The Declaration of Independence: Task

 The Statement of Self-reliance: Assignment Essay

Lessons 8, Handout 8

The Declaration of Independence

Via AP U. S. BACKGROUND 1: The Evolving American Nation-State, 1607-1914. © Center for Learning, Publisher.

For homework, look at the Declaration of Independence and write answers to the following questions all on your own paper. 1 ) What is the goal of the Assertion of Freedom as stated in the introductory section?

2 . What groups performed the Ls Congress aspire to sway with this document?

3. In accordance to Jefferson, who has the justification to create a government? According to Jefferson, precisely what is the purpose of a government? According to Jefferson, what should be done if a authorities fails to accomplish its goal?

4. Using your answers in item 3, summarize in your own phrases Jefferson's philosophy of government. (This philosophy is Jefferson's significant premise or assumption in the Declaration of Independence. )

a few. Select any five issues against George III and the English authorities that Jefferson lists inside the Declaration of Independence. Duplicate the grievance, and express for each one a British rules or actions which may have got prompted that complaint.

six. What legal means of demonstration did the colonists take to convince the British to improve their methods?

7. Just how did the British reply to these issues?

8. What conclusion performed Jefferson then draw?

being unfaithful. What sacrifices were the signers ready to make to find their freedom?

Lesson eight

The Declaration of Self-reliance

From AP U. T. HISTORY you: The Changing American Nation-State, 1607-1914. © Center to get Learning, Author.


• To analyze the Declaration of Independence as a rhetorical document

Notes for the Teacher

Jones Jefferson, who was chosen to draft the Assertion of Independence, had went to the College of William and Mary, which will emphasized traditional thinking rather than a purely theological base intended for education. He was thoroughly familiar with the tips of the Enlightenment and had read the works from the French philosophers and David Locke. Jefferson based his major philosophy in the Assertion of Independence on the concept of the sociable contract and wrote a reasoned debate in support of trend against the British government. Students may find that interesting to contrast the style and tone of the Announcement of Self-reliance with that of Patrick Holly in his emotional speech prior to Virginia Property of Burgesses. This lessons considers the Declaration of Independence in detail and provides a structure to get analyzing other documents too. It is assumed that students will have done appropriate background studying on situations leading to the Declaration of Independence to be able to understand the doc in the circumstance of the times. In studying documents later on, students must be able to identify and explain these types of basic elements: author, purpose, audience, roots, structure/content, and effects.


1 . The day ahead of class discussion from the Declaration of Independence, possess students see the document and Handout almost eight for home work. 2 . In the lecture, discuss the Declaration of Independence simply by stressing the next points: (Questions that also appear in the homework assignment are starred. ) Writer

Who published the Announcement of Freedom? (Jefferson going a panel of, five assigned by Continental Congress to draft such a document. ) Purpose

What is the objective of the Announcement of Freedom as stated in the introductory section? (It aims to justify revolution and parting from Britain. )* Why was justifying revolution so necessary? (The American groupe were the first ever to revolt against a mother country. ) Audience

What groups performed the Continental Congress aspire to sway by this document? (It was especially addressed towards the king and, indirectly, to Parliament. The Congress expected that it could gain...



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