Study Composition

Karl Marx

1818-1883 by Dr . Frank Elwell


This presentation is dependent on the ideas of Karl Marx as presented in his books classified by the bibliography. A more total summary of Marx's theories (as well as the theories of other macrotheorists) can be found in Macrosociology: The Study of Sociocultural Systems, by Frank Watts. Elwell. If you would like to receive a. pdf file of the phase on Marx please write me in [email protected] edu and put Marx. pdf in the subject line.



Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a socialist theoretician and organizer, a major figure in the history of economic and philosophical thought, and a great social prophet.


Personally, I like to call him the last in the old Legs prophets. This individual basically prophesized that person would sooner or later create a heaven on earth. That people would every someday reside in brotherhood, posting our skillsets and each of our wealth.


In this business presentation we can focus on his role as a sociological theorist. His articles have had a huge impact on all of the social savoir, but particularly upon sociology.

Major Mental Contributions:

1 . Elaboration from the conflict model of society, especially the theory of social transform based upon antagonisms between interpersonal classes; installment payments on your The perception that power originates mainly in economical production; and 3. His concern with the social origins of alienation.

Social Evolution

Marx's perspective was depending on an evolutionary point of departure. Contemporary society was composed of a moving balance of antithetical forces that create social change by their stress and have difficulty.

Social Evolution

Struggle, rather than peaceful expansion, was the engine of improvement; strife was the father of most things, and social turmoil was the key of the traditional process.

Pushes of Production

Marx thought that the basis of the interpersonal order in each and every society is definitely the production of economic products. What is developed, how it really is produced, and exactly how it is traded determine right after in someones wealth, electricity, and social status.

Contact of Creation

For Marx, the entire cultural system is depending on the manner through which men and women connect with one another within their continuous struggle to wrest all their livelihood kind nature.

Associations of Creation

" The first historical act is…the production of fabric life by itself. ” Marx goes on to admit " this can be indeed a great historical action, a fundamental current condition of history. ”

Relations of Production

In other words, unless this act is usually fulfilled (the production of fabric life), there is no other, All cultural life is dependent upon the quest for a sufficiency of consuming meals, for habitation and for garments.

Relations of Production

This quest to satisfy basic demands is central to understanding social life—and is as the case today as it was in history.

Relations of Production

The quest to satisfy basic demands were male's primary goals at the daybreak of the contest and are still central when endeavors are made to analyze the complexities of modern life.

Secondary Needs

When fundamental needs have already been met, this leads to the creation of new demands. Man (and woman) is actually a perpetually disappointed animal. Man's struggle against nature will not cease when basic demands are gratified.

Secondary Demands

The production of new needs progress when means are found to permit the fulfillment of old ones. Human beings engage in antagonistic cooperation as soon as they keep the communal stage of development to be able to satisfy their particular primary and secondary needs.

Antagonistic Assistance

Marx argued that because human beings need to organize their particular activities to be able to clothe, nourish, and residence themselves, every single society is definitely build on a fiscal base. The complete form cultural organization takes varies from society to contemporary society and via era to era.

Division of Labor

The corporation of monetary activities contributes to the label of labor which in turn causes the formation of classes; above...

Bibliography: • Marx, E. 1964b. Early Writings. (T. B. Bottomore, Trans. and Ed. ) New York: McGraw-Hill.



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