organisation with local stores support the backbone of operations and also high mental property and brand image. S. W. O. T


Experience in mining operations

Constant reduction in net debts

Own refinery

Income generates from two distinct sites

Dedicated executives staff and clubs

New Technological advances


High Net Debt

Goals not attained in terms of extraction

Selling's usually rates instead of high

Substantial operational costs


Ways to fresh markets

Appealing to a new form of customer

Encounter in selling aspects

Minimizing its costs

Increasing productivity


Loss in power as a result of a partnership

Company may possibly go into administration if net debts piles on

Twice production means double salary and energy use – if certainly not handled effectively, can lead to severe losses

Organization Summary

6th Station Highway


PE10 0NN
United Kingdom

Company Not any - 3319691

Key Persons

Chairman – Frank Chapman

Nicholas Area MA FCA – Ceo


Daniel Bordessa BCom, MBA – nonexecutive Director


Abbot Bromley and Finch Consultants Limited

P3. one particular

Produce a great assessment of existing business aims and ideas.

Aims and Objectives

You’re able to send objectives for 2012 are:

Maximise the supportable gold creation at Nalunaq

Develop a financing plan for Dark-colored Angel

Operate smarter cost reduction program


You’re able to send objective is always to increase the production charge to achieve their 1500 – 2000 ounces gold monthly target. The organization is creating gold from low – high-grade ores through the process flower. In order to reduce its cost the firm is intending to increase time intervals involving the shipments along with reduce costs upon energy, chemical substance consumption and gold tavern shipments. This can be a realistic strategy and can help the company to boost its productivity. However , the production line may...



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