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Chapter 1

A gray sword lower my shoulder.

The thin collection at the top kept corner of my field of vision shrank slightly. At the same time a chilly hand approved over my heart. The blue range —called the " HEWLETT PACKARD bar”— can be described as visual manifestation of my entire life force. There is still a little over 80% left. Zero, that term isn't appropriate enough. At the moment, I was about 20% nearer to death. I actually dashed backwards before the enemy's sword actually began their attacking action. " Haaa... ”

I forced a huge breath of air to stable myself. The В«bodyВ» in this world didn't will need oxygen; but the body on the other side, or rather the entire body lying down inside the real world, can be breathing intensely. My sagging hands can be soaked with sweat, and my pulse would be off of the charts. Certainly.

Even if everything I see right now is usually nothing more than a rendering of a 3D virtuelle realitat, and the pub being reduced was simply a bunch of numbers that demonstrated my hit points, the fact that I was fighting for my life did not change. When you think about it like that, this kind of fight was extremely unfair. That's as the «enemy» facing me —a humanoid with dully perfect arms covered in green scales and a lizard's head and tail— had not been a human, neither was it truly alive. It was a digital lump that the program would exchange regardless of how often it was slain. —No.

The AJE that manipulated the lizardman was studying my moves and boosting its capacity to respond to these every second that handed. However , as soon as that this device was ruined, the data will be reset instead of being passed on to the unit that would make in this area. And so in a sense, this lizardman was also surviving, a single getting unique to the world. "... right? ”

There is no way which it would have recognized the word i had muttered to me personally, but the lizardman (a level 82 creature called «Lizardman Lord») hissed and smiled, showing the sharp fangs that protruded from its very long jaw. This can be reality. Every thing in this world is real. There isn't a virtual reality or perhaps fakery of any kind. I shifted the one-handed lengthy sword within my right palm to waist-height and observed the foe. The lizardman moved the buckler in his left hand forward and received back the scimitar to his right. A relax breeze blew into the shadowed dungeon plus the flame from the torch shook. The rainy floor softly reflected the flickering torch-light. " Kraaah!! ”

With a incredible scream, the lizardman leapt. The scimitar drew a clear , crisp arc mainly because it flew towards me. A blinding orange light lighted its trajectory; a high class one-hit blade skill in the curved blade В«Fell CrescentВ». It was a formidable charge-type sword skill that covered a distance of four meters in 0. some seconds. However I was already expecting the attack.

I had slowly and gradually increased the length to lure the AJE into creating this situation. I actually closed in within the lizardman, my thoughts registering the burning smell that the scimitar left behind mainly because it sliced through the air basically centimeters ahead of my nostril. "... Anordna! ”

With a short shout, My spouse and i swung my personal sword flat. The blade, now protected in sky-blue light, lower through the thinly protected belly and dazzling red light scattered instead of blood. There is a low shout. However , my personal sword don't stop. The machine assisted myself through the set movements and chained the next slash having a speed that would normally have been impossible. This is the most important element in battles nowadays, «Sword Skill». The blade sped away right from kept and lower into the lizardman's chest. With this state, My spouse and i spun my body in a complete circle and the third affect stuck the enemy more deeply than before. " Raarrgh! ”

When the lizardman reclaimed from becoming stunned in short , because it failed to hit having a big skill, it screamed with rage or perhaps fear, and raised its scimitar high in mid-air. But my own chain hadn't ended. The sword that were swinging right suddenly jumped, as if compelled by a springtime, left and up and hit its...



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